8 Aug 2016

What To Wear: The Other Pair

What To Wear: The Other Pair on vickiarcher.com

Who better to express what to wear, The Other Pair, than the Brazilian girl of the moment, Gisele Bundchen.

Could she be any more gorgeous?

When I am done with the basics and the classic pants, there is a style I find to be perfect as an extra.

The military-style-khaki-slightly-loose-drawstring pants. I can’t think of one easy word to describe these trousers but I can say they are a great look and easy to wear.

I like my khaki with black, grey and white.

I wear a simple tee with my “other pair” and sneakers or flats if I want to gear the look up a notch. I also love them worn with a classic white shirt, either fitted or boyfriend style depending on your preference. A sweatshirt style sweater, slightly dipping in the back, also makes for a fabulous casual outfit.

If you are tall and thin then the bomber is the jacket of the moment. In my case I prefer a tailored style blazer and the mix of relaxed pant with more formal jacket works well.

The biggest plus, these pants are superbly comfortable.

My only rule is wear one piece of khaki at a time; Gisele is an exception. Blending khakis is tricky and the idea is not to look like an extra from the set of M.A.S.H, although “Hot Lips” Houlihan did look pretty cute.

If you haven’t worn these before I have a feeling once you do you won’t look back; on the weekends, for travelling or even to work dressed up. The “other pair” makes a brilliant change.

Win/ Win, xv.

What To wear: The Other Pair

james perse cotton and linen trousers  //  topshop tapered trousers

images, gisele bundchen by nino muñoz for vogue korea may 2010

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Mimi Gregor

Probably because I am short, I find that drawstring trousers make me look dumpy. I do have khaki pants, though: slim cut cargo pants by J Brand. The slim cut makes all the difference in my being able to wear it. Instead of looking like an extra from MASH, I look like one from The Walking Dead, which is way cooler! ;)

Anita Rivera

Oh, she is one of my favorite models of all time, and yes, khaki is not an easy style and color to pull off. Back in the 1980s, it’s all I wore from pants to dresses, shirts to scarves. I found that black went really well with khaki accessorized by brass buckled belts and gold jewelry and of course a crisp white shirt with either pants or a cute skirt! Hmmm, I think I could pull off a pair of khaki pants still!

Happy Monday, Vicki!

Taste of France

I just acquired a great pair of billowing, silky khaki cargo pants from the soldes at Mango. I went in for somebody else and came out with an unexpected find. They are so comfortable and don’t wrinkle. Love them. BUT they are very long, so I wear them with heeled sandals. And that brings up my question: slightly loose pants usually look better long rather than cropped. So how do you get the length right? Do you go for a couple of pair, with longer for heels and shorter for the Converse?


I tend to wear them shorter with the flats.. just above the ankle… and it works.. I love them with the heels but for whatever reason I seem to wear them more the other way… Yours sound gorgeous.. :)


I always wear a shorter/capri short trouser with flats, otherwise my 5’4″ looks like 3’4″ :)
And never wear a shirt out, over the waistband of capris … makes you look dumpy too .. I like slim line trousers, whatever the length ..

Mary Sullivan

Right now I’m digging out all my khaki and olive clothes to pack for Kenya! No need to be concerned wether they flatter or match as those beautiful animals won’t mind, and we ARE in their habitat! There are people who go on safari in ridiculous clothing, despite being advised as to what one should wear when around what can be dangerous wildlife situations in Africa. One just never knows what might happen if animals are spoofed when you are often very close to them. I have seen women in wild colorful outfits complete with glitter designs emblazoned across their chests, plus wearing extremely bright, shiny, clanking jewelry! This is a no-no when out in the bush!

Like your pants Vicki – I may try to find a pair of the Topshop ones in olive! I’m 5′ 8″ so sometimes have length problems, but like just above ankle for slim cuts.

Lucy in the sky

Gisele looks great in olive as well, I learned to like the color because of her.
I am also Brazilian! :)


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