27 Jan 2019

Weekend Wardrobe: New Year, New Midi Skirt

New year, the same crush.

Winter styling is code for anything to keep the cold out; albeit trousers, leggings, jeans and sweaters.

Trying to add a feminine touch to the layers can be a little tricky, but we’ve found the solution.

Step in the midi skirt; the piece we all may be missing or already love.

Pleats Please

Remember that Co Essentials pleated one? We’re still crushing on it.

Which can only mean it’s another piece to stand the test of time, trend after trend and has earnt itself a permanent spot in our wardrobe.

Here’s a fun alternative, and a more budget-friendly version.

Style with a cashmere sweater and boots to toughen it up.

Time For Satin

This upcoming season, it’s the satin style we’ve got our eye on. Perhaps it’s the lingerie look or the femininity appeal but it’s at the top of our lust list.

The silky nature of the material will brighten us up in what seems like the never-ending winter.

Style with a chunky knit or roll neck to contrast and pair with boots or trainers for the new season glow.

If it’s still a bit icy out there, wear tights under to keep the chill at bay.

Don’t let the everlasting freeze bring us down, there’s always a fun way to style the cold.

Midi skirts are reigning supreme on our lust list and we’re not complaining.

Weekend Wardrobe: New Year, New Midi Skirt


co essentials black   ||  derek lam 10 crosby multi  ||  roksanda bi-colour  ||  lewit metallic sparkle


eileen fisher black  ||  vince blush  ||  raey navy  ||  joseph black

images,  @deborahbrosa, sandra semburg, @aninebingofficial

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I am holding on tightly to an old midi skirt I’ve had for many years. It’s blue teal! I need a long sweater, however, to wear with it since it’s a straight line skirt and I will have not of it, showing my hip shape! But what a gorgeous skirt it is, and these fashions always come back!

Have a super weekend all of you at VA!


I love the long sweater over a midi.. especially when styled casually with sneakers… I do regret giving away mine! It probably wouldn’t close on the waist, these days ;) ;)


Hi Vicki, thanks for the heads up on bringing back skirts. I have recently dug out three older midi skirts with thoughts of wearing again – and now you’ve made me really want to get into them (luckily I still can!) and accessorize with the right booties/sneakers, longer sweaters etc. I have a straight casual black waffle cotton knit with back slit, a flared heavily textured cotton in a beautiful grey, and a slim straight silver grey vintage looking crushed satin with a side slit – all ready to go! I love both those looks in the two photos – they are giving me ideas. I also like to throw on one of my longer winter coats with a skirt on cold days, a more dressy look and a change from all those parkas and fleece vests!!!!
Happy weekend – Mary


Yes! The long winter coat over the midi too, Mary… a great look :)
Which skirt will you wear this weekend.. they all sound fab…


Sorry Vivki – love the midi and have kept a few of my favs but the gal on the right looks a miserable, hot mess! Definitely not a look I’d ever go for. (And how sad that the smartphone is such an essential accessory that we can’t walk down the street alone with our thoughts, that we have to be so tethered to the damn thing that it has to be pried from our hands and can’t just be tucked into our handbag!)
Bare legs may be ok in CA, but here in the NE when the high one day this week was 24, if I wear a skirt its with black tights and an ankle or knee-high boot. Frostbite isn’t a good look on anyone!


Elevated casual chic! I adore this look but may have to substitute something else for the satin. Even the rub from a wet dog nose would wind up looking like Lake Geneva! xoxox, Brenda


I like both looks but prefer the all black. The pink socks peeking out of the booties are cute. The beige, cream outfit would look better if the sweater was smaller. I’m not into the oversized look. I like the boots & bag but might like them more in a camel or dark brown. All that to say, both outfits are good inspiration pics that we can work with to create our own version.

Linda B

I love both the looks pictured. I also adore midi skirts, and in all sorts of iterations. I do not currently possess either a pleated skirt, or a satin skirt. I’ve been thinking about both styles over the last year. I find myself somewhat obsessing over the one satin silk skirt seen probably way too much for for a while, the Realisation leopard print one. I am always so drawn to leopard, but only feel like I can pull it off with accessories (a bag, belt, shoes or scarf) rather than real garments. It seems too attention grabbing or inappropriate for my work environment (a Waldorf school, with lots of young children about!) I retire at the end of this school year, so what about then? Hmm. Not sure a silk slip skirt in leopard or any color is going to be what I want to wear when I am doing granny duty with my new granddaughter then! And I’ll be up in very casual, anti-fashion Oregon! What do you think? Go for a plain version of the slip skirt, or live my dream with the leopard one, local standards be damned?!


As much as I want to say go with the leopard, Linda… I think you will be happier with a single colour and you will wear and wear it. Maybe wear some leopard flats or booties with it? Or add your leopard scarf…
I think you will wear this style of skirt and love the versatility it offers mixing and matching.. wherever you are :)

Linda B

Thank you so much for this well-considered feedback. I really appreciate it. I have to stay the course with what is truly practical; no use in buying things for the life I don’t have!


I love this look, I bought an Eileen Fisher silk skirt in a greyish/cream colour last summer and was my favourite thing. I tried to get some alternates but most tended to be too short to be midi (Vince). Bought the Joseph in camel last week and it’s gorgeous. Love the idea of wearing them in winter too, but is a little bit cold in Switzerland at the moment!


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