28 Nov 2012

Wearing the Velvet

This season velvet is warming up the fashion stakes at every opportunity…

Velvet jeans and jackets… velvet leggings and loafers… velvet hats and heels… skirts and dresses…

Velvet is no longer the domain of the male and his smoking jacket… reserved for the after five cocktail dress… or the name of our favourite Enid Bagnold novel…

Velvet is for all day and every day… xv

 gucci blazer here… the vibrant velvets here… the pierre hardy heels here… schoolboy jacket here… velvet and brocade clutch here… charlotte olympia here… the velvet high-tops… here



**Unstructured Velvet Blazer… here 

Velvet Skinnies… here and here

Midnight Blue Darby Loafers… here

Maxi Velvet Skirt… here

Wolford Leggings... here

and for the child within… National Velvet… here



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Love Velvet !! It looks so rich and splendid ….. Don’t you think we are more drawn to vintage fabric and prints . A full circle. Priyaxx


Perhaps you are right… the textures and richness are so appealing… I have always loved velvet… and still have some of my old velvet coats which I wear from time to time.. :)

Veronique Savoye

Bonjour from Seattle, Vicki. I will be honest with you: It was difficult for me to focus on the selection you presented today. My eyes got caught by la splendide Marion Cotillard at the beginning of your post and I.just.could.not.bear.to.scroll.down to read the rest of the story. It took a few minutes and my eyes strayed for a while, but I had to go back to the top of the screen one more time. :-) That girl is, quite, simply, perfection, in velours (velvet) or in anything else. Oh, sorry. I am off track. Your question was about velvet. Yes, I, too, like velvet, in small touches, here and there, like the shoes laces on the new Born oxfords I was wearing on Thanksgiving day… :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

La Contessa

Adore velvet always have!Have been wearing for everyday for sometime now……….those flat loafers are perfect for me!Must dash to J.Crew and see if they have in stock!Just yesterday, I was thinking of making a comforter cover with some old velvet drapes I have hanging in the closet!Heavy, warm and rich……….perfect for my little abode!VIVA VELVET!!!!!


Velvet is my favorite all time!
And as you said:´´Velvet is for all day and every day´´!
Thanks for sharing,
Much Love,

Marsha @ Splenderosa

Yes, Marion is stunning! Those shoes of hers are perfect too. I still lament the passing of an old Oscar de la Renta brown velvet peplum jacket, trimmed with black braid. It was a day-time piece worn with a beautiful paisley wrap skirt. ONE of the best outfits I’ve ever owned. Love this post, have no idea how you find all these great pieces.


Nothing feels quite like velvet! My very favorite blazer is an Isabel de Pedro in midnight blue velvet. I wear it with jeans or dress it up with a silk shirt & slim ankle pants. Thinking I need a pair of these pretty velvet loafers now!


I adore velvet…I agree velvet is for all day and every day…I have the oldest velvet jacket in my wardrobe that I still wear and it looks great after all these years….my daughter is desperate to get her hands on it ;-)
Hope you’ve had a great weekend.

Ingrid Mida

I adore velvet in the winter since it adds subtle texture to my black on black winter wardrobe. Hope you had a lovely weekend Vicki.
Best wishes,


I’m ruthless about chucking clothes out, so this is a big secret & you can’t tell another soul Miss V. When pregnant with Son #1, I splurged & bought a beautiful blue velvet evening dress. It served me well for that baby & all the subsequent babies. 33 years on, it still hangs in my wardrobe. I just love the feel of the velvet fabric & of course, the memories of all the baby bumps it covered.
Millie xx


Oh my goodness I am in love with the little velvet whiskers shoes. They are so gourgoues – a delightful blend of luxurious & fun. However, I am not sure what kitty cat would think though bring 2 new sets of whiskers in to the house.

david terry

Oh, the prettiest dress I’ve ever seen (and it takes a lot to get me to remember a dress) was a moss-green, velvet dress from the 1950’s. It had belonged to the aunt of a very pretty, longtime friend of mine; she wore it to a day-long, “fancy dress” Thanksgiving house-party in the mid-1980’s. As you might guess, all the other women (there were about 25 guests) wore either dowdy horse-country clothes of the “Dynasty”-inspired fashion of that not particularly “feminine” year……and in breezed Mary Jane…in that flare-skirted, mid-calf length, mid-fore-arm sleeved (I don’t know fashion or tailring terms) green velvet cocktail-dress (I THINK it was a “cocktail dress”…I don’t know the terms for different dresses, either, although I can identify a ball-gown and a mini-skirt with a degree of certainty).

