7 Sep 2019

Weekend Wardrobe: Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Teddy Bear's Picnic on vickiarcher.com

“If you go down in the woods today”

I’m not going down to the woods but I’m definitely getting out and about.

When I go to yoga classes or duck out for something quick – even drop in to visit – I want a cute jacket to enhance my gym kit. Right about now my summer field jacket is too light and my winter puffer too heavy. I came across this fun fleece and it is just about perfect for now.

It’s cute; it’s cosy and has a fun flair to it.

Going out and about in athletic gear is all well and good, even practical, but I like to dress it up a little. Give it an edge to be purposeful – a trench coat works beautifully or even a dash of corduroy. This weekend I’m feeling casual and want the snuggly so this is ideal.

And plus pink rosette is my best shade ever.

This ivory dove is a snuggly investment. xv

“You Better Go In Disguise”

zella ‘pink rosette’  ||  zella ‘ivory dove’ ||  bardot ‘pebble’  ||  blanknyc ‘licorice’  ||  roxy ‘desert sands’

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image from the television series, brideshead revisited

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Good morning, beautiful Vicki Archer! I love that photo of Jeremy Irons (secret crush) and the other chap, I don’t know….but what a great introduction!


Hello anita,
Anthony Edwards played Lord Sebastian Flyte in Brideshead Revisted.. still my favourite and the most wonderful series on television. Yes, that voice of Jeremy Irons… dreamy :)


Absolutely! Jeremy Irons has one of the best voices of any actor. That sad melancholic haunting voiceover at the beginning captures the viewer immediately. Brideshead was one of my most favourite ever British serials. Have seen it many times but would watch it again if they broadcast it now! I wish also they would re-screen the first BBC TV series of Love in a Cold Climate. It’s been many years since I first saw it, but I ache to watch that version again. I especially liked the French actor who played Fabrice!
Keep warm! Best wishes, Pamela


You can download it all on iTunes Pamela.. it’s worth it to rewatch… I think I will watch both again this summer :)


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