27 Oct 2018

Weekend Wardrobe: This One All Day, Every Day

Weekend Wardrobe: All Day, Every Day on vickiarcher.com


Some things never change.
You know how it is; you love something forever and that’s that.

I feel like that about khaki jackets – they are just my go-to constantly.

I need all the weights where we live and right now I have been struggling to work out which coat the weather wants me to wear. London has been beautiful, bathed in sunshine and dry. It’s cold but not too cold so I need the parka that isn’t too hot and heavy but just right.

It’s not mid-season but the jacket needs to be.

My field jacket/parka is either for summer evenings or for the Arctic Circle; somehow I have missed the in-between.

I have been looking and found the one of dreams and the one to grace my wardrobe. This coat will work with my weekend wear and it’s on sale.

I race and I relax on the weekends so this will work – over a dress, with my yoga gear and also with my tuxedo style pants and turtleneck.

Having easy choices is what the weekends are all about.

You choose, but this one is a keeper. xv

All Day And Every Day

s13 luxe mini canyon faux trim parka  ||  cotton parka mr & mrs italy

image, daniel jackson

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Good evening Vicki! I too just got a new parka and it’s stylish while being fit to wear in our harsh but beautiful Minnesota weather. You and me, we need our comfort but our beautiful style kept intact! And again, your Instagram share today was absolutely lovely. Thank you my friend.


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