8 Apr 2021

Why Not Be Contradictory?

Why Not Be Contradictory? on vickiarcher.com

Let’s – I think we are allowed.

We have talked colour – the yellows and pinks in particular – and we will come back to them but what about our all white spread? I like the multi tones of whites, winter and spring, especially jeans and a pretty shirt or sweater. A blouse with a little detail and a cotton sweater with a bit of detail – even throw both on together for texture.

This gorgeous boutique on Portobello Road next to a great restaurant called Gold inspired me to look at the whites in my wardrobe. The shabby-chic nature of this establishment has me looking forward to the whiter side of fashion.

Blending is what style and fashion talk right now.

It seems to be about a mix of everything – the formal against the informal and the silk against the linen. What was once considered quirky or “not for me” is high on our fashion agenda. I have worn my save-it-for-best-dress with my least fancy trainers and my voluminous silk blouse with my sweats. Why not add rubber boots into the mix; I have seen a lot of that and am sorely tempted.

Check out the Cavendish Blue and the Dark Olive colour ways for fun.

There is a negative to wearing light everything apart from attracting the messy and that’s the psychological. When I wear lighter colours and in particular the neutrals I need to be feeling my trimmest. This is totally ridiculous and unnecessary but it is my truth.

I need to get over that or stop eating pasta for lunch ;) Both might be the answer and this would help. xv

Let’s Be Contradictory

cool and contrary

puffed sleeve  ||  lace trim  ||  gigot sleeve   ||  ruffle sleeve  ||  balloon sleeve  ||  smocked cotton

warm and wistful

cable knit cotton  ||  v neck cashmere  ||  all in favor ribbed  ||   cotton & cashmere crew  ||  pom pom

fun with

straight leg overalls  ||  high waist jeans  ||  oversized trench  ||  nike whites

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image, katrina phillips portobello road notting hill

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I am also reconsidering the whites in my wardrobe! I think you are spot on here by using the textures and tones of white from this boutique; I used to just look at white clothing as a flat, untextured and colorless hue but now that I think of it, a bit of lace, a bit of sheer and maybe even a tattered skirt here and there could add a lot of interest! Oh, I’m just itching to get done with these winter sweats and start wearing light and beautiful in the sunshine!


I like the mix and match in fashion and interior but I also take care not to overdo. Silk and linen is super chic but perhaps not with rubber boots. I am also for a good colour mix. It’s all fun but it should never look messy (as perforated jeans)


Some lovely items here Vicki. It’s been very odd trying to think of what I’d like to wear when I can meet my family for a lunch (albeit outside!) I’ve still loved jumpers and in particular a roll neck but I’ve actually gone for some brighter colours so moved out of the ‘navy blue club’!! I have some rubber ankle boots (or wellies!)! Mine are floral but I just use in the garden but do love them. I’m also so excited as meeting 5 girlfriends tomorrow for a picnic in the parklands of a stately home. Unfortunately it’s so cold that it will still be jumpers, boots and down jacket along with blankets! But just so looking forward to seeing them all. Hope you’ve got the opportunity to meet with good friends. x

Linda B

I do love the whites too! I think I was in high school when I consciously realized how flattering they were (especially against a tan in summer, back in the day when I was going at least weekly to the beaches of southern California. What we didn’t know then!) I still love wearing white. I am also chuckling because it is not the most practical color around small children–and I’ll be spending a lot of the coming summer helping my daughter with her two year old and a new baby. That doesn’t stop me from coveting in particular the puffed sleeve white top by Ulla Johnson you’ve linked to.


Linda, am I to presume you’ve knitted lots of items for your grandchildren along with your personal masterpieces for yourself? How talented you are with knitting! Maybe when I have grandchildren I will put a concerted effort into knitting then!!! Best wishes Linda


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