13 Jun 2021

Wearing All White: Pretty Much Most Of The Time

Wearing All White on vickiarcher.com

It’s time to discuss the merits of all white.

All white with varying shades and textures is guaranteed to make us feel pretty light and breezy. Whether floating high on a holiday in caftan and flip-flops or staying cosy in jeans and a sweater. Glammed up like the gorgeous Kaia Gerber in Chanel with black tights, black shoes and accessories; it is a timeless look those of us who have long loved fashion are very familiar with.

White pieces win time and time again.

White is easily forgotten or relegated to soaring temperatures and beach holidays – it doesn’t need to be. It can be worn all seasons long, depending on how you style it. When I think about dressing in all white I include the lot – I mean fragrance, a pair of earrings and a slash of highlighter. I even think about sunscreen and serum. It’s everything that makes up our daily dressing.

Why Wear White?

To start with it feels fabulous.

It certainly brightens my mood to leave the sombre shades behind.

Wear anywhere, go anyplace pretty much.

It’s ageless and appealing to most.

Accessorise white with black, with straw and with every available texture.

Match your nails but not your lips.

Spray on a floral perfume reminiscent of favourite summer scents – think roses, gardenias and lilies – is there anything more lovely than the scent of white peony roses?

I have moved from lace to fragrance to blouses and espadrilles – never a rhyme nor a reason – This is just a start. All my favourite white pieces and products are together on one page and I’ll keep adding to them as I find them.

There’s a complete “whiteout” HERE.  xv

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Linda B

Thanks for this reminder! It reminds me that it would be perfect to wear white this morning to brunch over at a friend’s house. And, I should continue my hunt for more white pieces. . . . They are especially good in the desert when it is crazy hot, like we are experiencing here. (We will have highs of 112-115 F this whole week! This translates to 42-44 C.) White reflects at least some light when one has to be outside!


The Cold of winter has just started in Sydney Australia. It’s the perfect time to wear my whites- white dress and white coat!

Michelle à Détroit

Wearing all white is like going to a picnic. I love the IDEA of it, but the reality is another matter. Dry cleaning eventually causes white pieces to become dull. Little spots and stains are inevitable. As pieces must frequently be replaced, I don’t spend a lot of money on white clothing. I prefer to limit pieces to crisp cotton-tees, shirts and jeans, that can be laundered and whitened easily.

Robyn Kreymborg

Think I deserve the Chanel you feature Vicki for an upcoming 0 birthday 🎉 agree white always fresh and fabulous 🤍🤍🤍


Good morning dear Vicki!

I wore a crisp white sleeveless shirt the other day and I felt SO pretty….now to drum up the courage to wear white pants…I never had in my younger years and I’m not sure I can do it now at 63. But I love the idea of mixing shades of white together! I hope you are well and enjoying a lovely summer!


You can, Anita! It all depends on how you style the top to make you feel comfortable… a gorgeous long white linen shirt with a narrow leg pant, I am thinking :)
It’s finally summer in the UK and the sun is shining… so happy days..


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