3 May 2018

Wearing All White

How To Wear All white on vickiarcher.com

I was never sure about wearing all white.

Until recently.

Now I am a convert.

The dress code said, “all white” and everybody followed to the letter.

I struggled with the thought of dressing up in a non-colour that I selectively reserve for sleepwear or beach wear; an all white caftan or a vintage linen nightie are staples in my wardrobe. An all white day-into-evening outfit is not a part of my regular repetoire.

All that has changed.

I am now an official fan of the white dress but what I did realise is there are certain ways to style and wear all-white.

How To Wear All white on vickiarcher.com

How To Wear “All White”

*Copy Coco Chanel and introduce some black detailing or accessorising.

*Search for different textures to mix together and differentiate the all white.

*Keep it simple to avoid feeling too bridal.

*Know your style and wear the shapes to flatter and feel comfortable in.

*Undergarments are of the utmost importance when wearing white – a no line and not too see -through is my motto.

*White requires more regular maintenance and ironing; make sure there is ample time before wearing.

I always felt it would be unflattering to wear all white; I have changed my mind.

White is a great friend to the grey hair and an easy one to accessorise. Pretty much everything goes; On this particular occasion I went with black shoes and white sunglasses because I was travelling and I didn’t want to break my 3 Shoe-Rule.

Now I am home I will be trying out all the combinations I can. All White, here I come. xv

Wearing All White

1901 cotton eyelet  ||  loveshackfancy edie lace  ||  eileen fisher short sleeve

dress the population tea length  ||  dress the population crochet shift  ||  halston heritage midi  ||  js collections mesh  ||  tadashi shoji lace

love binetti boat-neck cotton  ||  miguelina guipure lace  ||  by.bonnie young lace  ||  joseph round-neck  ||  roksanda paneled silk satin

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White is a difficult color to wear, but you outlined the “dos” and “don’t” perfectly! Personally, choices with more of a sleeve are more flattering on me. Thanks, Vicki! xoxox, Brenda

Taste of France

The aviator/adventurer Beryl Markham was known for wearing white.
White jeans with a white sweater, or even a white T-shirt, looks easy and cool. I had a white cotton shirtdress that my husband complained made me look like a nurse. It died from stains from sunblock–another drawback of white. That said, there is a woman I see regularly at the market who dresses in all white, always a different dress. She looks fabulous.

Mary Hite

I love all white in the summer and in the winter, an all winter white outfit can be the perfect solution. As you said, it must be clean – which can be a challenge as well as tailored to fit both the occasion and the person. I love crisp linens paired with something soft. And a pop of color can take the same outfit and make it look new again. The other challenge as we mature is to make certain we adjust our make up when we change our palette. You may need a softer lip or one that is bolder. But, living in Texas, where our summer temps are in the 100’s, all white is a must!

Michelle à Detroit

I bought two white dresses to wear this summer, both knee length; one short sleeved, true white, lace A-line and one off white, sleeveless with a fitted bodice and fullish skirt. I also have a tailored white cotton/linen pants suit that is my go to pant suit for summer. My rules are: I refuse to spend a lot of money on white clothing as it tends to have a relatively short life span. It must fit perfectly. I try to stick with natural materials. You are so right Vicki, that smooth, seamless, invisible undergarments are of utmost importance.

Terri Symington

Dressing in all white has long been my typical attire with linens and cottons. Like Mary Hite, living in Texas makes it an easy and sensible choice. One of my favorite lines is by designer Eileen Fisher. Adding a pop of color (such as a bright coral) with a sexy heel or espadrilles, or a strappy sandal all work great with the all white outfit and don’t look bridal at all.

Mimi Gregor

I do not consider the outfits exemplified above to be “all white”. If you notice, she has black tips on her shoes, a black handbag, black touches here and there… and dark hair. (Yes. Hair is an accessory here.) If it were truly “all white”, she would look like a nurse. A really over-the-top, over-dressed nurse, but, yes, a nurse. But yes, even I, with my love for black, have a “little white dress” that I wear in the summer. I will mourn it when it finally bites the dust.

As for the “correct” underwear under white, I like the look of my fancy french lace black bra under a filmy white t-shirt. Everyone knows we wear bras, right? Boring looking bras are just… well… boring. I always feel sexy when I have that little bit of lace peeking out from the neckline of my t-shirt. Even if I’m just doing the spring cleaning. Actually… particularly when I’m doing the spring cleaning. I have excluded “t-shirt bras” from my wardrobe!


All white clothing for summer, specially by the coast, can be great. I like to wear my chunky silver jewellery with it or a bright bangle. Sometimes a scarf, pale or bright. Many nurses’ uniforms these days are coloured, eg light blue, so I don’t fear the nurse look. What I would have a horror of is the Aussie lady bowling club member look. (I don’t play lawn bowls and never will.) So it’s important to me never to stray into that territory. But I’m sure there is no risk of that here. Best wishes, Pamela


We can do it, Vicki. All white is no problem. Then with a pop of color in a pair of earrings, or maybe a pair of loud pink or aqua shoes?Yes, we can do it.


Is it good manners to keep your white gloves on while shaking someone’s hands or should I take my gloves off first?


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