10 May 2018

Wardrobe Classic: The Turtleneck


Piled high in a women’s sweater draw no doubt you will discover an abundance of turtleneck sweaters.

A staple that will never disappoint, they work no matter the weather.

Why are we putting the ‘Wardrobe Classic‘ stamp on The Turtleneck?

* They are a versatile piece, style them with just about anything.

* Enables us to dress for the colder months with the thick, oversized and style lightweight alternatives on warmer days.

* An elegant option that not only keeps us warm but elongates our neck.

* A key, layering item in the wardrobe.

For Spring, we are admiring the lightweight, fitting options of this clever little sweater.

No Coat Required; it is Layering Perfection
For days when it is not quite cold enough for a big coat, the turtleneck is our saviour.

Wear beneath a short-sleeved dress or under a loose fitting silk cami for extra warmth.

Style with the Tailored

Wearing a tailored outfit over a tight-fitting turtleneck is a best-loved way to incorporate the classic.

A black rollneck + checked tailored suit = our kind’a style.

Fits All Bottom-Half Combinations
Choosing to style a fitting turtleneck means endless choices as they go with everything.

Tuck your favourite into a light floaty maxi skirt or a dependable pair of skinny jeans.

Take One in Every Colour
We are firm believers that when something works, get one in a variety of colours.

Every wardrobe should invest in the standard black, grey and navy.

We presume we will eternally be singing the praises for the turtleneck. Don’t you agree?

Wardrobe Classic: The Turtleneck

the best of the best

majestic paris soft touch  ||  st.john collection fine jersey  ||  raey cashmere

images, nico for marie claire france, david sims for vogue paris

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Taste of France

I am liking the looser ones better than the tight ones, which just accentuate how the skin on my neck is loosening. (Bless Nora Ephron–“I Feel Bad About My Neck.”)
Ironically, today is the day they are going into storage while the summer clothes are coming out.

Mimi Gregor

I personally love the turtleneck, but they are not for everyone: they can be a bit much for “busty” women. They do, however, nicely elongate one’s silhouette, particularly if one is going monochrome. I have to disagree about getting one in the “standard colors of black, grey, and navy.” I’d say, only if you actually wear those colors. I personally wear black to death, but grey drains color from my skin, and I just don’t like navy — there are too many color variations of it, making it difficult to coordinate with other “navy” items. My wardrobe consists of black, red, and white pieces, so I have turtlenecks in black, bright red, and a more winey color of red. (White would be way too impractical for me.) Three is enough; I can only wear one at a time anyway.

Linda B

I agree and disagree. I totally depend on my turtlenecks in winter (such as it is here in the desert SW of the U.S.) I have three black ones, a lovely burnt orange one, and even a striped white and mustard one. But in extreme summer climates like we have here for half the year, no one is able to wear a turtleneck unless you spend all the time in over-air-conditioned spaces. This week, we have been well over 100 F every day. . . Just the beginning of that level of heat for so many months now!


I have been a ‘turtleneck kind of gal’ forever. Had a wonderful one in ‘summer weight’ cashmere I picked up in London years ago and wore out – for a change (prefer them in black/dark grey/dark navy/mushroom) it was a wonderful dark termuric color, just enough orange in it to give me a healthy glow. I ALWAYS roll mine up, not a fan of folding them over or of cowls, at least not on me!
I know we’re barely into spring here in the northeast US, but seeing those photos reminds me that I need to get to my dressmaker and get pants made for the fall. Again, have worn my favs to death: wider leg in a lightweight wool or twill, sans waistband. Add a turtleneck in matching color or crisp white shirt, a bit of color in the shoe and I’m good to go!
Now, I realize that having something tailored or tailor-made is an indulgence but it was done out of desperation: at age 50-something I am not going to wear denim that looks like I allowed my dogs to have at them for a day and I am sick and tired of the poor quality I am finding in the stores. And no, I do not wish to pay $700 for a well-fitting pair of pants!


I love turtlenecks and they are a staple in my fall/winter closet but I pack them away as soon as the weather warms. I can not see wearing a turtleneck once the weather has warmed. Quite silly, really.


I wore turtle and polo necks when I was younger – but now that my chin-jawline no longer has its crisp outline I’ve given them up. A turtle or polo neck is like a frame for the face/jaw and tends to accentuate any less than perfect features above it. They looked fabulous on Audrey Hepburn and Diane Keaton because of their chiseled features and good facial bone structure. Sadly I can’t claim either of these. So I now prefer either a V or round neck pullover or vest with a shirt with collar underneath and a good scarf. Best wishes, Pamela

Michelle à Détroit

As Groucho Marx famously said “I got a million of ‘em!” I have noticed that I rarely see young women wearing turtlenecks these days. Good! More for me!


The Majestic Paris turtleneck is THE BEST. Very flattering and I personally like my turtlenecks tight at the neck and this one is perfection.


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