28 Jul 2018

Weekend Wardrobe: The Tulle Skirt

It has to be the right tulle skirt.

But if it’ s right it can be very, very right.

A tulle skirt was once my most favourite piece in the wardrobe – a white one worn with a black tee and a black style accessorised with white. The fullness of the skirt never worried me and the waist could be cinched in until it felt about right. I could even wear it a little under the waistline as slender let’s that happen.

These days and I have no complaints, happy to be, but the slender has been replaced by a few years of living. Cut, the shape and just about every little detail of a skirt made in tulle must be right. The fullness can’t be too and the waistband needs to provide the definition I am lacking. I still like wearing one on the weekends but in a more casual fashion and a tulle skirt is no longer one for a big investment.

Which doesn’t mean we can’t wear one and wear it well. Now I style mine with a classic shirt or a plain tee  – no bells, no whistles. Sneakers and if needs be a field jacket over the top.

This one is about right and the best part it is navy blue. Navy blue and navy blue, navy blue and white or navy blue and khaki – all these possibilities are a great place to play.

The Goldilocks of tulle skirts? Yes this one is a win/win xv

Tulle For The Weekend Wardrobe

1901 embroidered tulle skirt

style with

equipment short sleeve silk shirt  ||  j.crew perfect fit t-shirt  ||  nike 2018 running shoes

images, david mandelberg for vogue australia, tomás de la fuente for telva magazine 

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Oh, now you’re talking my style here, Vicki. I used to wear tulle skirts to school when I was teaching at the elementary level. When I taught at the high school level, I was teased by a colleague, and to avoid possible teasing from students, I stopped wearing them. HOWEVER….I’m returning to elementary this year and to my TULLE SKIRTS! I do love your suggestion of a less-full skirt; I used to go for the fluff and even though I have a slim waist, I think a more subdued version would still give me the light and airy feel I love but more tailored, if you will. You always get it so right…


I seem to recall seeing a photo of you in a tulle skirt? Last years anniversary sale had a knit tee shirt style dress with a peplum of tulle at the hem. It was adorable and I have regretted since that I passed on it. I’ve been participating in Nordstrom anniversary sale for many years but I love seeing your take on notable items.


yes, I recalled that photo of you Vicki as soon as I read today’s post. I just checked my copy of My French Life – a lovely photo of you on the staircase in a tulle skirt and black polo neck.


One of my biggest beliefs is fashion can be fun , joyful and exciting! What is more fun than a tulle skirt, maybe one with Polkadots.
Thanks for this wonderful post ,
Dress The Part

Michelle à Détroit

I do still love my tulle skirts, Vicki. Mine are quite full. I have them in black, white and light gray. I wear them to cocktail parties and semi formal events. I pair them with a tee or cashmere sweater, evening flats or kitten heels.


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