23 Apr 2012

What’s On My French Bedside Table


What’s on my bedside table changes constantly… maybe because it’s not very large and it has to hold all my reading and watching material.
The beauty bits are left on my dressing table… otherwise there would be no space at all.


I am a bit of a lounger in bed… and if I were to tell the truth… I could laze around all day, cozy and comfy.
I have also taken up the iPad habit… I don’t know if this is good or bad… but I do like watching a film or browsing the net under the covers.


We found this pair of bedside tables in L’Isle sur la Sorgue, a small town about 20 minutes away from St Rémy de Provence, when we were restoring our farmhouse.
I would have preferred something more generous… but I fell in love with these consoles, their original paintwork and pretty shape… not to mention the embossed shell motif on the front.
They seemed perfect for our bedroom.


What’s on your beside table? What are you reading? Do tell… xv


On The Bedside Table

Always a pair of reading glasses… I’m lost without them.


A notebook to jot down ideas and thoughts.


My ipad and the cute animal print case that my daughter gave me for my birthday this year… Inside my Kindle is hiding.


Tissues in a white linen envelope.


An old glass jewellery box filled with sea pearls… and a porcelain saucer with the brooch and earrings I wore the night before.


Old frames with snaps of our children at varying ages.


A pewter mug with an eye mask.


The classics… Anne of Green Gables, The Secret Garden and Alice in Wonderland... I am trying to re-visit some of my childhood reading.


and a bunch of lilac from the garden…xv

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Beautiful console tables. I can see why you fell in love with them. My favourite item on my bedside table is a small photo frame with very fond memories. Enjoy seeing your photos very much.

La Brocanteuse

So happy I can file the guilt about my bedside treasures and habits, since I feel a little bit French this morning the Vicki Archer way -as I am so content at the moment, snug in bed , my afghan hound right next to me, catching up on what's out there on Ipad. – only regret is that Apple does not support blogger on Ipad, can follow but not create new post- hence my bedside table is a little more crowded to include laptop. The rest is surprisingly very much the same, sans the beautifull lilacs….getting up NOW to add a touch from the garden. Have a lovely weekend ! Hugs&X; Colette – Afrique du Sud


At the moment a bunch of lilacs is dominating my bedside table! I love them! There're also a Kartell lamp, hand- and cuticle creams and books of course, a whole pile of them.
At the moment I'm reading "Cabin no 6" a book by Rosa Liksom, a Finnish author who won Finlandia Prize by this book. It tells a journey done by train in the former Soviet Union. The trip starts in Moscow and continues through different cities to – don't know yet where!
Next book on the line is "The Marriage Plot" by Jeffrey Eugenides.

Have a wonderful weekend!

(Canberra) City Girl

Hi Vicki, When I was in France in January I managed to visit many of the Provençal towns you mention, including St Remy and L'Isle sur la Sorgue. I found a gorgeous silver tea set at an antique market in Graveson.. So jealous you can ship these several kilometres rather than several thousand kilometres. L x


I loved reading this very personal description of what you find important kind of like what's in your purse. Says a lot. Love my iPad too

Elizabeth Eiffel

Love the bedside table – love L'Isle sur la Sorgue.
Par hasard I have a marble art deco clock that I bought during my last visit to L'Isle sur la Sorgue is sitting on my bedside cedar chest, which my husband painstakingly restored under my watchful eye. There is a 19th century, leather bound book of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, an assortment of family photos, a clay bird my daughter lovingly made at the age of 6, a pencil and note pad, a soft-back publication titled “The Flea Market of France,” 2 Royal Copenhagen figurines that have been passed down through the family for 4 generations, my daughters curls from her first hair cut sitting in a piece of Wedgewood and my current read – “French Children Don’t Get Fat'……………..you ask what was sitting beside my bed.
Bonne semaine.

Ingrid Mida

Dear Vicki,
Your bedside table is so pretty.
I'm currently reading everything I can about the 19th century in Paris, including a selection of novels by Emile Zola like The Ladies Paradise.
I've linked you in my post today.
Best wishes for a happy weekend!


I don't think there is a bed side table large enough to house all my bits!
Same goes for the handbag scenario; everything is in there but the kitchen sink.
I do love your table and the lilac completes the vignette beautifully.

heather @ new house, new home, new life

Hi Vicki – I'm afraid my bedside table is a bit more utilitarian than yours. What's on mine? Reading glasses (of course), the latest book or two, cream for my dry heels which I'm supposed to apply every night but rarely do, a phone, a lamp and a collection of Tinkerbell figurines (don't ask).

Lost in Provence

I will spare you the endless list of things that are crammed on, into and under my tiny, tiny table but every single thing means something specific to me. Your console is so lovely and I too am taken with the shell motive. You most likely already know this but just in case…as with the shell motive on our dining chairs and our former fireplace, the choice of the shell was to honor the pilgrimage to Compostella. Certainly we see a bit of it in Provence as one of the main roads for the pilgrimage starts in Arles!

