9 May 2019

Who Says They Aren’t Collectable?

Who Says They Aren't Collectable? on vickiarcher.com

I tried resisting but it’s not working.

Shoes are like that; they are either a girl’s best friend and a can’t-live-without or they don’t do it for you.

They have always been my great love, along with a good handbag – they still are. As a child, I was obsessed with shoes and bags to the detriment of my dolls, according to my mother. I collect them, cherish them more than I probably ever wear them but it is all part of the passion. These from Balenciaga are as bold as they are beautiful and comfortable to wear. My biggest problem? Which pair to love?

The kittens are cute and the black slingbacks work with everything but the red; now we are talking. They are a dream red and when wearing all black, how could I go wrong? Like a slick of vibrant lipstick, they do the work for me.

I don’t normally go for a visible label but on these, I’m mad about it. The double “B” reminds me of a vintage label or design but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Any ideas?

Who Says They Aren't Collectable? on vickiarcher.com

Who Says They Aren't Collectable? on vickiarcher.com

Shoes like these are an investment and so they need to not only pull out all the stops but also be collectable. Pointy toes and flats are very much my things, like kitten heels, so as pieces to keep I know they will have longevity in my wardrobe. The tough choice is which pair?

Who Says They Aren't Collectable? on vickiarcher.com

I’ve been browsing Nordstrom and their beautiful shoe collections – they have everything and more we could possibly covet – but I remain committed to these. There are others, many others to do the same work, but I’m stuck. Something else will have to go.

The only decision left? Which ones?

I’m thinking it has to be the red pair. xv

These Are My Idea Of Collectable.

red bb slingback flat  ||  bb pointy toe mule  ||  black bb slingback flat

when sense prevails ;)

sigerson morrison pale melon and sunflower  ||  perry mule  azalia and sunshine  ||  lulah mule ||  eliza embellished mule

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I LOVE a good pair of shoes and I will wear them until they fall apart! I have a collection and like you mentioned, I may not even wear them, but use them for photo shoots, speaking of which, how I’d love to photograph you. Maybe one day, if we happen to meet, we could meet up for a session.

These luxurious beauties are stunning on you!


That would be fun although I am not a very good model… ask my girls… most reluctant .. but with you, it would be the best fun… so count me in :) :)

Sharon W

The black version of the shoe reminded me of the BIBA logo. I’m trying to embrace trainers as I like the youthful fun element they bring to an outfit, but my heart belongs to kitten heels haha


It’s ok to have “multiple” loves … when it comes to shoes :)

Jenny Barton

Aged 13, I bought my very first pair of ‘grown up shoes’ with pocket money – black, with a pointy toe and a kitten heel. When I got home, I paraded in front of my parents, and my father took a look and said ‘Good heavens, I though for a moment you were wearing skis’. Never been able to wear a pointy toe since, and these are extreme.


I love being “extreme” .. ha ha… I’m sure my father would be rolling his eyes but he did get used to my choices over time :) :)

Linda B

Such beauties! I definitely see you in the red ones. . . I can tell from what you said that the spark of that gorgeous hue is what you crave at the moment. Looking at all the links, I somehow had that same spark with the azalea mules. Shoe love is real thing, though I can’t figure out why!


Go for the red! They are oh so sexy! I wear a lot of black and find a red heel is just what I need to elevate my outfit from boring to striking.

Dawn Solich

Red! You’ll wear it with the best LBD, denim, white jeans with a beautiful blouse or blazer. I love this razor-sharp point. Is it difficult to walk in? I find sometimes the toe catches as I’m walking and then it’s scuffed.


No, it’s easy and as they are flat there shouldn’t be a problem scuffing…


cherish them more than I probably ever wear them….same my concerns, also they are
an expensive model. I spend money for good shoes you can wear also next season or longer but it would not be worth for me to pay a fortune for shoes they are out
of fashion next year. I have heard that the angular toecap will come /or is already in fashion. Anyway I like the BB kitten heels because of the cutout.


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