In any case, it and she were beautiful and strangely elegant in that room full of shiny-fabrics, sequins, and shoulder-pads. She and the dress were, she wryly noted, about the same age. She elegantly parked herself, in that how-does-she-do-that(?) pose, right on the rug in front of the fireplace and quite obviously made several other women markedly jealous as she attracted the attention of every man in the room for pretty much most of the day and evening.

I don’t think I’ve seen a velvet dress since that day.

—-david terry

miss b

There is just something about velvet which is so rich and luxurious as shown in the gorgeous velvet brocade clutch and violet shoes. I used to have a gorgeous velvet jacket and pants and I often regret sending them to the charity shop – just too ruthless at times!


I was going to wear velvet for Thanksgiving but with temps in the high 50’s, I opted for a mod pair of printed cords. I do love velvet and am going to our local vintage shop to see what I might find….

Anita Rivera

I have many pieces in velvet and I will never get rid of them! Even if the skirt of jacket may tear or wear, I can at least salvage the fabric! But for me, velvet is warm and luscious. Oh how I love the photo of this wonderful actress! BONJOUR VICKI! Anita

The enchanted home

Oh how I love velvet…in everything from sofas and chairs to jackets and shoes..love all you have featured. I think that fitted blazer is great looking. I have a car coat in rich green velvet bought many years ago that I still love (and stuff myself into..lol). Velvet is so rich and luxurious and around the holidays paired with a tartan plaid..doesn’t get any prettier!

Amy Kortuem

I had a pair of black, wide-legged velvet pants and a matching tunic I wore when playing my harp – I absolutely loved the outfit. It could be formal, less formal and always warm when playing in the winter. I literally wore it out, and I still mourn it. I haven’t been able to find anything of its kind and style since…


Adore velvet and have a pair of very similar purple velvet flats, I did have to give up my size 4 Mondi jackets; however still have velvet blouses and trimmed jacket collars!

Art by Karena


Always loving velvet here! I found my magazine finally! Someone sent it to me from France…There is a close up of your book I won from Ingrid, FRENCH ESSENCE in my bookshelf:))
Happy Holidays Vicki!


I love velvet….
What a stunning photo of Marion…does she ever not look stunning?
The velvet is regal!


I can’t remember ever having worn velvet Vicki although, I still have a wonderful black velvet bag with beaded tassles that I’ve had for many years ………. am I still in fashion !!
Hope you and your family are well Vicki and are looking forward to the festive season. Much love. XXXX

Teresa @ Splendid Sass

I don’t believe that there is anything more perfect than velvet. I always had so much velvet in the winter season, and special Christmas pieces. My mother saw to it.
Thank you for posting this.


I love the flexibility of the velvet blazer. I’m so glad you wrote this post because I have a lovely one in the closet that hasn’t seen the light of day for a while. This gives me all kinds of great ideas for it!

Happy Christmas!

cindy hattersley

Such great suggestions…love them all except for those Charlotte Olympia velvet loafers the celebs wear. Somehow they just seem to remind me of “Hello Kitty”. Is anyone old enough to agree?!!

mary jo

I love velvet and thank you for posting this to remind me to wear some of my velvet blazers! (I also have my eye on this black velvet McQ blazer).

xo Mary Jo

ashley renee'

How I luv christmas time. How I luv shopping during the holidays. The lights, the sound of christmas bells, bundling up in my new cream coloured suede coat with luvly fur trimming the collar and sleeves and around the bottem. Cream coloured knit hat, scarf, and mittens. Walking in the night snow gently falling. Such a wonderful time of year. I stop at my fave boutique and in the window the most luvly velvet skirt, very long, in midnight blue. And the prettiest, most feminine, soft, cream coloured silk blouse. It takes my breath away. I so want this beautiful outfit. Oh how I luv being feminine. As i walk in the winter night . . . . Actually I’m lightly gliding along, carrying my pretty packages, my christmas gift to me.


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