12 Aug 2011

when apples are for the looking and not for the eating…


It’s apple time at the farm and although the fruit aren’t ripe enough for eating I have been picking branches to use as decoration throughout our home…..We don’t treat our apples so even though they aren’t perfect in size and colour they are delicious once they mature….After the decorating comes the eating off the tree and after the eating off the tree comes all the sauces and pies and when all that’s done and done then comes the juicing….
Right now I’m loving these little red apples….but in a couple of months….I might have a different story to tell….xv

images – vicki archer

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under spanish moss

Oh Vicki, how wonderful! Our children are so enthusiastic about growing their own fruit and vegetables right now. They would love seeing your apple orchard.
XO Angela and Renee


A beautiful sight. If there is anything I appreciate, it is the incorporation of nature within an indoor design scheme. What kind of apples are they?

à la parisienne

I must say…I'm a little jealous of your apple trees-They don't grow here very well.
I can just imagine their fragrance wafting through your lovely home…




I feel that way about basil, though it's not decorative. I love it, love it, love it…until I'm neck-deep in it in my kitchen making vats of pesto come early September! I'm glad for it all winter long, but that pesto making process can be monotonous.


they look delicious! shame you can't eat them but I bet you can't wait till the eating – and the pies, oooh! nothing better than apple pie and apple sauce!! Do you make apple butter?
Have a great weekend Vicki!
Jen xo


Apples don't grow well where I live. Citrus don't do too badly though, as well as passionfruit, strawberries, mangoes and macadamia nuts. All of which grow abundantly in our yard. We recetnly enjoyed a bumper crop of finger eggplant which was pan fried, sauteed, relished and chutneyed! Ah…that's true abundance :)

Love your arrangement…I can't do that with finger eggplants (aubergines)!

Alcira Molina-Ali

How delicious!

I thought apple season was closer to fall.
Lovely to be able to eat and adorn with what you grow at home.
That is the essence of a holistic life.
Cheers, Alcira


helen tilston

Hi Vicki

You certainly use the apple in all it's forms, and I bet in the spring time you pick apple blossoms.

Apples are a wonderful fruit with so many uses.

Helen xx


Lovely – but I know what you mean. We used to have apple trees – and by the holidays my family never wanted applesauce or apple pie ever again!! Til the next time of course!!


They look beautiful Vicki and you seem to have apples in abundance. There are so many things that one can do with apples as well ! XXXX

Callie Grayson

They are very pretty to display! I can't wait to apple picking time, no wait yes I can…. that means summer will almost be over!
You will have to post some of the sauces you do with the apples!

Sarah (Snippets of Thyme)

Gracious….you do live in a little part of heaven!! That cascading arrangement of apples is so pretty. Apple Crumble, apple pie, applesauce, apple turnovers…all of the possibilities. I'm going to have an article coming out over the wknd celebrating the removal of my son's braces…with sticky, gooey, caramel apples!

Laura @ 52 FLEA

Hi Vicki,
I love these arrangements with the little red apples…reminds me of my grandparent's farm.
You have made them look especially chic … but you do that with everything! :)
Have a great weekend…


What a graceful arrangement, Vicki. I like to eat home picked apples at this stage when they are extremely crisp and tart. And I agree it is better not to spray them and trade good flavor for the picture perfect, tasteless supermarket variety.


Hi Vicki, Thank you for the glorious morning bouquet–it got me started out loving the day. Have a super week-end. Mary


How fun. I wish we had fruit trees in our yard to do this with..in any event I do enjoy using unexpected branches and natures bounty in a floral arrangement. The red apples look so tasty it would be hard from me to walk past without being tempted to grab one to eat! :-)


Vicki a gorgeous and natural way to create an arrangement to enjoy! It is so intriguing to hear of your life in France!

Thank you for sharing with all of us!


Art by Karena


Dear Vicki,
Thanks so much for your comment on my rather ' alternative ' post !! I was a litle worried that some people would think it rather rude !! It's very difficult with a blog, as there are so many different people with different tastes, shall we say. I think that there will be some who will find it rather vulgar….I thought it was really funny. Let's hope that I haven't lost too many followers !! ha ha. XXXX


Beautiful arrangements!! I never thought to do that before, even when I lived in North Carolina "apple country". I will use this idea if I get the chance to…. just lovely. And you also have just made me go to the fridge to pick out an apple. :)


Yummy apples. We have an apple tree in our yard. A crab apple tree, bummer. But it does have beautiful , fragrant blossoms in the spring time.

Linda McMullan

How lovely! We are soon approaching Apple Time here in North Carolina, and I can hardly wait for the beauty gathered in the baskets, and then the treats in the mouth!

Trish Murphy

Hi Vickie, Makes my mouth water just looking at the apples. Love the arrangements. I have used pears and lemons and apples in vases but not straight from the tree with the lovely foliage.
Have a lovely day.


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