14 Aug 2011

when less is not always more…

An orchestra of orchids by Jeff Leatham at the George V Paris….
Cut and arrange whatever takes your eye to ‘flower up’ and enjoy this weekend…..xv

images – vicki archer

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Gorgeous Vicki. Flowers in abundance in an hotel or large area always looks wonderful. Small arrangements seem to get lost in such grand areas…… and, I just love those orchids. They are stunning. XXXX


Hi there Vicki

They are beautiful (and big – huge!)

Love orchids whether they are asian kind or plain old neighbours garden – the flowers bloom for so long fresh or cut

a simple and lovely post full of colour and serenity





Vicki orchids are always unique and cherished, so it is great to see many groupings like this!!


Art by Karena

A Gift Wrapped Life

Just heading out to do some cutting of my own, huge snowy white hydrangeas. if only I could arrange like this! Of course then I would be working at george V in paris. What a good job! I had no idea when I peeked in that lobby that I would see such a display, I thought I had reached heaven. What a gift he has for splendor. And they let me take photos which I thought was very nice of them. Now…………..where are those pre-digital photos? Having a happy weekend? Much love XO


Ahhh, those flowers. I would say Mr.L knows how to make a very big statement. George V is brilliant to have him. Have a great day, Vicki!!

The enchanted home

We were lucky enough to have gotten to stay there and let me tell you it was AMAZING, every inch of that place is so ridiculously gorgeous. It was the stay of a lifetime!

Beadboard UpCountry

Ok Vicki,
I am looking at the flowers I bought at the unsupermarket,placed in my living room yesterday…. I think I will put them in the bathroom……Incredible!!!!!!! Love that Place!!!Maryanne xo

♥ Braja

My "real" comment, now :)

I don't often comment, though I scout around, and I just realized I hadn't been saying much and wondered why….it's not like me :) But then I realized that it's because I feel like I'm here all the time, "in the room" so to speak. don't feel like I'm leaving and coming back and it's all new and different, I feel like it's always here. That might sound odd, but there's a very good reason for it, Vicki, and that's the beautiful book you sent me. It sits in my room, on the marble floor, propped up against the wall on a carved wooden book stand (the fold-out Indian types), and it's always there, always being flicked thru, constant…so much so that it's become part of the room. It even matches the damned curtains….



I have only stayed at the George V once in my life – so far – but the flowers there are something I will never forget. I could have quite happily slept in the lobby such was its beauty!! :)


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