26 Sep 2015

Wearing The Pants

street style photograph by tommy ton


pants || jacket || shoes

“Wearing the Pants”

Tailored pants, where the masculine becomes feminine are a great look worn with or without a jacket.

A tailored pant, a cashmere sweater and a pair of brogues are another easy outfit to chase the winter blues far away.

Tailored pants are the kind of piece that can look downright dowdy if they aren’t accessorised in the right way; they can also be one of the most attractive pieces in the wardrobe. Think about Katherine Hepburn, she raised the tailored pant to a whole new level.

I like the tailored pant worn with a jacket, suit style and I also love them worn on their own with a simple cashmere sweater, a turtleneck or classic white shirt.

A tailored pant has never been out of style.

The waistbands move up and down and the legs get slimmer and wider but the way to wear them remains the same.

A straight or slightly tapered leg is my go-to with a front zip or oftentimes side zip, depending on the cut. Wide legs, as we have discussed before, aren’t on our side but a slim line leg most definitely is. Skinny pants are brilliant but they have a more casual look and don’t reflect the masculine/feminine mix that a tailored pair will.

Wear the tailored pant with a sneaker, break out the brogues or hit the streets in a stiletto; the men can’t have all the fun. xv

Wearing The Pants

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with the pants

sneakers  //  turtleneck  //  cashmere  //  brogues


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Anita Rivera

Awesome ensemble. With our warmer than normal temperatures, I am having a hard time finding something great to wear to school since all my clothes are more for our famous long winters! Pants as such with a light jacket would really be a great transition from summer to winter. NEED TO GO SHOPPING! Happy day, Vicki!


Suits would be brilliant for school, Anita… Your own uniform personalised just as you like it… :)

Mimi Gregor

I find that when I wear the tailored trousers with the blazer and a shirt, it looks a little too masculine for my tastes. Since I’ve cut my hair short, and I don’t have what you would call a “womanly” figure (I’m small-breasted and boyish thin), I feel the need to add feminine touches with a masculine ensemble. A flower on the jacket lapel… ropes of pearls… dangling earrings… shirt unbuttoned, exposing a bit of the lacy edge of my bra… that sort of thing. And, of course, red lipstick. Taller women with longer hair may be able to get away with fewer “feminine” touches, but I tend to feel as if I am in reverse drag without them.


Love those accessory additions… and yes, to the lacy edge and pearls… yes to all of it… :)


Mimi, sounds like we have the same physical shape and I also wear my hair quite short. (Fine hair and ineptitude managing elaborate styles accounts for that!) I’ve always loved the menswear look and have worn a variation for years. Trousers, tailored jacket, dress shirt or tie – it’s a classic. While I also like to add certain accessories to bring a feminine touch to the outfit, often I’ll go in the opposite direction and wear one of my husband’s neckties and a pair of brogues. Sometimes it’s fun to tap into the masculine side of our personalities. Occasionally, I’ll even wrap a tie around my waist ala Fred Astaire.

Vickie, the Marc Fisher brogues are wonderful…and a great price. Think I better order some before they run out!



The critical element missing in the picture…NARS Cruella Velvet Matte Lip Pencil. I think it would put a feminine touch on a rather masculine look.


A smile would help. Why do these models always look as though they’re severely constipated? I find a pleasant countenance & a smile to be the best accessories any woman (or man) can wear. That complaint aside, I love feminized menswear, even though my own wardrobe nowadays seems to consist of mainly jeans & tees. This blog has me thinking I need to expand my repertoire a bit.


Perfect timing Vicki as I need a great black, tailored trim pant!! To go with all that you’ve mentioned!

The Arts by Karena


That is the outfit I wore this past week when I had to go see a lawyer here in my area.
I wore a long sleeved white silk tee shirt … I love that look, a mix or feminine and masculine.
I think men like it too .. it intrigues them :)


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