16 Jan 2019

Words And Wishes For 2019

Words And Wishes 2019 on vickiarcher.com

Words and wishes are my way into this New Year.

Not resolutions.

Resolutions almost set me up for failure; if I find one “word” to symbolize my goals for the coming year, I am on the path to success. A resolution has little wiggle room and as individuals, we deserve a little leeway.

I propose we choose one word to steer us in the direction we wish to follow and as for the rest, we do the very best we can.

Our holiday in Venice was magical.

The lost suitcase with all my Christmas cheer arrived with hours to spare and more importantly, we were together. Venice is special any time, add in your very best team and it is a dream come true. Palazzo Papadopoli, Aman Venice spoilt us to beyond and back, so much so, it was difficult to leave at all. It is, without a doubt, one of my most favourite places to stay in the world. Luxury with a familial ambience is perfection.

The word for this year?

I have traversed many a word; there has been no, yes, courage, brave, moderation and commitment from memory.

How does it work?

I reflect on the year or years past and the qualities, habits or patterns I don’t wish to encourage. They are not necessarily game changers or life altering but for me, they matter. I want to focus on one emotion, a unique feeling or a single action; that’s enough. From a single-minded thought, much can happen.

This year my word is instinct.

I am going to trust my instinct and let it do its thing. That’s what instinct is, so why second-guess it?

Every time I fight it I end up in second place. Instinct is valuable and honed after many years. Mine has very rarely let me down so why not be more trusting? Instinct is closely connected with confidence; when I fail to trust myself it is only because self-confidence deserts me. Instinct, a natural reaction without belaboured thought or learning, is all ours. Good instinct is invaluable every day – emotionally, practically and financially. Emotional instinct requires the most practice, not as easy as practical instinct, but equally well deserving of attention.

I asked the gang in Venice what their word for the year ahead would be.

Doing – the 2018 word was reflection; a great partnership.

Ownership – this might well be a contender for 2020. Another word to shake the self-confidence up.

Organisation – the well-organised life, in the broad sense, changes far more than our tidiness.

Intuition – is it the partner to instinct?

Inquisitive – A brilliant way to focus on an open mind and hopefully an open heart. Curiosity is not about crossing boundaries you shouldn’t, but about being receptive.

These words are queued in my list of alternatives. What is your word for the wish list this year?

The Dream Destination

Aman Venice

Calle Tiepolo Baiamonte

1364, Palazzo Papadopoli

30125 Sestiere San Polo, Venezia VE, Italy

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Instinct… I always listen to my little voice, and it has never steered me wrong. After multiple mammograms over a six month period, physicians told me the spot they were seeing was benign, but I insisted they remove it. Two days later they did. When they lifted the benign fibrocystic tumor out… There IT was… Hiding underneath. Breast cancer. Had I not listened to my little voice, I would be dead.


Oh well done Brenda! Your ‘little voice’ has done you proud and I sincerely wish you all the best. I’ve just learnt a very important lesson from you – thank you. And if not for Vicki coming up with this fabulous ‘new word’ for us all to consider, you may not have passed on this oh so important message and reminder – to trust our instincts.
Absolutely, this will be my word for 2019. Have a great year Brenda, Vicki and all our big ‘family’!


Thank you, Sue.. and yes, I feel so fortunate every day to have you beautiful women in my life. You are an extraordinary community and I hope this year we can really engage and grow together.

Brenda… speak up any time :) Your “little voice” is golden… :) :)

Christy Foster

Hello, I noticed this in my emails.
I had pagents rare breast cancer a year ago and had removed surface area with margin and lymph nodes under arm making sure. They assured me all was gotten and in surgeons 30+ years never seen anything like this and they felt I was cancer free. I am now going for first mammogram this Friday. I’m 54 and although I will feel things or pains I still pray all is well. I’m nervous. The day a year ago when surgery Dec.2017 .
I had no support. just before that Thanksgiving I was told this news. I was hit with just hearing, devastation as if death.
Although I’m sorry ladies I have no positive attitude at this time, wish were otherwise. I currently have become overwhelmed by life to where I wanted to live a full happy one. Now I’ve been seeking someone to give me any strength to know who I am and to in short have my life make sense ,not be lonely and become confident .
I long for friends but feel unworthy.
My husband doesn’t give of his valuable time between work and our 17 year old daughters horse endeavors.
I long for love and happiness and there is so many issues in my I had thought simple life that I need to regain any assemblage of really living.thank you.id love to be anything like you lovely sounding intelligent women.blessings


Christy, take each day as it comes and let yourself look after you.

Allow yourself some room to breathe and think about you. Happiness sometimes feels elusive and so beyond our grasp but often all it takes is the time to relax a little and let it find us. Feeling happy is never a given and I know most of us will endure some unhappy/worrying periods in our lives; nobody, whoever they are, is exempt.
I know you have the answers within, let them find you… they will.