The Gossamer Tearoom

Dear Vicki,
Such fun to have a glimpse of your bedside table! Right now, my bedside table is a small bookcase (always stocked with my favorites) and a small lamp, a shadowbox I made, a flashlight that looks like a black cat, some tiny ceramic figurines including a frozen charlotte, a vase from the table of our wedding reception and my favorite lip gloss, Sweet Cream by Tokyo Milk (kept in its box so I can see the glittery cupcake on the side) live there. Oh, and of course, room for my glasses to rest at night! I just finished two interesting books, one an old novel by Dauphne du Maurier called "The Scapegoat" and a novel from last year called "13 rue Thérèse" by Elena Mauli Shapiro. How fun that you are revisiting some classics from childhood! I see you have a beautiful volume of "Alice"! I am in love with my edgier version illustrated by Camille Rose Garcia!

Wishing you a lovely day,


A Gift Wrapped Life

I m with you Vicki on larger bedside table. I use a 52" chest and pretty much have the identical things on mine. The drawers used to be filled with books I had read but gave the all away since I am now on e-reader. Lounging in bed reading and watching movies on my laptop……………I like it too much! Daisy and I Watched EatPrayLove (again) last night while it rained outside and since the boys are away. I love my bed! But I think I need better pajamas since I am taking to this habit so well. It is my cosy spot. Much love XO

Lisa DeNunzio, La Dolce Villa

Bon jour Vicki. I have just taken out The Tale of the Rose (The Love Story Behind the LIttle Prince) by Consuelo de Saint-Exupery (wife of Antoine) from the Library. I have not yet succumbed to the iPad or Kindle, and am a huge Library devotee. I'm sure I would be instantly seduced by them if given the change. Allors. I have never read The Little Prince, but will certainly pick it up after I devour this beautifully written memoir by the author's wife. My best, Lisa

helen tilston

Hi Vicki

I love your table and holds all you need. I have about 8 books on my table and I must reduce the number. Some are for colour and the others are my reading. Lavender hand cream
Pen and paper
Have a glorious weekend


Love your table, of course. I have a pile of books including "Let the Great World Spin," "The Tiger's Wife" and "A Visit from the Goon Squad." I decided it was time to catch up on modern authors and I love all three of them. This summer I intend to return to Flaubert and some others. I also have Newsweek which has become truly excellent. It's short and very smart.
Then I have rose cream in a jar, and a spray bottle of Melvita's eau de toilette for homme which is a little mysterious and lovely. I'm going to redo my bedroom. My house is new but I painted the room a gray that looks horrible at night, more like a military gray-drab green. Ugh! In the meantime I'll spray away and read away!
Have a lovely weekend.

Teresa at Splendid Sass

Linen envelope, I will do this! I have just started writing in a small journal I keep by my bed. My problem is the tv and dvd changers, lol.
You table is stunning as always, and thank you for sharing.


Stunning tables. Any table with a marble top is divine. I need a 4 drawer chest. I try to keep the clutter down but it tends to accumulate on its own. Like wire hangers. I have a lovely Victorian style frosted pink lamp with crystals, Meyda Tiffany. Two photo's, one of a stunning sunset over Lake Ontario where we vacationed some time ago and a very special photo of my second son's First Holy Communion. He is standing with his Older Brother, who was the alter boy at the service, and they are standing at the little May alter. An alabaster heart shaped box with a Vatican Rosary inside. One of my most cherished items. My clock radio is an essential, a glass of water with an antique handkerchief on top, and the current read 1Q84.

peggy braswell

Adored at peek at your bedside console(which is beautiful). What do I have on mine-my reading glasses,night cream,fabulous lamp + latest book-The Invisible Way!xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


On my sidetable sits a copy of Flaubert's Madame Bovary, a parisien bookmark, a notebook and pen for any ideas that might jump out, a l'Occitane candle "provencal landscape" and a half empty delicate noritake tea cup…I love Sunday mornings….

Karen in CT

lovely note … gray is very difficult to pick, I went through 8 tests before I found a "warm" one, but not too warm … good luck.

Karen in CT

Vicki, you're so talented in bringing forth your readers … I enjoyed reading every comment, and always get ideas. Lovely bedside table, mine is a smallish antique chest. Just a reading lamp, alarm clock, eyeglasses, framed photo of my neice and nephew, a battery lantern, and always a couple summary books about classical music and classical fiction. Always "The Book That Changed My Life", great short blips from famous authors. Oh, and the current very simple crossword puzzle. (shamefully the white noise machine, it's freaky quiet here). Best, Karen


Vicki love your bedside console. You have the most wonderful taste in decorating a home. I need you here.


Your bedside table is beautiful! (May I add so is the lovely chair beside it!) My bedside table remains pretty uncluttered (my dressing table less so.:) On my nightstand there is a glass lamp with long prisms, a vase of flowers, my little brass clock, and a dish with two little pieces of jewelry. This was a lovely post!

