15 Feb 2020

When In Doubt, What To Wear: This Blouse

When In Doubt, What To Wear on vickiarcher.com

This morning was that moment.

The I-am-all-out-of-ideas-and-in-a-hurry what will I wear morning.

I don’t like these kinds of “getting ready” days, especially on the weekend, it is a serious waste of time and no sum game. Loving fashion is one thing; procrastinating about it another. Set pieces that work when the mind’s creativity won’t is the answer to this never-ending conundrum. As practiced as “what to wear’ has become, I still falter.

Do you have these days?

I’m standing, semi-dripping, in front of an open closet looking with blind eyes. I know I’m sick of the puffer and want to wear a more tailored coat as an outer layer, but what should be underneath? It’s the weekend and casual and comfortable is my game and yet I don’t want to wear the black turtleneck again. It’s been on several outings this week. A dress? Maybe? I can’t say I’m feeling the frills.

Then my eyes fall on the ever faithful; the one and only never-let-me-down blouse. A leopard print in a chiffon fabric that can hang out on the weekend or tuck in if it’s business.

The answer is right there, in a sea of cream and black, the leopard blouse is my knight in shining armour. Working out the rest takes ten seconds – jeans, a pair of sneakers and a double-breasted coat.

When in doubt? This was my answer?xv

When In Doubt

pleated georgette  ||  silk blouson tie-neck  ||  leopard print mesh turtleneck

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image, architectural digest 2016


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Oh Vicki, YES YES YES! This blouse can go with a pair of black slacks, a pair of jeans maybe, a black skirt, even a white skirt! And for makeup? Red lips. Hoop earrings. You nailed it. And, that photo you have up, that is spectacular!


Totally agree! …… the old leopard print to the rescue!
I find as I age that comfort has taken such a priority, it tends to be cashmere, silk or crisp cotton, linens. My once generous wardrobe is being more and more reduced to just “my favourites”. A splash of colour once in a while but my colour palette reverts to the classics…easier and more flattering.
Have to say I am a teensy bit jealous that you are pulling out a warm soft cosy wool coat whilst “down under” in Oz we are coping with crazy hot humid weather! Enjoy the weekend!


Finally you got it right Some pieces never disappear from our wardrobe and always looking good.


Huge kudos to you as you put forth so much of your thoughts and heart into your posts. You are very good at your craft! I don’t mean this as a negative, but simply as an alternative thought to add to the mix…
When I read that you are standing staring at what must be a very beautiful and large collection of clothing with the feeling of fatigue toward all of it, I understand.
This past year, mid-way into my 60’s, I began to examine who I am in a larger sense and realized that all of the things that I own were a soul-wasting, economy-busting, energy-burning experience and I re-imagined my entire wardrobe based on my core–who I really am in my HEART and SOUL–and am delightfully happy now to have a very, very small wardrobe–just 30 pieces–that suits me perfectly, gives me freedom and clarity and makes me feel soul-satisfied that my focus at this stage in my life is not on my things, but my experiences.
I judge no one for not relating to what I am writing as it is a personal journey but am sharing my experience simply as an option for those who hadn’t considered it as it has truly changed the entire course of my life in such a positive way.

Michelle à Détroit

Leopard spots are a definite mood elevator. I feel invincible when I wear a dash. A little goes a long way, though. One piece does nicely; a trench, a blouse, a shoe or scarf…


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