25 Apr 2019

When Floral (Appliqué)Takes Your Fancy

Floral Fancy on vickiarcher.com

Appliqué, there’s an old idea.

I seem to remember my mother talking about this technique, as she was excellent with a sewing machine.

I adore flowers but struggle with excessive floral patterns when it comes to clothing. Admire it on others? Yes. Wear it myself? Infrequently. The summer months find me in a more adventurous spirit but generally, patterns and floral are not my regular go-to.

As I often do in the mornings, I search out new designers and fashion ideas to discuss here – today I intended to start talking about all things weddings and what to wear. My daughter is getting married next year so it is on my mind but instead; I stumbled upon a fabulous designer who has mastered the art of appliqué in a way I love. This skirt must be mine. The whimsy of the flowers is the perfect amount of floral for me, right about now and I could wear this with a very simple black or white tee and 3/4 coat if need be.

The wedding chat can wait and maybe even this dress could be an option for a pre-wedding party. The dinner before the dinner before, I am thinking. It would look equally good dressed up or down.

Was appliqué reserved for children’s clothing back in the day?

I can’t remember but it is a pretty addition to the wardrobe and one of those that can be enough without being too much. Know what I mean? xv

This Floral Appliqué Takes My Fancy

paskal a-line skirt  ||  paskal fit and flare dress ||  bronx and banco midi dress ||  paskal lazer cut flower coat 

if you love appliqué 

applique mesh evening dress  ||  houndstooth chanel style tweed coat   ||  ted baker appliqué tee in white  ||  in black

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Beautiful the black Paskal dress and would be perfect for your festivities before your
daughters marriage. For me it could be a touch longer


Oh, now that dress you linked us to, that is fabulous. I too struggle with large patterns on clothing fabric but this one settles it for me since it’s about TEXTURE! I do have to say however, that a pair of spring floral pattern shoes does tickle my fancy! I had a pair once that I wore down to a nub and I wish I could find a pair now.


I love the dress and the skirt! It reminds me of a black bikini I had back in the day that had applique petals.

In April’s Vogue there are two beautiful applique dresses done by Chanel. Just gorgeous! I can only imagine how long it took to make the dresses.


The paskal laser cut flower coat is my favourite of your edit! Because I am a ‘coat addict’ and because appliqué and embellishment are always part of my own designs and creations. Floral ‘texture’ in the same colour as the rest of the garment is perfect if you aren’t a floral print person.


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