6 Oct 2020

When Tastes Do Change

Can Tastes Change on vickiarcher.com

Do our tastes change?
Maybe what we like, love and adore does not really change but I have the feeling my tastes are moving and shifting directions. It’s not to say I want everything completely different as much of what I gravitate towards has been the same forever but more I want to be braver and try the new – or at least what is new to me. That’s within reason. I am not that much of an adventurer.

Much has changed and that’s why I am having this conversation with myself.

I look different – my hair is a totally different colour – which means there are different options now. My dressing has to adapt to a silver palate and what I once wore with gay abandon does not necessarily mesh now. Black, silver and charcoal grey with a smattering of cream will always be my base; my silver hair has allowed me to contemplate yellow and camel. Camel, I have always loved but it never loved me back. We are talking right now.

The life as we lived and knew it has taken an enormous deviation. Where will I wear all those tailored suits I was so fond of? Fashion is relaxing as we explore the comfort of our own homes. This doesn’t mean we can’t or won’t dress up but I do believe it changes what we chose to wear every day. I am scared of the “laziness” of the at-home life – it can and does creep up – and I have to fight the temptation not to wear the sweats each day. I have always worked at home but with a team around me and now that’s all changed it makes it easy to slip into comfort mode.

Where does that leave us fashion and style-wise?

As I mentioned the other day, my style stays fairly constant but I don’t think that means it won’t or can’t adapt. It has and it will continue to do so. On the one hand, I feel cautious and believe we must invest wisely, re-purpose what we have already and replace with well thought out and sustainable options. On the other, we are women and fashion is our fancy. Finding the balance of organising a practical and useable wardrobe without losing our unique flair and individual style can be a challenge.

Yes – it’s smart to have 5 black tees, 5 white ones and 3 cashmere sweaters in the same shades of grey – but how do we make the basic and sensible come alive? Accessories. A vintage scarf, a collection of bracelets or even a signature lip colour can make us feel all is right in the world. These small treasures make all the difference in how we feel and how we look.

Investment pieces are where I am headed this season. I truly believe cost-per-wear counts for everything and I also follow the less-is-more approach when it comes to significant purchases. There are pieces where we have fun for a season – particularly in the summer months – but these can be less expensive and also carry on year after year. Bags and shoes work in the same way – especially handbags – maybe those are the greatest investment and stand the test of time best? Or are we going to stick with a new pair of trainers/sneakers each season and carry a canvas tote from here on in?

When Tastes Do Change on vickiarcher.com

My focus is on a camel coat for the winter.

Something warm, not too formal and slightly relaxed to wear overcome what may on any given day. If I am fortunate enough to be heading to a yoga class I want to wrap up and smarten up. A long walk in the park and it can keep me cosy on the dry days. Dressing up? This colour coat will work too.

What’s the fuss you ask?

Why haven’t you been wearing what is a really very fabulous coat like this before?

The answer is I had to wait to have the right hair colour and now my silver/grey is complete camel and I look better together. We can go hand in hand without looking like a sickly partnership. The change in hair plus a strong lip colour makes it all such a good combination. I can see it over jeans and a fine sweater or worn with a skirt. It’s like making a new friend and slowly getting to know each other; our quirks and perks.

I suppose my taste hasn’t changed  – I have always admired the camel – I have simply grown into it. xv


Camel: A Cause For Consideration

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I think with your lovely hair now Vicki you’ll look stunning in a camel coat! I’ve always admired this colour but unfortunately it just does nothing for me but make me look so much more beige!! A strong hair colour is definitely needed with camel and yours is going to work perfectly. Same with a mustard colour, my sister has a wonderful soft crew neck jumper and with her silver hair she looks fabulous, for me it drains me. Some colours we have to work with to radiate us and our hair and others we just have to give a wide berth!


I do agree, Janet…as a blonde, camel was not my friend… it was just all too beige, too much the same .. whereas now a contrast makes it work better.. I hope so at least. It’s the same with very dark-haired people, camel looks wonderful…


Good morning Vicki!

Oh yes. My tastes have changed or have remained in my repertoire as being adapted to fit my needs. I’m retired now. I am no longer in the public eye at least for now, so I need more casual clothing. However, I need to stay aware to not let casual become careless or unkept! It’s a challenge these days with the lockdowns and altered states of being but I’m trying to grasp that change is good not just for the closet or home, but for the mind.


Change is everything… I was just writing a few notes to myself about that… facing change and being flexible about it is the best way to move forwards. Yes, life has become casual and for someone like me who loves dressing up.. it’s a whole new deal :)


I could have written this piece, Vicki. Are you sure I didn’t? LOL! “Camel doesn’t look good on me, cost per wear, less is more, investment dressing… ” My tastes have changed as I’ve gotten older as well. While I’m done with heels and business suits and I buy fewer pieces, what I do buy is very nice. I’m not buying a new handbag because when I go out, I only take a small change purse or an iPhone purse with just my essential credit cards and emergency info. Less things to get Covid cooties on. xoxox, B


Happy to know we are on the same page, Brenda
Love your haircut by the way… clever you .. and the colour… brilliant job :) :)


Just pulled out my “old” Max Mara longer cashmere camel coat…it still looks new! A quality piece always lasts! I have always loved the all black outfir with a camel coat so shall look forward to winter…


perfect! I am sure it’s beautiful … I think Max Mara really make beautiful coats and their camel is such a good shade. My first real winter coat was a Max Mara :)

Michelle à Détroit

Love, love, love camel coats. I spent all of last fall looking for the perfect one and finally settled on Cinzia Rocca. Fleurette still makes nice ones, too. I wish I could wear the classic Max Mara 101801 coat, but I HATE the way it looks on me. I think its the lack of a shoulder seam that I dislike.


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