26 Sep 2020

WeekendWardrobe: Knit One Purl One

Weekend Wardrobe: Knit One Purl One on vickiarcher.com

I do love a sweater; pretty much all sweaters.

Today I’m in the mood for the cosy, the slightly roomy and not too serious.

It’s the weekend and I want something to snuggle up in.

I’m in France, in Saint Rémy de Provence, the wind is howling and it is the kind of day where I think of sweaters. Venturing far is not my plan – I want to stay in and enjoy La Maison because it is far too long since I have been here. I’m sitting looking out at the prettiest courtyard in town as I write this entry – and after this, reading is my goal for today. Maybe a long walk? I’ve just downloaded Brideshead Revisted, read by Jeremy Irons, and I can’t wait to get into that. If I’m super lazy I’ll lay on the sofa with the headphones in, listen to his most charming voice and drift away to Brideshead.

Sweaters, like bags and shoes, are those pieces where an endless array of styles is necessary. Not absolutely necessary, but you know what I mean? Some shapes work with certain pieces and others are better with something completely different. The length, the sleeves, the weave and the neckline have their specific purposes.


What about their composition, the weaves they are made of?

Once I was a purist and only considered pure cashmere, merino wool or 100% cotton to be the best. Actually, some of the mixes are better wearing and look absolutely fine. The prices of sweaters are confounding and oftentimes the cheaper ones look even better than their designer counterparts. As for the cashmere conundrum? As far as I can see the price we pay is not necessarily reflective of the quality today. Have you found this?

There is a sweater for every mood.

Somedays I’m tailored and want a very simple and snug fit; others, like today I’m in the loose and less structured. The same applies for the neckline; V, round and turtlenecks all have their moments. Turtlenecks are always winners but they deserve a conversation of their own.

It’s the weekend – all I can think is relaxed, cosy, snuggly and comforting. xv

Knit One, Purl One Or Not

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Hi Vicki
What is the fastest route to St Remy from London…fly into Avignon and taxi from there?
Have a fabulous weekend!


Hello Donna,
There are more options to fly to Marseille from Terminal 5 Heathrow at the moment. Then it is a 45-minute taxi ride. I am not sure if FlyBe is operating to Avignon from Southhampton at this time.

Linda B

How I adore sweaters–and sweater weather! I am enjoying a taste of the latter, in the last days of my 9 week sojourn up in Oregon, where fall has gently arrived in the past week or so, with some lovely rains to cleanse the air after all the smoke earlier in the month. (Caveat: it is supposed to be warmer next week and possibly a bit smoky again. Ugh. I can deal with warmer but pray the smoke is only minor.)

I own way too many lovely sweaters for where I spend most of my life, in Tucson, AZ. The cooler weather season is all too brief for me down there, partly because I just feel better in the cool, and partly because of love of dressing in warm layers! I tend to not buy but knit my own, for the grand pleasure of working with fabulous color and soft yarn in my hands. I almost always have one more cardigan or pullover that I am scheming to make, or in the midst of knitting. The exception is the fine gauge knits, which would not be practical to create oneself! So some of your suggestions here, Vicki, are calling to me. . .


not thinking yet about sweaters, still very hot during the day in Southern Spain. Ref.
Cashmere…there are huge differece in quality (but you know it at best) and therefore in the price but my experience is that also the very expensive one became unbeautiful by time. Then again the cheap quality doesn’t look good anyway. As Cashmere is too hot
also in the winter months I prefer a soft merino wool mixed with silk. Enjoy your idleness after a tough sightseeing holiday and the soft voice from J. Iron.


Good morning Vicki!

I think I’m also in the mood for simple comfort. I’m doing some housekeeping and the more things I have to trudge through, the more LESS I want in my home as well as in my wardrobe! This winter, I hope to have some new but few cozy comforts to wait out this pandemic, at home, en retraite!

Chitti Lardi

Hello Vicki, what a lovely description of your afternoon. I have recently moved from Sydney to St Rémy with my partner and our 10 month old son due to his work. Do you have recommendations on the best places in town for a slightly homesick Aussie?