Gigi Thibodeau

I love the shell motif on your bedside table, Vicki! And those lilacs–my favorite spring scent. My bedside is always changing, too, depending on what I'm reading. I LOVE that you are rereading The Secret Garden and Alice in Wonderland. They are two of my favorites, and I've taught them many times in children's literature classes. Now I've just added Madame Bovary's Daughter to my must-read list! Beautiful post. xoxo Gigi


L'Isle sur la Sorgue is a fun place to visit…and you discovered a gem, and beautifully adorned it…

Anya adores

Love this bedside table and the amazing treasures on it. And Anne of green gables – made me cry as a kid (and now I guess ;O)
Happy weekend

for the love of a house

Beautiful and feels so loved!! I have a commode in our bedroom from L'Isle sur la Sorgue!! Sweet shopping memories!
It's a lounge in bed kind of day here…. so that's exactly what I'm doing!
happy Sunday!

Callie Grayson

My bedside table is very small, so I don't have much":
a small lamp
a mirror leaning against the wall
a small framed photo of my sister and me against said mirror
then an even smaller very old wedding photo of a family member from 1930 (it's just so romantic!)
my leather sketch book, a gift from friends who went to Italy last year
current book that I am reading, The Hunger Games (sitting under the leatehr sketch book)
small pitcher of lilacs from my garden

thats it!


An intimate look into your life. Kudos to your bedside reading, My bed side table is littered with journals, note books, pages ripped from magazines and books, books, books.
Right now The Hare With Amber Eyes by Edmund de Wall, Bonne Femme Cookbook by Wini Maranville, and The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. What's under my bed is probably twenty more books waiting to be read. Security is having an unread book close by.

Francine Gardner

On my bedside table: lilacs, reading glasses, books, books, more books and magazines… I also just love lounging in bed. A little jet lagged, I have been waling up at 4am and enjoying every minute.


Hi Vicki,
Beautiful console tables much more elegant than my bedsides.On my bedside my ipad of course and a few books, The Road by Cormac McCarthy, Stasiland by Anna Funder and Paris , a guide to the city's creative heart ( I'm off there in May) plus some jewells in a pot and a bowl of Iceburg roses.


What a great idea to share Vicky! such a beautiful upholstery fabric on your chair too, the side table is stunning, always love marble tops and really cute how yours is crowded(: I am a freak for organizing things and putting them away…read on Ipad a few things at a time… and so mine is kind of empty…is that bad? should I change that? hmmm, i would love small frames of my son on it…thanks for giving me ideas, will figure someting out!
hugs Zaneta


Lovely Vicki, You would find my kindle with both classics and current book, especially French inspired and recommended by YOU! Reading glasses, hand creme, A lovely lamp, a pretty notepad and pen!

I am featuring Designer and Paper Artist Anita Rivera on my site!

Art by Karena

Alcira Molina-Ali

I adore Deyrolle's Lecons des Choses, and can clearly recall "Le The" for instance, which hung on the wall of our French school in Texas.
Also, Anne of Green Gables was my heroine as a child — still is, as a matter of fact.
What a beautiful space Vicki.
Bisous, Alcira



What a gorgeous bedside table you have! My bedside tables: I was out walking one night and saw some people cleaning out their garage – they put two old curvy bedside tables with deep drawers on the curb. I RAN home, got my truck and drove back to load those things up! I have all my necessities in the drawers. On the top, I have reading glasses too, a wooden lamp, a Fire King Jadeite cup that held the pumpkin seeds I ate while reading yesterday, a couple of rocks I picked up in Ireland, a candle from Notre Dame in Paris…

and books, books, books! Right now I'm obsessed with Marilyn Monroe (delicate, tragic figure) and am 150 pages into her 600+ page biography (by Donald Spoto). I'm also reading "Fragments" – collected writings of Marilyn's.

shiree segerstrom

Vicki, I didn't realize Isle Sur la Sorgue (spelling?) is in St. Remy! I've never been and am feeling quite remiss knowing I spent a whole day there and missed the best flea market in the world. I am pleased to see lilacs on your desk. I just did up the most luscious bouquet of multi colored lilacs in my entry. The smell has kept me in a good mood for three days! Shiree'


My bedside table is from IKEA: it is a lovely white garden table. On it I have my bedside lamp/alarm clock, tissues, body lotion (need to buy a pretty bottle to decant it into) and a stack of books that includes: STYLE EVOLUTION by Kendall Farr, 40 OVER 40 by Brenda Kinsel, ACTIVE DREAMING by Robert Moss. And my reading glasses, a pen and Moleskine soft notebook, lip balm and my phone. Minimal: because the table itself is only about 18" round. I have a jar full of white carnations on my dresser, across from the foot of my bed.

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle

Love your beautiful bedside table Vicki, the photos and trinkets are so pretty–I love to surround myself with those things too. Wishing I had some pretty bright books like yours–I keep mine hidden in the mirrored cupboard below because my pile can get a bit high!

xo Mary Jo


This week a HUGE bouquet of Lily of the Valley in a chipped loved Lalique vase that my sister brought me many years ago from her trip to Paris. What an invigorating scent to awake to and fall asleep, transports to heaven!


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