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Mimi Gregor

A few years ago, I decided to see what all this bath business is about. I know women who enjoy just sitting in a tubful of suds and oils, either without accoutrements or with a glass of wine and a book. I had an afternoon to myself which I designated a spa day and filled the tub with warm, fragrant oils. Then I got in. I found that I couldn’t read without getting the book damp, and I don’t drink. I tapped my fingers on the side of the tub. What to do… what to do…. I just found it incredibly boring sitting in the tub, and pretty uncomfortable once the water started cooling off. Which it did in short order. I guess I am just a dedicated shower person. In and out and get on with my life.


Love my bath Mimi… and can’t stand a shower… Isn’t it funny , we all have our individual ways… I love to soak in bubbles and oil and read… even watch an ipad sometimes! So far I haven’t dropped it in… ;)

Anita Rivera

Love that Sylvia Plath….have you ever heard her on Youtube recit her poem, DADDY? Chilling. Not even a hot bath could warm up that experience, but maybe a good cleansing of poetry.

What a fabulous photo, Vicki! Anita

Cynthia Olson

When I lived in Iowa I would come home after work and take a bath every night in the winter, just to get warm. Now that I live in Texas, I still love a bath when I want to feel luxurious, but for work days I tend to shower more…a little quicker and in the summer its a little cooler. Btw, Vicki, I love your photography…what camera are you using?


I agree there is nothing like a bath even for just 5 minutes it’s wonderful I agree
Hate showers except on the beach ! Fay x


Such a pretty bathroom. What a lovely atmosphere to enjoy a bathtub filled with bubbles and have a glass of champagne.
Sylvia Plath did quite enjoy a bath. Apparantly it calmed her down and prevented her from having an outburst.
Listened to “Daddy” on youtube. So troubled. Prefer “Lady Lazarus”. Reading “Sylvia and Ted” by Emma Tennant. Difficult to say whether Ted Hughes drove Sylvia and Assia to suicide or not. Mmm….. Poetry and turtlenecks in smoke filled rooms.


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