30 Apr 2021

Who Feels Like A Re-invention?

Who Feels Like Reinvention on vickiarcher.com

The pandemic has changed more than the obvious.

It has altered the way of thinking for many of us.

Some of us want re-invention, some want to live like it’s our last chance and others want to quieten down and smell the roses.

I am going to embrace all of the above because I do feel very differently about much since Covid has reared its ugly head. There is much I don’t wish to continue with and much I want to try and why I absolutely love the idea of re-invention. We can reinvent at any age as long as we have the will, the energy, and the enthusiasm. There is no such thing as NO in my repertoire; I simply don’t accept it. Yes, I am realistic and reasonable but as I have always said I am going forwards to my future better, not younger.

This Sunday at 5 pm UK time I will be chatting about all this on Insta Live with Sharon Santoni @sharonsantoni is her account name – if there is any question, in particular, you would like us to cover, please email or leave a response here.

Like so many my focus has turned inwards and I am evaluating how I want to spend my time and who I wish to spend it with. The “who” remains very much the same but the “how” is where I notice the greatest changes. Switching paths and falling into the habit of doing the same because it feels comfortable and has a natural flow honed over time is easy. The courage comes in making a new direction possible. I’m still figuring mine out but I have many ideas and I know one will make its way to the front of the queue. It has before and trusting my instincts makes me believe it will again.

Do you believe in re-invention? Will you? Have you? xv

Re-Invention: More Like A Re-Interpretation

i love the idea of the masculine/feminine mix

this weekend’s outfit is going to be the pretty and floaty blouse teamed with the classic levi style blue denim

popover cotton  ||  crochet cotton  ||  floral applique  ||  pussybow tie  ||  balloon sleeves  ||  shirred sleeve  ||  mousseline floral  ||  floral ruffle

favourite and best fit jeans

perfect vintage raw hem  ||  perfect vintage  ||  curvy summer weight  ||  redone ankle stovepipe  ||  high waist crop  ||  white jean

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I am so excited for Sunday with you and Sharon. Looking forward to the possibilities of reinvention and how to have the courage to “tackle” it!
It goes without saying but worth repeating; your “thoughts”so beautifully written have been a lovely addition to my day during this COVID lockdown. You, David and Le Petit Bijou have a very special place in my ❤️! Big Hugs!

Linda B

For me personally, the past 23 months have been wave after wave of altering circumstances–I retired. . .became a grandmother. . . lost my mother. . . the pandemic hit us all. . . moved from our house of 31 years to a condominium. . .lost my father. . .and now we have the reemerging into the slowly growing new version of post-pandemic normalcy! I have certainly learned how to go with the flow way more than before, when everything was so predictable!

Part of that has been feeling my way, gradually, into a whole new sartorial direction. Or perhaps I should call it a range. One huge anchor is denim (which of course used to be relegated to weekend wear when I was working.) Whether it is with a blouse or tee is up to my mood or tasks for the day. I loved checking out all your selections above. . . .If I can, I will tune in on Sunday!


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