9 Apr 2019

Who Doesn’t Want To Be “Ultra Smart”?

Who Doesn't Want To Be Ultra Smart? on vickiarcher.com

this feature is in partnership with ELEMIS

I do.

Recently I have been invited by ELEMIS to review their new ELEMIS ULTRA SMART Pro-Collagen Complex.12 Serum.

ELEMIS and I go way back. When I lived in Australia my favourite beauty therapist was an ELEMIS devotee – she would use nothing else and consequently neither did I. Then I moved away and with all the crazy happenings in sync with moving to the other side of the world, I lost touch with her and the products.

With so many advances in skin care products over the last decade, I feel we women are lucky enough to be reaping the advantages. I try many different products on my skin as I am a firm believer we need to rotate and change not only our products but our routines regularly. Speaking with a facialist only confirmed my feelings about this. We need to understand our skin, use what works but not be set in our ways. As we become bored with the same day in day out, so does our skin.

I have been applying the ELEMIS, Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen Complex.12 Serum day and night for a few weeks now and I love it. I have switched up my routine to include the ULTRA SMART Pro-Collagen Eye Treatment Duo as well. The texture is light, penetrates easily and doesn’t leave any residue so I can easily apply make-up on top with none of that awful blotchy movement that can happen when a product doesn’t settle. The other bonus, apart from the benefits to my skin, is a very mild scent. A win/win for me.

Who Doesn't Want To Be Ultra Smart? on vickiarcher.com

Who doesn’t love a wrinkle smoothing serum? 

The ELEMIS ULTRA SMART Pro-Collagen Complex.12 Serum is particularly beneficial for smoothing, penetrating and helping those deeper lines.

  • This serum, formulated with 12 specialised algae, targets multiple signs of ageing and provides our skin with an intense boost of Hyaluronic acid; the golden key to excellent results. As we grow “better, not younger” our skin thins and this type of serum supports the skin’s structure.

  • I have been using this serum every morning and evening before my regular moisturiser.  1 to 2 pumps onto the fingertips are enough to cover my face, neck and décolleté. In the evening I have been wearing the serum alone as I find I wake up feeling like my skin has really had a superb treat overnight. It’s also not heavy to sleep in.

Who Doesn't Want To Be Ultra Smart? on vickiarcher.com

What about the eyes?

Eye creams and gels have always been a bit of a trial for me. Sensitivity and feel; I don’t like too much around my eyes. The ULTRA SMART Pro-Collagen Eye Treatment Duo have been working on my puffy problem and the evening eye cream is very soothing. Again, the texture and scent suit me.

I needed a new serum and I am so delighted with this one from ELEMIS. It works beautifully with all my other favourites and is giving my skin a well-needed boost. As much as I am trying to follow my own advice, I don’t always.

If there were one beauty product I could not live without it is a serum. My desert island question? Yes, the answer is serum. xv

For UK readers: Receive a complimentary  15-minute Age-Defying Facial with ULTRA SMART Touch. Quote “ULTRA REWARD” when booking. Offer valid in participating John Lewis and Harvey Nichols stores only until 31st May 2019. Pre-booking is essential. One treatment per customer, not valid in conjunction with any other retail promotions.

For US readers, this product is available with AfterPay on elemis.com to allow for split payments over time.

Let’s Be “Ultra Smart”

ELEMIS ULTRA SMART Pro-Collagen Complex.12 serum ||  ULTRA SMART Pro-Collagen Eye Treatment Duo

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Philippa Thomson

I think the first photograph of you is beautiful, Vicki. A lovely smile and the soft focus is charming. And my background is as a picture editor, so I’ve viewed many many photographs! Philippa


Vicki, I do hope you don’t change and I am able to recognise you, shake your hand and introduce myself when I’m in St Remy, as I am now!! I wouldn’t want to embarrass some unsuspecting stranger!!!


Good morning, beautiful!

First of all, your hair. Oh my, what a work of art. You not only have been patient to let it grow, but you have obviously been caring for it with the best of products that you have wisely chosen. I’m proud to report my hair is growing beautifully too! Well, I think I’m learning something very important here; I’ve been stuck in a skin care routine, mainly because it’s been working all these years. Approaching 61 on April 23, my skin is still youthful, clear, shining and healthy. However, I do agree with you that it may be a healthy choice to give my skin a break from the routine and try something new. I did try a serum once that I actually like, and I don’t know why I stopped. Here’s to another try! Thanks, Vicki!


Thank you so much, Anita… you made my morning!
I’ve had a crazy day so far and it’s only 10am .. :)
I’m sure your hair looks fab…

As for the skincare.. this serum is really working for me, especially with my Rich Cream… so try it when you can :) You don’t need to use much so a bottle should last for quite a time. My “cost per wear” theory.. ;) ;)

Linda Schilling

I’m turning 61 also, on April 21, so I’m just that little bit older! Happy Birthday, Anita.

Linda B Kerr

I understand cost per wear, but when I think of what else I could buy with $325.00! (Shoes, a couple of nights in St. Remy….) wow! I will stick to the stuff I am using (glycolic acid, prescription 0.1% retinol, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and lots of sunscreen). But for those who can afford it…go for it.


Whatever works Linda… You sound like you have it covered… and yes, come to St Remy :) :)


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