15 Aug 2018

What To Wear On A Day Like Today?

What To Wear On A Day Like Today on vickiarcher.com

I find this question very tiresome around this time in the calendar.

Yesterday I changed three times before I could make up my mind and leave the bedroom ready for the day. It is the too hot/too cold scenario and honestly, nothing feels right. Could it be that I am bored with my summer essentials and yet it is too early for autumn wear? Most probably something to do with this but a day like any other turned into complete wardrobe confusion. I hate being all over the place with what to wear and it wastes time and muddles my mind.

I started with a heavier dress but decided I should save it for cooler weather and then I tried an old favourite with no sleeves at all, ripping it off because I suddenly felt chilly. The third alternative had sleeves but was really more suited to a day by the pool than a sojourn in the office.

The bedroom looked like a disaster zone and I was still not ready. I knew exactly what I wanted to wear by this state of undress but had nothing quite right in my wardrobe.

I wanted a casual style of dress – mid-length and with a sleeve – not too tight and not too tailored. I’m still feeling the holiday vibe in my mood and am not ready to re-tackle the tailored quite yet. Dresses are where my head is at  – for no real reason – other than the woman wants to wear what the woman wants to wear. Who needs a reason?

These few additions would be ideal for my transitional mood swings and especially this little number. xv

What To Wear On A Day Like Today

topshop dot  ||   ||  ag tiered  ||  ag mini dot  ||  vince poet midi  ||  topshop stripe

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That happens from time to time but for me the best solution is white or black (depend
on the season) fresh washed hair, make up and a good pair of shoes and hand bag.
with this the day can start.


If I’m going anywhere special, or even just out to lunch, I get the clothes out the night before and check I’m happy with them. A carryover from my usual daily routine when I was working. Have far too many already and need to cull rather than buy more. Of course that doesn’t always stop me, to my husband’s regret. My love is more for accessories than the clothes themselves, eg I bought an authentic Mexican rebozo at the VandA special shop for the Frida Kahlo exhibition when we were in London
in July. Wore it for the first time with a dark navy pullover and jeans and enjoyed it. It’s still too cold here to even think of summer clothes. Best wishes, Pamela

Catherine Baudet

So true. That happens to me from time to time. Love the suggested dresses, just have to decide which one! Thanks for making shopping easy


I like your choice here Vicki; August is a fatiguing month of excessive heat not only for us, but for the garden. The flowers are struggling to WOW us, rain is sparse, our wardrobes are spent. Yet, it’s way too early to think of fall! These light and effortless dresses are really the only and quite a lovely choice!


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