18 Apr 2019

Wardrobe Essentials: The Blazers Have It

Wardrobe Essential: The Blazers Have It on vickiarcher.com

Blazers are the best.

They are for me now and have been forever.

I think we underestimate their versatility and how good they look. Some women are not confident wearing a blazer, from where I sit most women wear them well. We don’t have to look masculine in a jacket – far from it – and like the leather jacket, they can sit very pretty over a dress.

The blazer is one of my most important wardrobe essentials and when I talk blazer I am speaking collectively. I have a “blazer” wardrobe for different seasons, different moods and different occasions. I save them for years and they still work hard and make me feel confident when I wear them.

The Blazers have it, why?

A blazer finishes an outfit and I feel “dressed” when I am wearing one.

They flatter, once you know the best shape and length it’s a no brainer. Nothing much changes between fashion seasons with the blazer – the shoulders get wider, bigger or the waist nipped in a little more or less – but essentially they are the same.

Investment in a blazer saves much everywhere else. A piece to last is expensive but on a cost per wear basis, it is a winner. Wear it with jeans and a humble white tee and nothing can look more stylish.

Versatility; the blazer moves and shakes everywhere. Pick yours from the tuxedo to the boyfriend or the classic suit style.

Self-confidence and the blazer make a good pair. I don’t know why but wearing a jacket gives me a boost.

One of the best looks is a feminine style in a masculine framework; a suit and especially the jacket works as a uniform.

Another one for when indecision rears its annoying head. xv

These Blazers Have It

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Taste of France

Blazers are like armor. They exude strength. Love them.
I also love the sneakers + suit look. Nothing more powerful than a woman who can walk fast.


I love a blazer for how it makes me feel when wearing it. Investment in one that suits you perfectly is key to feeling confident, elegant and a chique!

Nella Miller

I love a blazer as well Vicki..I have a navy cashmere Ralph Lauren beauty I have had for years…classic, timeless..
Looks great with jeans and simple white tee..


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