20 Feb 2018

What’s Your Morning Routine?

Good Morning Routine on vickiarcher.com

Are you a morning person?

We thought it would be fun to compare routines and rituals.

I’d love to hear yours.

6:15 am  I wake up and if I’m feeling refreshed I reach for the phone and check out the news overnight. I know, bad. Right? I scroll through Instagram, read my emails and peruse Facebook. I often make a call to Australia as the time works well. What I do is laze around in bed for 30 minutes or so and plan my day. If I have had a light bulb moment overnight, I might grab my computer and start writing the day’s feature. By this time I will have hot water and lemon and moved onto my first jasmine tea of the morning.

6:45 am  Still in bed and ready for another Jasmine tea. Depending on my energy levels I will either jump out of bed and go for a walk (definitely if the little pup is staying over) or if they are low I will answer my emails in bed. I’m a cosy type and can easily work in bed for far too long. The morning routines over the weekend are much lazier than this. Just saying, I could stay in bed and watch my iPad or read a book for hours, especially in the winter.

7:30 am  Breakfast usually consists of fruit and maybe avocado on sourdough toast if I am in the mood. I add a touch of sea salt, a heap of limejuice and a sprinkle of chilli flakes. Seriously good. Depending on my state of mind, I might munch in the kitchen or even take it back to bed. I know, truth time.

8:00 am Time to get moving. I have two hours before the girls come in and work starts for real so I like this time to prepare my thoughts and ruminate over what we should be doing during the day.  A couple of days a week I wander down the street for a speedy hairdo. That means a quick shower and out the door. It never means I don’t follow my skincare routine. Cleanse, tone, serum and moisturise religiously. The day cannot begin without that.

8:15 am Get dressed. I have usually worked out what to wear by now and then apply my makeup. (If it’s the day for hair I am already dressed and ready for makeup when I get back home.) My routine is very quick and simple when it comes to the face. A tinted coverage, a dab of cheek colour, mascara, eyebrows and lipstick; all finished with a brush of translucent powder.

8:30 am A quick tidy up and organisation of the office in preparation for Amy and Marleen’s arrival. I will probably have another mug of jasmine tea and make a call to France to check on the progress of La Maison du Village. It might mean working out why the fountain in the garden isn’t working or it could be deciding what to do about lampshades. Either way, I love those calls best.

9:00 am I start writing the day’s feature and try and have my thoughts focused for this hour.

10:00 am The girls arrive and we talk about the visuals and they make all the fancy graphics tricks happen. We discuss what’s on for the remainder of the week, what we would like to show on the site and any collaborations coming up.

Then, it’s all talk until lunch. xv

Morning Routine

step one

darphin mousse cleanser  ||  intral toner  ||  susanne kauffman power serum (use sparingly and worth it)  ||  intral redness recovery balm

step two

giorgio armani cc cream ||  translucent powder  ||  tom ford mascara  ||  eeyko eye gel  ||  mac cherish ||  bobbi brown blackberry

image:  @annikavonholdt 

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Taste of France

I used to be so good, getting up at 6 to read the news on my iPad (I read books before that–no newspaper delivery in the sticks–and paper newspapers before that) while riding a stationary bike for 45 minutes. I did it even while pregnant, until a week before delivery. It was my routine for about 25 years. Lately, though, the bike needs replacing, it’s too dark to run that early and I end up, like you, lounging (on the sofa, to give moral support to my kid, who is racing to catch the school bus) and reading with coffee, not tea. Then I work until around noon, when I finally do my workout in winter; in summer I have to do it early or it’s too hot. Then lunch and back to work.


4:55am every other day I get up go to the club for a 1 hour swim. This habit started a couple years ago when my husband had his licsence revoked for 3 months because he had his second grand mal seizure. I was driving him to work. Never would have done it if I hadn’t been forced but I love it. On the other days I go for a 7 mile jog at 7am.
7:30am breakfast, my favorite meal of the day.
Rest of the day I do whatever I want, bike ride, walk, paint, etc. I raised 4 children now I play play play and have a blast preparing a delicous evening meal for my husband who is retiring in 18 months. Gotta get in all the play time I can.


Love this … there comes a time in life when the gift is being able to do whatever your heart desires for the day. And let all that “busyness” go. It has been my greatest revelation of late.

Mimi Gregor

I LOVE having a morning routine, and my whole day completely depends on it. Doing the same things, in the same order, on a daily basis, actually frees me. I can do it on auto-pilot, even if I haven’t slept well or I have a cold.

5:30 — Get up and out of bed. Make myself a cup of green tea, prep breakfast (take out some frozen blueberries to add to yogurt, take out some frozen veggies for the parrots; whip up some eggs, a dab of milk, salt and pepper for scrambled eggs; set table in nook for breakfast, set diningroom table for lunch (our big meal of the day, as Paul works nights), see what needs to be taken out of freezer to thaw for later in the week.) Twice a week, I make yogurt (which is very little hands-on, and easier than you’d think.) Several times a week, I put in a load of laundry, then hang it on a line in the attic when it is done.

6:00 — In cold weather, I shovel out the ashes from the fireplace, and re-start the fire. Then I do a quick 10 – 15 minute floor exercise routine. Then comes a bit of meditation and affirmations.

