25 Mar 2021

What About A House Dress?

House Dresses on vickiarcher.com

Way back I remember something about a “house dress”.

Maybe my mother wore one?

Apparently, the house dress came into being in the late 19th C as a comfortable dress for chores and make quick errands. It was feminine, practical and with an element of fashionability. The house dress might be exactly what we need to be wearing as we spend more and more time at home.

I am so over the look of me in the sweats – the colourful sweater and jeans are helping  – but a dress would be very welcome. Casual, “house dresses” have never been a style I have worn other than on holidays as my way of life before lockdown was more formal.

I can’t see much difference between a casual dress and a house dress but I rather like the idea of dressing up to feel not only feminine and smart but also to be practical.

As our world re-balances it is inevitable we will look at fashion differently and alter our dressing habits. A rainbow of sweatshirts, a collection of hoodies and more sneakers than there are days in the week will be joined by comfortable and practical house dresses. Whatever will become of the tailored suit, my favourite? If elasticated waists are all I end up wearing no amount of walking, yoga and training will keep me steady.

Next, I’ll be carrying on about duster jackets ;) xv

What About A House Dress?

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pleated hem shirtdress  ||  chiffon tunic  ||  button down midi  ||  leopard print caftan  ||  tucked waist dress

with these colourful beauties – why not?

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Vicki, this is what I’ve been thinking all year. Come this summer, no more sweats, torn up t-shirts or shorts. I’m wearing a housedress with class. Just like my mother!

Alexandra Pierce-Smith

When I was growing up my Grandmother always wore house dresses …. They were invariable the dress that had been a best dress a couple of years back, and that it didn’t matter as much if you got a smudge or stain on it. Around 5pm, before my Grandfather arrived home, she would change into something better. I still wear dresses on a permanent basis but wouldn’t dream of spending £500 to clean and cook in no matter how pretty the dress. I often find that a denim dress or shirtwaister works well.


I agree as soon as April hits and the weather keeps cooperating I will be wearing a dress at least once a week. Cannot wait to change it up a bit I cut out the mostly sweats and have been focusing on cashmere and jeans for the las5 little while , wearing a dress and visiting a patio something to look forward to :)…..

Michelle à Détroit

I agree with Alexandra. I cook a lot, and a dress is just not a practical daytime option here in Michigan. I bought a couple of similar dresses early last spring to take down to Florida, but then we never went. I dress up a bit more at home there.

Jo Dennis

We are very lucky here in NZ to have a wonderful brand called Repertoire who have the most amazing suits, dresses, knits and a luxe lounge collection. Covers every aspect of dressing for me as although I can still wear beautiful tailored blazers for work I can also team them up with my favourite jeans. Even the lounge collection is gorgeous and has lots of sequins and glam. So nice to have a label that’s Southern Hemisphere based that I love.


Ha Ha..thank you Vicki for putting a smile on my face..you are too funny! At least you can zip a pair of jeans:-) I am envious.

Laurette Broussard

After months of chewing on this idea, my partner and I are both in house dresses. It was an excellent decision! We prefer dresses a bit fuller up top, so we can go bra-less. And, we prefer pockets in the front, which are very practical. Also, we prefer something that if necessary, we can slip on a pair of flats, and go briefly outside, for example, to check the mail.


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