22 Sep 2018

Weekend Wardrobe: What’s Under The Covers

Weekend Wardrobe: What's Under The Covers on vickiarcher.com

I absolutely love my PJ’s

All day and every day, although I should never admit to that.

With the temperatures dropping and those summer evenings coming to an end, it is time for some new nightwear to catch those z’s as soon as we hit the pillow.


Perhaps an ensemble that is often left out of the glossy magazine pages but not forgotten is the pyjama.


Whether the silk version or cotton number is your go-to, we have thoughts on what to wear under the covers.


Feeling comfortable can have heaps of benefits for our mood as well as our sleep. Not only will it be easier to fall into the land of slumber, but also more peaceful and mellow. Be as stylish at night as the day with luxurious pyjamas and slip into some cosy new attire to start the weekend. Who says they are for sleep alone? Is there anything better than a long day luxuriating in PJ’s and watching a marathon of movies or bingeing on a Netflix series?

What To Wear Under The Covers

Go All In One

Would you wear a jumpsuit to sleep in? I am 50/50 about this. Yes, they look fabulous but practically speaking, I will let you be the judge of that. For the weekend wardrobe or the mini vacation  – I will give the jumpsuit a chance. How cute is one?


Go Long

Long pyjamas all the way. The most comfortable and my best sleep attire of all. Unlike the long or short nightie, they stay where they are meant and at the same time they are comfortable, good looking and work nearly all year long. Pyjamas might not be as sexy as the full-on lacy lingerie  – not saying a negligee doesn’t have a place – but I do love them. These are my go-to.


Go Short

These shorty style pyjamas are often in my daughter’s Christmas stockings. Let’s just say on the girls they look absolutely wonderful and on me, the longer legs are more flattering. They would adore these too.

What to wear under the covers is a very personal choice but it should not be a neglected one. For me, PJ’s are an absolutely essential addition(s) to the wardrobe.

Besides, I have a notion we should look as good under the covers as above them.

Under The Covers

the white company all cotton  ||  cosabella contrast trim  ||  the white company striped silk ||  pour les femmes cotton ||  garbo classic silk pj’s

bijoux silk satin cami and shorts  ||  j.crew dreamy cotton short set  ||  shangri-la two piece lace trim  ||  1901 pyjama jumpsuit

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I’m not really into pyjamas, for me nuisette especially the one from Petit Bateau is just perfection. Comfy, simple and long lasting. Couldn’t sleep without it!

Michelle à Détroit

I too love pyjamas, Vicki. My only requirememnt is that they be made of 100% cotton. Silk is just too impractical unless it’s washable. As for occasionally lounging all day- I always say that I’m going to do it, but it ever works out.

Michelle à Détroit

Oh, and non, non, et NON to sleeping in a jumpsuit. It would make any nighttime trips to the loo more challenging than necessary.


The thought of sleeping in a jumpsuit is terrifying and hysterically funny at the same time. I am 60 and I don’t think it would be a good idea! I love my cotton and silk men’s style pj’s. On a lazy market/coffee run, I wear the top with blue jeans.


Love the white on white stripe!! If you ever come across a 3/4 sleeve pj, I would love to see it. They are so flattering and most important just enough arm coverage yet not as warm to sleep in as are the long sleeved variety. Like the navy too!!


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