29 Aug 2011

with just a touch of the violet…

Figs, just picked from the tree and ready to eat….not too ripe…not too green…
Served bruschetta style, slightly caramelised with a dab of soft goat cheese and a dribble of lavender honey…with a salad or as an apero….
Figs… another  luscious taste and heavenly scent of the Provencal summer…..

image – vicki archer

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Jacqueline @ HOME

One of my favourite things Vicki. Our neighbours used to have a really old and very large fig tree but, they moved, the house was demolished and a new one built and, the fig tree went too !! I couldn't believe it ! XXXX

helen tilston

Hello Vicki

That is exactly what I would enjoy for breakfast. If I lived next door to you, I would be guilty of robbing your orchard but in return I would paint a picture of the missing fruit.
Have a glorious day
Helen xx


Timely post! Just bought my first fresh figs (ever) at Whole Foods on Friday. Cut each in half, stuffed with goat cheese, wrapped in bacon and broiled. Yummy. Will try bruscheeta you suggest tonight.

Guessing, even from Whole Foods here in Chicago suburbs, these figs don't hold a candle to yours. Liike me getting fresh tomatoes from a friend's garden as opposed to getting them anywhere else (even from a farmers market they don't come close to straight from the home garden). Thanks.


The figs look luscious. They are my favorite fruit to eat and to have in the form of carved Tuscan marble. Your photograph would make a beautiful painting.
Best, Victoria


These are gorgeous. You know, I have never eaten a fig (OK, my grandma used to give me Fig Newton cookies when I was little, but I don't think that counts…)

I may have to remedy that situation, and soon. Love the honey drizzle and the chevre accompaniment suggestions!

à la parisienne

I've never eaten fresh fig as they are not usually available at our local grocery stores; however, I have recently purchased a lavender and rosemary infused honey, and it is my new favorite thing to add to foods…I also love bruschetta. Perhaps I should attempt this combination with another fruit…pear perhaps???

Bonne semaine,


Vicki, how wonderful to have those delicious fresh figs avaiable ….and with goat cheese, yum!

Art by Karena

Shell Sherree

How beautiful, Vicki. I'll have to wait somewhat for fresh figs here, but I'll be trying them with your suggestion of goats cheese and lavender honey drizzle when the time is ripe.


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