15 Aug 2013

Who’s Following Who

Ines de la Fressange Collage - Vicki Archer

Twice in two days.

I am worried that the very gorgeous Ines de la Fressange will think that I am following her.

We seem to share a love of the flea market at Villeneuve-les-Avignon and the village of Saint Rémy de Provence.

Her photographs don’t do her justice. They miss her natural beauty, her Parisian flair and her timeless elegance. It certainly helps that she is very tall and super slim, but aside from that her dress sense is all that you read about and that she promotes in Parisian Chic.

I don’t know her at all, but I admire her. I think she is the real deal.

Ines de la Fresange is a big fan of the leather jacket.

She wears her ‘biker stye’ often and considers it one of the wardrobe essentials. The leather jacket has become a classic. Who would have thought?

We have talked about biker chic and of all the jackets I have bought over the years, I would say that my leather jacket has probably been the best investment of all. I wear it with everything (you can read how much I love it at Trust Your Style) with dresses, skirts and tee-shirts, jeans and trousers.

The leather jacket is the best travelling piece and whatever I am wearing, it makes me feel that bit smarter, xv

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karen in ct

.. oh gosh, what a site .. I agree totally that she would just be so interesting to watch … her grace and style beyond pictures must be captivating … at this point, you would be so in bounds to strike up a conversation.

Short of that you could just say hi as you casually are shopping around her .. the next meeting or the one after that maybe a few more words would be exchanged … or does she keep her body language unapproachable?

Karen in CT

Anita Rivera

She is a beauty whether she is tall and slim or of a smaller stature; any woman who exudes confidence is all right by me. Thank you for the daily French shot of elegance dearest Vicki. Anita

Barnali Guha

Ines de la Fresange is the IT girl. There is something about the french actresses/model that make you turn your heads. Laetitia Costa,Juliet Binoche, Marion Cotillard, Brigitte Bardot, Princess Caroline, Catherine Deneuve (triple heart her) that girl from Amelie.. I am sure there are women from other countries that are just as beautiful but the French ladies have a sporty elegance. Like they did not have to try so hard to get that perfect hair and they never look overly made up.


I think you have made a great observation…’sporty elegance’… is so true… and yes, they are very rarely overdone…

La Contessa

How fun to see her walking about your local FLEAS!I read her book PARISIAN CHIC and made notes!!!Most likely I read her book because you suggested it!I must pull it out again………..re-read the HI~LIGHTS!Seems like your enjoying your summer VICKI………….mine is flying by here in the STATES.


If I worked out how many times I have worn mine over the time I think it would prove to be one of my better ones… :)


Dying to know, what was she wearing (besides leather jacket) when you saw her? I love her style and elegance.


The first time… capri pants with a teeshirt and school boy style blazer… very cute… and the second jeans, sandals and a longish shirt with the jacket… :)


I LOVE her too…timeless style and elegance…why don’t you say Hi, Vicki…and ask for an interview…you never know…she would adore your blog she is a lady of style and you exude it! Next time you see her……:-)

Greet Lefèvre

Dear Vicki,
Ines is a wonderful woman! I admire her too!! Love her style and the person she is! A few weeks ago I saw a beautiful TV documentary of Ines.
Thank you for this post!


I do love a classic biker jacket – mine just happens to be bright blue! Despite the color it still manages to go with everything. I can’t wait for the weather to cool down so I can pull it out again.

miss b

Inès de la Fressange is someone who I have admired for so long and I can just imagine that she is even more stunning, natural and stylish just wandering around the market! Her Parisian Chic book is one of the best style guides and she certainly knows how to wear the classic biker jacket too.


Hi Vicky… I’ve just discovered you.. shame on me… but although Ines is definetely an icon for me too…I guess she was admiring youuuu!!! Yeahhh

Well so happy I found you, have a lovely day and we



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