10 Mar 2013

White Out… White Pump

white pumps… here  the j crew’s we love in white… here  michael kors t-bar style… here and with a touch of ‘toe cap’ gold… here


I am still deciding… but I will admit… that I am very tempted… xv

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Marsha @ Splenderosa

Goodness, here it would seem wrong to wear them right now, you know the old rules. However, I have always had them in one iteration or another. For me, the low heeled ankle straps look new. I bought a couple of pair last week when I was shopping with a girlfriend. But, truth be told I do not like any shoe with a strap if I’m wearing a dress or skirt (unless it’s long). I love the long line of leg all the way to the toe which you get with a pump.


Yes. Yes, I think I will white it out with my footwear. I own a pair of white pumps, but I love the ones with the ankle strap you featured. They are so chic.



The white shoes look so nice but I have enough trouble keeping my beige wedges unmarked. I can remember wearing white stilettos in the 1980’s and how I had to constantly clean and cover up marks with the shoe paint.



Years ago i have been told, that white pump remind on Daisy Duck. And now, when i see white pump … you know, what i see?
Have a nice weekend – S

Anita Rivera

WHITE is on my radar my dear. The only thing I will never wear in white is pants, unless I was wearing a long enough trench to cover the hips. I just saw the most gorgeous taupe trench with white stripes. I could see that with a short skirt and white pumps!

Enjoy le week-end! Anita


I was just thinking about white pumps yesterday. After looking at all the blogs/ press etc from the fashion shows. White pumps are certainly a new trend. What excites me even more, is that heels heights are being lowered or at least we have some options instead of the 5+ inch heels. Right now, I am loving everything Valentino. The collection, shoes and accessories look amazing.

Nancie B

We’ll see. Love white sandals which is really all I want to put my feet into in a Texas summer anyway. But white pumps? Maybeeeee.
Somehow they remind me of a Wal Mart Easter ad.


Here comes my US-ness: Except for tennies, white shoes after Memorial Day (late May)…but maybe sooner…after all the same applies supposedly to patent and now I wear patent all year long now. After you posted about bordeaux and oxblood in October I found a perfect pair of boots. Guess I am off to Nordstrom to look for perfect white pumps (no platform, see I am listening.) Have a lovely weekend.


Really can’t get into the white shoe thing. It just takes me back to my teen years and the many bad fashion decisions that I pulled off with youth and moxie. I try them on in the shoe department but cannot bring myself to buy them ever. Guess I’ll just leave it to others who haven’t passed through this style moment before? Love the way she looks though with the all white ensemble.

lisa thomson

I like the low heeled ones with the straps! Sweet. I used to wear white pumps then I thought they went our of style? I will have to invest in a nice pair for summer. Very nice.

24/7 in France

Not a big fan of white shoes, but I do like the strappy ones with the lower heel you featured. I have a pair of off-white sandals but they are hard to keep clean, so wear them infrequently.

The Silver Bunny

I recently found in my closet a pair of unworn white pumps that I had forgotten about ! I think they’re really difficult to wear, especially in Northern France when the weather isn’t often that sunny. White sandals, I love in the Summer though ..

Anita Rivera

Oh Vicki,

Oh very nice to see that you visited; it is nice to be missed and to be back….I am slowly making some changes to my blogging and putting more “variation” to my posts. I really appreciate you taking the time to visit.

Have a super day! Anita

The Enchanted Home

I honestly do not think I have ever owned a pair of white pumps. White sandals..have tons, but never white pumps. I have never loved white shoes other than flats. But must admit you do make them look mighty chic here!! Something to think about……..

Angie Muresan

I love the look of white pumps, however, with all the rain we get where I live, I can never wear them. I just can’t stand when they turn grey.

Lauren at adorn la femme

What amazes me most in this photo is the torn jeans with such magnificent designer pieces! Who would have ever guessed, even just a few years ago, that this would be such a style statement mixed in with other more sophisticated pieces! Gotta love it!!! J’adore!

Yes, and the new nude pump is now white!!!



I think I will give the fashion of white shoes a miss. They don’t necessarily have a great reputation here in the UK, at least with the more mature generation.


Just bought a pair – awesome! Wore with a navy blue suit – looked darn good. Bit of a bold statement for conservative daytime DC. Will get a lot of wear this summer.


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