6:30 — Twice a week, I make up a face mask and apply that, then finish my tea and see what’s on the internet.

7:15 — Brush teeth, cleanse face (no washing; just rosewater on a cotton ball.) Put in contact lenses. Apply sunscreen — even if I’m staying inside.

7:30 — Makeup ( Yes, every day. Even if I am staying home.) Get dressed for the day. Style hair, using dry shampoo as needed.

I generally have time to spare before I awaken my husband. I give our houseplants a spritz and, in the winter, restock the day’s firewood by the wood stove. Then, a bit after 8, I start his coffee, nuke the veggies for the parrots, and awaken Paul, before starting the eggs, then we all have breakfast.

That’s my morning routine. What I do after varies, usually according to the day. Mondays, I run errands. Tuesday is my day “off”, and I do whatever the hell I want. If I need to make an appointment (dentist, eye exam, hair, appliance repair), I make it for the first appointment of the day on Wednesday. Thursdays, I usually work on some project around the house. Friday is the day I go to the farmers’ market, as it’s only open on Friday and Saturday. Then, when I get home, I do lots of food prep for the week and beyond. Every week, I sauté greens and roast beets for salads. I roast other veggies (broccoli, eggplant, whatever) for sides. Once in a while, I need to make more chicken stock, beef stock, chili, meatballs, hamburger patties, breaded chicken tenders, poached chicken and freeze it for future meals. I like to have a variety of things on hand in the freezer for when I don’t have the time or inclination to cook. Saturday, in warmer months, is garage sale day. Sunday, we clean the house. It may sound very dull, having a routine, but I find it makes life easier, and it’s something that I can control in this otherwise uncontrollable world.

Anne Campbell-Crawford

Whew! You are all such “early birds” I don’t know how you do it. If I got up and going at those hours I would need an afternoon nap which wouldn’t suit my schedule at all. I too like the idea of working in bed either on computer or reading and I try to answer all Emails promptly. It’s a secret between me and me at exactly what time I start my day. However, it is never without a shower, a breakfast of Greek Yoghurt and Oats, sometimes with small amounts of fruit and always a pot of Green Tea. Then I’m ready to go even if work is done at home.
Let the games begin.
Have a good week,
Bizzes from Paris,


Hi Vicki. It took me a while to get into a good morning ritual, now I can’t live without it, even if I deviate occasionally. I wake at 6:00am, the house and street are quiet.
First up, a glass of water, wash my teeth and put on my gym gear. I meditate on my velvet meditation chair for 20mins, sometimes put on a mask while I’m doing thisfollowed by writing 3 pages of whatever needs to come out onto the paper. Next is yoga and then I will read something specific for 15 mins, different to all the daily reading. Shower, watch the crazy news at around 8:00am, then I’m set for the rest of the day. I recommend, “Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod, specifically on this subject!

Jan Urick

I wake up at 5 am almost everyday. I study French for at least 15-30 minutes make a pot of coffee-perculated. Make lunches for work. Have a cup of coffee and read emails instagram or snap for 10 min. Then get ready for work. I used to do 30 situps but I got tired of it. I might start doing something more physical. Thank you for your nice column.


I am not a morning person, I do my best work in the wee hours of the night but as I work from home I can fit my hours to suit myself.
I wake up around 8:30 and immediately make the bed, then go to the loo and weigh myself.
If it is winter then I usually get into my activewear and go for an hours walk. If not, I stay in my nightie until my shower after breakfast.
9:30 I unpack the dishwasher and make my breakfast of oats cooked with grated apple, cinnamon and nutmeg and have a cup of tea. I have this in front of my computer reading my emails and Facebook while the dishes soak. When I have finished I wash the breakfast dishes. In Summer I have my walk around sunset instead and have muesli with Greek yoghurt, fresh fruit and a drizzle of honey instead of my porridge.
10:00 I have a shower, wash my hair, blow-dry it and put on my make up and get dressed.
10:45 I throw a load of clothes in the washing machine and start working on my computer.
If I am staying home working all day, I will alternate working on my computer with doing a bit of housework, going shopping/other jobs in town or looking after my M-in-L and taking her to her thousands of medical appointments. Depending on how many hours I spend with her, or in having lunch or coffee with friends, I may need to stay up working late at night.
1:30 lunch. For most of the year it will be a homemade soup with a piece of fruit after, but in Summer I tend to make a salad of tuna, cannellini beans, tomato and avocado, red onion with a sherry vinegar dressing, and a piece of fruit.
The afternoon is a repeat of work alternating with chores which gives me a nice balance of activity to break up the sitting.
I have been doing the 5:2 diet for the last 4 years (I am now using it to maintain my weight and not slowly put it back on) on fasting days I skip all food until an early dinner around 5:30, but I do have lots of cups of tea and water through the day.

Diane Markesich

I used to be an early bird with a morning routine- 5:30 AM exercise for 30 -45 minutes, followed by breakfast and reading until 7 AM, out the door by 7:45. I should get back to that, but I can shift it to 6:30 AM wake up. It does make a difference when you start your day with a regular schedule!


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