22 Sep 2011

Wisdom: According To The New Yorker

These clever words of wisdom from the illustrator Robert Leighton struck a chord with me.

How easy it is to live life behind the screen and at the tap of a key.

An amusing but gentle reminder, xv.

illustration by robert leighton from the new yorker 

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Hi Vicki, This is so true. I have decided (as of last week) to structure my "screen time" to a specific time limit every day as I am lured by its draw and fully realize how addictive this wonderful little toy/tool can be. Have a wonderful week. Mary


Gentle, yes. Amusing, definitely. Most of us need this from time to time.

My former husband's daughter has arrived in Agen for a one year teaching assignment … how lucky is she?


How very true, and how very sad too.
It's beginning to turn into Fall here, we are all so happy. Even had rain 3 days in a row, this has not happened since January. Thank you, Father.


I love it! It makes me a little sad when I catch public transport and see so many people who are missing the little moments because they are busy on their screens. A creative brain needs to be awake and aware and the internet (as wonderful as it can be) can send us all to sleep. xx

Shell Sherree

Fabulous, and too true for my comfort! It can be a challenge to keep it all in balance. That old adage about how we won't look back on our lives and think, "I wish I'd spent more time at work," can be transferred over to the internet nowadays, I suspect.

this is Belgium

Love it and enjoy all these comments
A dilemma, isn't it..
so many interesting things in the virtual world..
when I look at my neighbor across the street, who almost never leaves his place in front of the computer, in a tall apartment building I always wonder whether he might be 'talking' to someone who lives next to him or around the corner..
and for now, no more computer time for me tonight

Erica - HiP Paris

It is so hard to find the right balance b.w work, play, computer, and getting out and about. Today I went for a cappuccino, a walk, to a museum and to visit a friend. Now I must spend 6 hours at least working at the computer. Then I will go out with friends this evening. Trying to make it all fit together.

à la parisienne

This sketch is alarmingly true…It's funny sometimes we live our lives SO we can blog about them…Another strange curve that technology has thrown into our lives.

Thank you for sharing.



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