9 Aug 2020

Weekend Wardrobe: Shine, Shine Shine

Shine, Shine, Shine on vickiarcher.com

“Shine, shine, shine” is an expression one of my daughters uses.

Along with every grammatical derivation – verb, adverb or noun – to describe pretty much everything great within and about life. I love it when I hear her say, “Let’s shine” or “How are you shiny?” It is one of her expressions I have adopted and it’s come to have a heap of meaning.

And if nothing else we all need a little “shine” in life right now. Oh, come on; don’t we need some shine all of the time? Feeling “shiny” can be as bright as feeling like you have won the lottery of life or as small as a compliment from a stranger.

It never matters what makes us shine, as long as we do.

Dressing up and feeling self-confident in how I look adds to my shine.

Sure it’s on the less important side of what makes me happy and content but it still counts. Discovering or re-discovering a style I like and adapting it to suit me is a sure-fire winner in the feel-good stakes.

Re-cycling my summer wardrobe – Yes, I finally sorted through my cupboards and gave away a mountain load of redundant pieces to make way for some lightweight salvation. My London wardrobe is winter heavy, formal focussed and hardly useful with summer temperatures as they are in Europe and more stay at home time. Finding my “relaxed” self is not easy; I have always been a lover of the tailored and classic.

So, I have re-engineered. Skirts, dresses and blouses have shifted to the front of house and suits (those I haven’t deleted) are in the back.

There is something else I have decided to bring back.

Patent leather ballet flats to be precise.

I dumped these in favour of sneakers; ballet flats were once my version of the sneaker. I wore them with everything and every day. Suddenly they went out, or at least it felt like that, and loafers and trainers took their ground. It’s time to add them back into the mix and why not patent leather? It’s a little old school but I like it.

These with a slightly elongated and square toe, reminiscent of The Row, are perfect.

If a more Chanel style shape is your go, then what about these?

We could “shine” in these all weekend long. xv

arissa square toe ballet flat  ||  eddie ballet flat  || serene flat


Sales are ramping up right now and especially The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale; their biggest and probably best of the year. If you have early access it’s worth a browse and there a couple of pieces worth watching.

I’ll make my edit for you when the sale opens up but if you can see these now, run don’t walk.

madewell camo jacket (my favourite)  ||  scalloped lace blouse (so pretty)   ||  pleated mix media dress (this is the best shape)

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image, peter lindbergh, nycb

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Linda B

Interesting–I too used to rely on ballet flats to anchor my wardrobe, and then felt that they were too dated to replace when my last ones wore out. I have toyed with replacing them from time to time but haven’t. . .loving my slides and mules and finding them more “current”. . . But maybe you are right, and now is the time to explore these timeless, comfy flats. There are so many lovely ones on offer!

On a somewhat related note, I am now up in Oregon for a few glorious months with my daughter and her family. My darling 14 month old granddaughter is of course learning to talk, saying more all the time. I have to say that I am tickled greatly that one of her first words was “shoes”. And she clearly loves her shoes. . . That is grandma’s girl, eh?

Michelle à Détroit

Though I have finally introduced colorful, streamlined sneakers into my wardrobe, I just can’t bring myself to think of ballet flats as ever being “out”. To me, it’s like saying that trench coats are out, or white tee shirts,
or Hermès bags, or red lipstick. Ballet flats are just one of those must have items that I’ve never grown tired of.


Good morning Vicki!

I think to “shine” comes in all forms from how we dress and to how we radiate a mood. Like the sun that shines and gives us the nourishment we need to promote well-being, let’ always shine with goodness to radiate to others. Heaven knows, we all need it right now.


welcome back on your block. I have always to scroll up and down to answer your post step by step…no matter….your daughter is very wise….shine…now you must shine like the sun after that wonderful holiday. Put a smile on yr face even you don’t feel in the oposite inside helps you (according to psychologists) to feel shiny and happy… indeed no fake.
Dressing up makes every women shiny. Ballerinas….I like them better than sneakers because I walk differently, let’s say I float in these cute shoes and that’s make me shine

Dawn Solich

I am crazy about ballet flats set against masculine clothing. There was a housewife, Jackie Gillies, on the Real Housewives of Melbourne who said, “Shine, shine, shine!” She was purportedly going to try and get it trademarked–so real housewives!


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