13 Mar 2014

Wear It Like Dior

Dior - Vicki Archer


You can tell I’m in a postcard/letter mood… and thank you for all your wonderful comments and emails… they really do make my day.

I am also in a skirt mood… big time.

How wonderful that the A-line, longer length skirt has made a resurgence.

The most elegant and flattering shape.

Wear it like Dior… with nipped in jacket and heels… So wish I had the life that required the hat and gloves.

Or more simply… wear it with a tee-shirt and flats…

Either way…

I am so happy to find skirts that cover my knees, flatter the body and look super chic… all with the minimum of effort.

Love when fashion goes our way… xv


Wear It Like Dior

halogen pleat midi  //  asos full midi   // love midi skater


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I hope you still have those drawings, Denise… how lovely they would be to make into cards of your own…

Piaf VIntage French

I love this look, the skirt, mixing the modern with the vintage. And I love vintage Dior most of all! He was the designer who singlehandedly defined postwar fashion with his beautiful silhouettes, the cinched waist, and the uberfeminine A-lines and pencil skirts. And the photo is a perfect example of the elegance of Dior’s New Look. Love it!

Anita Rivera

Oh how serendipitous this is, Vicki! I have a skirt exactly like this with a cinched waist jacket. I am wearing this TODAY! Thank you! I wasn’t quite sure what to wear today since it is turning cold again, after two glorious days well above freezing.

Enjoy perusing your muse. This style is always here to stay, I know it. It is flattering and most of all, DIOR! Have a lovely day, Anita

Cathy Wong

So elegant! Can you imagine what it would feel like to wear that? I too am happy to see this style available this season….and it’s certainly on my list. Thanks for the great inspiration.


Love love the look but especially the shoes. Super stilettos are no longer a part of my wardrobe. No more cruel shoes for me. These shorter but elegant heels are perfect. Thanks for the inspiration! Have a lovely day!


They look great don’t they… It’s all about the shape…as long as they are a little streamlined, they can be comfortable lower… but I do love my heels… not for too long though… :)



Just love classic. How I hope a more dressed up, elegant attire
becomes the trend again, especially with our younger generations!
As always, I love your blog and you are the first one I read each morning.
I am in Naples, Florida at the moment. The ocean, your blog, and a
mimosa, now that is a slice of heaven!

Have an elegant day!


Wearing a skirt is like learning to ride a bicycle… once you have learned you simply need to hop on board with it again! Skirts can be as comfortable as trousers…but I’ll be the first to admit it’s difficult to break the pant habit. I knew one of Dior’s first American models, Pat Woodward. It made no difference whether she wore a skirt or trousers…her posture was always impeccable. It seems that the slouch pose is the norm these days. I will have to continue to work on that one…and wear more skirts!

Stormy Smith

So beautiful! I look at this and think what has become of us??? I don’t need people to wear gloves and heels everyday (although I would LOVE it), but please, please, please – take off your jammie pants before leaving the house and put on some real clothes. This photo is one that will go into my reference file.


I am with you on that Stormy… and flats are huge this season… so what a bonus!


Oh! to have a neat little waist like that Vicki . This photo reminds me of those wonderful early French photographers who captured the most appealing subjects in black & white. No options to delete or edit they certainly were and still are an inspiration.


Thank you so much for this post. I do love the longer skirts. They are so much more flattering on me. I also wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed following your blog. It always brightens my day!


I am realising that I have missed it to… now that I look at what’s about for this season…


Hi Vicki,

I so enjoy your blog for it affords the opportunity to live vicariously on so many levels especially when one is not able to be in France all the time. I also enjoy the links you give because I have made some lovely purchases as a result, as well as borrowing ideas for how to use some of the clothes I have in my closet.

This photo of the Dior ensemble is exquisite. It reminds me of Audrey Hepburn and how I always enjoyed looking at her when in anything from capri pants to elegant dress which for her always seemed so effortless.

I must say that I could not take my eyes off the cinched waist which made me long for days of yore.




I used to have many full skirts -long and flowing styles. I’m happy to see them back on the fashion scene this season, and unlike other ‘past’ fashions – these I will willingly invite into my closet again.
Straight pencil skirts with heels or full flowing skirts with heels always feel so feminine to wear.

Esther George

Hi Vicki I have always loved Christian Dior Vintage sadly I cannot fit into the clothing but the perfumes well I can indulge in. The shoes are beautiful. For some reason I always look at the shoes they have kind of matched up with the clothes especially the news readers I am always picking on whoever the styler is because the shoes don’t complement the ladies leg shape. That’s my 2c’s worth this morning. Thank you for sharing such beautiful elegance. Regards Esther from Sydney. PS I have kept a pair of black stillettos my mum had worn in the 50’s hand made still beautiful.


This is lovely Vicki and I just got home and had a chance to read my email.

Well we do have a life that requires gloves (against germs) and a hat (against sun damage).

So what’s holding us back? We should just wear them!


As a great fan of Jane Austen’s I’d love to have one of those prints you’re offering. And I so like the slightly longer skirts covering the knees, thank you; they’re a refreshing change from the super-short of the last few years.


Hi Vicky,
Don’t seem to be getting french Essence anymore. I get Daily Click but haven’t been
receiving French Essence. I tried to re-subscribe and got the message I was already
a subscriber. Hopefully I will start receiving them again. Love your site.


I don’t know what’s happening there Sharon… perhaps it’s best to un-subscribe then re-subscribe… That usually works..


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