16 Oct 2015

Who Doesn’t Wear Sneakers?

fashion week and sneakers, vickiarcher.com

Who doesn’t wear sneakers?

After these past few fashion weeks it would seem that sneakers are the shoes of choice not only by the fashionistas but also on the runway. Flats in all styles made a big statement and sneakers in particular.

Every designer has either collaborated with sports brands or created their own line of sneakers.

fashion week and sneakers, vickiarcher.comfashion week and sneakers, vickiarcher.com































I never thought I would wear a tailored dress with a pair of Stan Smith sneakers, but I am. As I write I am wearing this Max Mara dress with my white sneakers. I felt like dressing up this morning but not overly, as today is a day in the office.

Honestly, I love this whole sneaker trend right now and for once a style statement is ageless and comfortable.

Which sneakers?

Once a trend becomes established it becomes hard to decide which ones are the right ones.

Where I am sitting, the sneakers we want are not necessarily the designer styles. Yes, of course they are totally gorgeous and covetable. Who wouldn’t want them? When there is an opportunity to buy a good basic, I take it.

Save our powder for the big guns.

fashion week and sneakers, vickiarcher.com

If you cannot resist the Golden Goose, then don’t.

The Golden Goose sneaker range is probably the coolest sneaker around right now. I am sticking with the Adidas and the Converse; scuffing them up a little will have to do.

That’s my plan, xv.

The Sneakers Edit

adidas stan smith  //   ***adidas originals  //  ***adidas originals stan smith  //  classic chuck taylor

can’t resist?

common projects achilles sneaker  // golden goose deluxe

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I think your photos did it for you :)
It seems like boots or Uggs are my daily wear , here in the outer reaches of NY State but hopefully that will change in the near future.
The shoes and the location :)


I for one am very sad to see the sneaker with everything trend in France. It’s odd, because it was a trend in the States that took hold through the 80’s and 90’s but thankfully seems to have died. France is usually ahead of the fashion curve, but not on this one. No one will ever convince me that this is a good look, even on the gorgeous, young women shown in Vicki’s post.

Here, unless they are casually dressed you will see female pedestrians in attractive flat boots, slip one, loafers and ballet flats.

Don’t get me wrong, I ADORE my Converse sneaks. I have navy low tops and black Chuck Taylor’s, but I wear them strictly with casual clothes like khakis and jeans.


I agree with Michelle, I’m not a huge fan of sneakers with everything either. I can love the look on very young women, but not so much on their older sisters.{ don’t hate me}. I love a dressier flat with skirts of all kinds. Not many women can carry off the sneaker look with grace and style. Sorry.????


Don’t be … :)
It’s fun to exchange ideas and style notes… That’s the best part.. :)

Cathy Wong

Michelle has summed it up well for me too….I’m in Canada, a rural area, and EVERYONE , for decades, has worn sneakers, not in a lovely stylish way, so perhaps I’ve become “conditioned” to this. I have a few pairs of Tretorn (from J Crew) and Converse (grey)and wear them with casual, sometimes a dressier element, but overall casual. Having said this-Vicki you’re a great example of making something your own and giving it your own chic spin.
Here’s something from “footwear history.com”-has also biased me against the sneaker look since the mid-eighties: “The athletic shoe craze was not restricted to men. In 1980, a New York City Transit strike prompted thousands of women to don their running shoes and, high-heeled pumps in hand, walk to work. This phenomenon out-lasted the strike and, for most of the decade, one could see a woman in a perfectly tailored power suit wearing a pair of Reebok running shoes.”


The main reason I wear sneakers is for comfort. Of course you want them to be good looking on your feet. Despite whatever may be “trending” at any given moment, I prefer Nike. The fit for me is always perfect. You can have a subtle gray, white or colored pair. The best part is knowing your feet and legs are properly supported. I run every day on trails, so having a pair of trail runners for exercise & other styles for the city work very well!


Vicki I can see the response is not positive on this fashion statement. I also wear sneaker, however only with my workout/walking gear! If I am dressing nicely (casual) , I want a flat, ballet, or even a great loafer.

The Arts by Karena


I love driving mocs. More casual than flats, less casual than sneakers. Sometimes too casual, but comfort is key.

Ivy Lane

Although the Golden Goose has a great selection, I must draw the line at $100! Stan Smith works for me!! Lots of great styles to choose from in your “Sneakers Edit”…!

Thanks for sharing!


Terri Symington, The Countrypolitan

The sneaker with skirts reminds me of Jr. And sr. High school days in the 60’s…back when we wore a gym “uniform” with the required white sneaker. If we were running late redressing for our next class, we would sometimes keep our sneakers on…not intended to be a fashion statement…

Mimi Gregor

I, too, am not a fan of the sneaker. I have a pair of all-black Converse high-tops left over from my Goth phase… but I only wear them with the most casual of outfit. With a skirt, if I want a flat, comfortable shoe, I will wear a ballet flat. Skirts and sneakers are just too much of a throwback to the 1980’s in my mind. What next — those little bow ties that women used to wear with their “power suits”?


As a former working woman in an office environment for 35 years I can tell you what I did. Every morning driving into the city during my last 10 years of working I wore sneakers. After parking in a parking garage and going down 5 flights of stairs and then the walk to the office it really took it’s toll on both my feet and my shoes. So I decided to do the NYC thing and carry my expensive work shoes in my tote. One morning I had to laugh – a very good friend of mine pulled up in her Corvette and wearing a fur coat – and sneakers! I still remember this over 20 years ago.

I would like to add that this past summer taking a driving trip I wore one of my casual short knit dresses – in black – my favorite denim jacket – and my white sneaks. My husband told me I looked sporty – at least it was comfortable!


Hi Vicki,
I do agree with the majority of the comments here – sneakers are great but only for exercising or very casual wear. I did wear sneakers with a mini skirt in the early seventies. I don’t know if it was a trend then or not, I just liked the look. ????

Katherine Howden

I like the look on others but not on myself. It just doesn’t seem to work for me.


I am happy to see the sneaker trend right now it’s different fun and most of all comfortable and for French women, enjoy it while it lasts! Your feet will thank you.


Conmuters shouldn’t be afraid of sneakers. You can always carry an extra pair of flats or shoes in your bag.


I used to dress down my summer dresses with Keds, and loved them. Nowadays, they’re not so comfy and I do wear a straight skirt with a pair of comfy silver Coverse. And this next autumn I plan to dress down my leather skirt with a pair of Stan Smiths. Wish my luck! BTW, I live in Buenos Aires Argentina.


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