Lucky you at La Maison! During our very strict NZ Lockdown, and now as our borders are still closed, looking up the La Maison website and choosing my room has been one of my little escapist fantasies!!
Packing up the winter woollies now and organising the summer wardrobe.☀️


Dear Vicky, I’ve been thinking about St Remy a lot lately as we love our annual visits. What is the atmosphere in the village in these difficult times? We owe our visits to St Remy to you, as I “discovered ” it many years ago in your first book. Such a beautiful town in a beautiful part of France.


Jeanette, I was in St Remy last week so can at least give you some of my thoughts and I’m sure Vicki will too. Masks are worn all the time in the town not just in shops and everyone seems to comply with this. They maybe taken off if you stop for a coffee or have food but if you leave your table to visit the toilets then you must put your mask on. All the cafes, restaurants and shops I visited had hand sanitiser at their door entrance and masks were worn by people serving you. On market day I did notice the Gendarmes pulling people up if they didn’t wear a mask or wore it tucked under their nose or chin but this was in a friendly way and there was no aggression. The cafes and bars were very grateful for our custom and as regular visitors to the town we were more than happy to support them. We did notice that some bars seem to close on odd days and yet another near them chose to stay open but wondered if they had purposely done this as tourists were visiting in much lower numbers and whilst one cafe/restaurant could accommodate a full house having two competing for trade means less in each so the option was one open and one closed. There are much more French visitors to the area which is expected but there has been a drop in Dutch, Belgium and English as quarantine from this area is still expected. Having said that we felt very safe with all the regulations they had in place and it didn’t stop us from visiting town for market day or in the evenings. We also enjoyed time in many small villages on the outskirts of the town and supported their restaurants too; the same regulations were also adhered there too. I hope this gives you some information to make a decision about travelling.


Thank you … It is just as you describe, Janet… St Remy feels the same this week… it’s getting a little quieter but there are still people out and about.

Michelle à Détroit

Vicki, the Maison du Village looks so warm, welcoming and inviting.

I’m am an admitted sweateroholic. I just can’t have too many! About thirty years ago when I was visiting Chicago, I wandered into a popular Italian Cashmere shop on the Miracle Mile. I paid a great deal of money for a classically cut, beautiful merlot colored woven cashmere coat. It has tortured me with excessive pilling to this day. Just looking at it makes it pill! At the time, the sales assistant warned me, but I was IN LOVE and just had to have it. The only cashmere sweaters I’ve ever had that never, EVER pilled were thick Scottish cashmere cardigans from Chanel and N.Peal. These days, if you catch Uniqlo during a good year, their cashmere is quite adequate and a great value for the money. That works for me!

Sal Lawrance

Love wearing a woolly sweater but coming out of that weather now into cotton Tees with temps up in the 30s. Really sad I missed coming to l a maison du village this year hoping to in 2021. Love to you enjoy your gorgeous place
Sal xx


Oh to be back in St Remy now having returned earlier this week. I’ve had 8 weeks there and whilst it was very different from usual it still gave us its usual welcome with bright deep blue skies, hot days and balmy evenings, the cicadas chorus, the smell of warmth, the eclectic market, the plane trees, the cafes and restaurants this year in need of our support and that feeling of relaxation, comfort and familiarity it always sends to me as I drive through the arch of plane trees from Plan d’Organ towards St Remy. We left in a storm last Sunday and a jumper was definitely needed and arriving back in the UK in a storm I definitely have pulled out some jumpers! I love a roll neck jumper and like you Vicki last year I didn’t always choose cashmere but had some great designs from different stores. Yes they probably would see another season but I liked the different selections on offer. I love to wear with bootcut jeans – a 70s girl! I have invested in some fabulous belts with different colours and buckles too from brand new to vintage ones I’ve sourced. I bought a fabulous one off the market in St Remy too choosing my colour, my length and my buckle. I took an old belt with me which is a perfect measurement and left it whilst I browse the rest of the market. Then returning for the stall holder to have made up the belt. Love love it! It’s about the third I’ve had from him and love I choose everything. Great options with a black jumper. Enjoy St Remy today. I’ve loved wandering around o a Sunday with lots of local families strolling too; a coffee people watching and a glass of wine just because I can!!!


I love Brideshead Revisited, too. I read it a few times, and saw the BBC version more than I care to count. Evelyn Waugh writes beautifully.
St. Remy is my kind of town. It’s been a while since I was there, I miss its peaceful and charming ways. And the marche, where I got wonderful dresses for great prices.
Enjoy your weekend.


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