Good luck on Friday with your check up… we will be thinking of you :)

Vicki Ford

To Christy Foster,
a most precious lady in the sight of God. I understand those feelings of isolation and abandonment where you are left wandering through life and wondering it’s purpose. I relate to how that feels. In this storm, in the desert you are in, please allow me the privilege to share with you one of the most simple teachings I have clung to that has stayed my course in a challenging life.

Jeremiah 29:11

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

I do not write these words lightly, I sit here with tears falling and my heart being squeezed like grapes in the winepress – because I know that there is a battle going on and that I want every syllable of those written words to count for your benefit and for them to hit their mark and achieve their purpose for which they were first spoken.
Christy, you count and you matter. Greatly so.

Jennifer Murphy

How wonderful to sit down on this wonderful rainy Southern California morning and see your posting! I was so worried yesterday I scoured my Instagram to be sure we were still “friends” .We are — and you’re back!

Alexis McNaughton

So glad you are back! I missed you. My word for the year is : allow . I have been striving my whole life to be better, on all levels. Now it is time to allow all that hard work to do it’s thing. xx


I missed you too.. but I do talk a lot so it’s good for you to get a break ;) ;)
Yes… “allow”.. giving oneself permission is sometimes the hardest task of all… And yes I know your hard work will be well and truly rewarded…

Bev Cook

What a splendid way to begin the new year! We have started our new year in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands.
My word for the year is Refine…


Fabulous Bev… and how beautiful to be in Hawaii, that sounds like a great beginning to me :)

I love “refine’… that has some excellent applications…

Anne Campbell-Crawford

Instinct and intuition are great gifts and it takes courage to go with them. Maybe “comfortable in our choices ” could be another resolve, but then that’s a whole phrase. Thank you for your instinct Vicki in what this reader wants to hear and your intuition which goes even further to fulfillment. I hope that I am making sense and I wish you a great year in what seems to be a blissful life.
Bizzz, bizzz,


Thank you Anne… “comfortable in our choices” could perhaps be in the same vein as “acceptance” or even “allow” as Alexis suggested.
Whichever way we say it… it is a wonderful attitude and reinforcement for, my “better, not younger” philosophy.


Welcome to 2019 Vicki. This was just the prompt I needed to get the resolution on track. I had been struggling what to think of, but 1 word is a great way to remember and engage. My word is “Allow”, to be open to new things, people and all experiences, I will allow it all to come to me.

Michelle à Détroit

My word? “Radiance”. On the spiritual side, serenity, kindness, compassion and understanding can make a woman radiant at any age. On the physical side, I’ll continue to hone a good skincare regimen!


These words are fantastic! Radiance, I absolutely love that.
This year I want to connect all our chat to encourage our feeling of “better, not younger”.. everything is so interconnected and dependant on each other.


Une bien belle manière de commencer l’année… De très belles perspectives, de bons mots…
Les miens seront : surprises, soif d’envie, aventure et étonnement. La gourmandise de la vie !
Je vous souhaite plein de belles choses…

Gros bisous 🌸


Merci Martine,
Quelques mots merveilleux et tous si parfaits pour notre nouvelle année.
Surprise c’est genial! :)

Vicki Ford

Thank you so much for your post, it has gladdened my heart. I am seeking a new direction in life, and boy it’s hard right now! I am single and just turned 47. I am going to go over everyone’s words with a fine tooth comb and then let things fall into place. Thank you everone. I feel encouraged that everyone is doing life with its many tides and eddies and we are all in this together. However I would have to say my expression for this year is “Strongly Purposeful”. What I do must be streamlined and purposeful to get me to where I am going. Blessings to all your families for 2019.


“Purpose”, “purposeful” and “with purpose”… Vicki, this is a brilliant word for 2019.
I know you will find the place you are meant to be and the journey will be the amazing part :)


Good morning, Vicki! I’ve missed your posts so much this new year, but your return is with a BANG! Yes my friend, all of these words are what we need to put to use more of this year. Instinct: I believe this is a gift to each of us, and how do we nurture instinct? I think it’s by using it wisely more often. Here’s to 2019!


Happy New Year to you dear Anita,

I am sitting in my office and we are chatting about these fantastic “words’ for our year ahead.
We are brainstorming about where we want to head this year and how we want to write about this direction… exciting times ahead:)
We are very much working with our instincts.
I’m so happy to be back… :) :)


What a great start to the new year!
After some thought I have arrived at the word, Present. With all the surrounding chaos in the world I want to feel present in my day-to-day living….listening to my instinct, paying attention to the task at hand whether it is washing my face, sipping coffee, walking to the store, etc. To be present each and every waking moment!


Absolutely Jeanne,
We should all think about being “present” as much as we can… otherwise we miss too much of what can be rare and precious…


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