24 Feb 2015

I Wish My Wardrobe Looked Like Kate Moss’s


I do wish my wardrobe looked like Kate Moss’s.


All those delicious bags lined up ready for an outing. What is it about bags and shoes that gets us girls hyper excited? Maybe the same can be said for men and fast cars? Or watches? Men seem to have a thing for watches, don’t they?

I won’t pretend that I don’t love a shoe and a bag. I always have and I always will. I know that they aren’t important in the grand scheme of life, but sometimes it’s not all about the big.

I don’t know about you, but a new bag or a pair of shoes can do wonders for my spirits. Silly, yes but it is the truth. Kate Moss obviously feels the same.

Fashion week has me thinking about the season ahead and the additions I wish to make to my wardrobe. In London and in New York I have noticed that flats are out in force, even worn on the front line, to the catwalk shows. If it’s not sneakers, it’s pointed toes, embellishments and ankle straps.

I’m applauding.



The other item that is de-rigeur is the cross body bag.

The shoulder strap is here to stay. Lately, I have seen the cross body accompanying the bucket bag and the tote. I like that idea; the essentials at hand and the rest by my side. Streamline, you say? I try but it’s impossible.

As someone who carries their life with them at all times, I’m in for a new crossbody bag.

This morning I have been perusing my favourites online at Nordstrom. It’s tough to edit down to a few looks and styles but I have been influenced by fashion week and the stylistas to update my flats and cross body bags.

This doesn’t mean for a moment that I’m giving up the heels or the handbag; just taking a small fashion detour… xv

In The Wardrobe À La Kate Moss

flat out

jimmy choo alina  //  **valentino rockstud double ankle strap  //  valentino ballerina rockstud  //  **phillip lim morgan sneaker

cross over

**valentino camera cross body //  rockstud cross body  //  **chloe drew  //  alexander wang marion prisma  //  mark cross grace

never say never to a heel 

**jimmy choo lapris pointy toe   // ** jimmy choo lusion  //  dolce&gabbana lace mary jane pump *sigh*

image of kate moss’s wardrobe vogue.co.uk

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Only today I was thinking I had too many handbags and what did I need them all for……then I saw your post and realised that my number of bags is really quite modest. I shall now put them guilt free back in the cupboard.

Gigi Thibodeau

I’m thrilled to hear that about both flats and cross body bags, Vicki! During the warmer months, I have been obsessively wearing the Frye Regina flats with the very pointy toes. My favorites are in red. They are incredibly comfortable, and I don’t think you can beat them for looks with a pair of black leggings or rolled up boyfriend jeans. I pretty much only carry cross body bags. I feel like they fit everything I need, stay put and secure, are the best for traveling, and I can walk for miles in a pair of gorgeous flats with my cross body bag slung over my shoulder. I’m with you about a new bag or a new pair of shoes–or better yet, both! ;)


Yes … I don’t know why they are such a tonic Gig… but they are! I am happy to wear teh same jeans or black pants forever if I can mix it up with a litt;e fancy footwear.. :)
Your flats sound very cute…


With such a successful fashion career I can only imagine her clothing cupboards, Karena… :)
Maybe one day her pieces will be archived…


…….yes I recall those ‘hyper exciting days’ of men and fast cars!!!
OOOPS! I just re-read your sentence, ha ha!

I love shoes too – but don’t buy as many as I used to, just buy better ones. . . . . . and they have to be comfy from the get go, no waiting for them to break in – that often never happens.
Kate can keep all those bags, no envy from here, too many choices. I treated myself to one new bag this winter, a black tote style from Cole Hahn – lovely sturdy leather and quality hardware – goes perfectly with everything from morning to night.

Happy day Vicki.
Mary x


Choice is a tricky thing, Mary… but I wouldn’t mind a closer peak at some of her beauties… :)

Donna clark

I’ve never understood the appeal of Kate Moss as a model. She is not a classic beauty, but rarely are the models today. These are way too many bags but I imagine she is given all her clothes and bags and shoes. Such is the life.


Having just moved from Provence, where so much of this would work, to Lower Normandy/Brittany, where it seems silly–I am now in search of practical style! I love flats, though, and they work here in farm country. Today was sunny, then it rained it torrents–three times! My favorite boots are wellies, for today…

Cathy Wong

WOW! It does rather take my breath away…the colours, sizes, textures, everything! and I love this: “lined up ready for an outing”…all seems so glamorous.
I completely agree that a new bag or shoes lifts my spirits…and gives a lift to so many old reliables.


