17 May 2019

What’s Not To Love About White

What's Not To Love About White on vikciarcher.com

White? Absolutely nothing.

I am so happy to see a bit of light and bright after all the black and grey I have been prone to wearing.

Yesterday I went “light” and it felt great. It won’t change my love of the all black pieces, that’s a definite, but it does feel right to be mixing it up a bit.

We have talked about jeans in every colour many times but yesterday I decided white ones would be my “spring/summer uniform. Like I have my best black pants I have made my white jeans a new “uniform” piece.

I can wear them with everything and even a huge faux fur like Linda Rodin in the image above if I had one like that – she always looks so fabulous, edgy and herself. I don’t have the height or the slight but I would if I could; promise.

But the jeans I can do and will. So I must add to my collection because one pair just won’t do especially as I am planning on wearing them every day.

Thinking pretty blouses, black tees and a jacket or 3/4 coats when necessary. The footwear can be anything from a sneaker to a heel. That’s why I love a jean and especially a white pair, they have no limitations or rules only those we impose on ourselves. Other than a formal affair I can wear them everywhere. A jean jacket in blue or a tuxedo jacket in black silk; they are my new best friends.

What’s not to love? xv

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Linda B

I must thank you for writing about white jeans today, and a few weeks back. The previous time inspired me to order a pair of white (“bone”) jeans from Everlane. I am just loving them! In fact, I wore them to work this morning with a blue plaid seersucker blazer. I needed a pick me up this Friday and the white jeans totally did it. I am definitely a convert.


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