Although very beautiful and covetous, I have concerns about the unrealistic expectations this is sending to women. Aren’t we downsizing and recycling? Why are we encouraging supermodel wastage?

The Enchanted Home

Wow I thought I had a lot of bags…geez she puts me to shame:) I should show my husband this post..then he will realize my obsession with them is not so bad afterall:)


Isn’t that the height of nonchalance! Cramming all those glorious bags helter skelter onto her shelves. For most of the rest of us, if we were lucky enough to have just one Hermes Kelly crocodile or similar we’d treat it to careful conservation measures. But of course most of Kate’s are probably gifts from the great houses so she hasn’t had to scrimp and save or max out her credit card for them.
As I walk with a stick and need a free hand have been wearing flats and cross body bags for some years, so how nice to know I’m now a la mode! Mulberry make some good cross bodies, including the Alexa. Remember when I was young how little I needed to carry – it would all fit in one small clutch. Now as well as sunglasses there are reading glasses, two wallets (one for credit cards the other for all the loyalty and membership cards) smart phone, mini camera, make-up kit, coin purse, comb, handkerchief, pen and odd bits and pieces. Then there is the fold-up umbrella and the pashmina, even in summer, in case air conditioning is fierce. Kate can get away with a clutch because she probably needs only one card, the black AMEX, and she doesn’t need loyalty or membership cards because she’s a celeb. Maybe she has contacts (lenses) too.
But I’m all for the smallish cross body and a light weight tote for pashmina, brolly and make-up kit. It has to be non-girly so can pass to hubby if I need to. Have my eye on a Goyard check for next time we’re in Paris, light and chic, but so expensive, sigh. Best wishes, Pamela

Lesley Hughes

I am in the middle of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying” by Marie Kondo and all I could see was too much. Is there hope for me? Best wishes

Donna De Luca

You wish you had a wardrobe like Kate Moss….I wish I had a body like Kate Moss!!!!!


As in clothes, I find I have my favourite go to purses. Yet, I still buy a couple of new ones each year and donate a couple of old. I’m trying my very best to cut down on “stuff”, so if I bring something new in, something old has to go ( most of the time). I do love a shoulder strap to free up your hands.


I recently cleaned out and organised my built in wardrobe so I can actually find my handbags and shoes. I have a stacking system with shelving which started out really well but as time went by it’s become a bit of a mess again especially when I temporarily made the built in wardrobe our “safe room” when we were preparing for the cyclone which thank goodness had died down by the time it reached us as a wind gust. Unfortunately those north of us were hit badly. Luckily nobody was fatally injured.
After seeing Kate Moss’s collection of handbags I can only imagine how many clothes she has. I don’t feel so bad at not cleansing my closet as often as I should.


One day Vicki, one day you will have a Kate Moss wardrobe, which is absolutely amazing! All those bags, errr yes please.


Love this post! I have quite the collection of handbags myself, not quite as many as Kate Moss. But I would never store them as Kate Moss has done. All my bags are stored neatly in their designated dust covers. Really good handbags can be passed down from generation to generation. (Another reason to take very good care of them.)


Hi there Vicki

Ive always liked Kate. Im the girl that roots for the little scrappy kid to win and Kate always comes back bigger better and stronger. Sadly, her handbag closet is really letting her down. It reminds me of a toy cupboard of greedy spoiled child who could have whatever they wanted, just because they could and didnt care if the dolly’s head fell off, shed just get another one. I now feel sad for all those beautiful and expensive bags squished together like cattle to market, nothing looks treasured. I save, mull over, have ‘an in store fondle!’, go home and mull over again before I buy my much adored bag. Its brought home, carefully looked after, cooed over and loving stored away till it comes out to play again. This has just made me feel a little sad.

Ruthie x


I’m thinking of taking some bags out of my closet. I’ll give them to my daughters! I have a few favorite favorite bags that make me feel like a million bucks. I am not changing bags that often. I’m really downsizing my closet so I only have things I feel great in. It’s easier I think to pack, dress and look and feel great when there is less in your closet. I miss things sometimes but it’s fun to replace a few things with new each year. Besides fashion changes! Even basics. It must be nice to be Kate I think?


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