22 Aug 2019

It’s A Wrap And Double Wrap

It's A Wrap and Double Wrap on vickiarcher.com

I love a wrap bracelet and when it comes to bracelets I subscribe to the more is more camp. Why not? There are not so many pieces I can wear in abundance and feel ok in. When it comes to accessories it is my ideal place to have some latitude and creativity. Especially with bracelets.

I recently found these wraps from Victoria Emerson.

They are seriously fabulous; I went with the neutrals plus a little pearl and sparkle in the mix for summer. Mostly because I want to wear them with every colour  – as I see the black starting to creep back in, I am going to swap for the darker colours.

A little bit of bracelet makes me feel better; a multitude of wrap bracelets and I feel fabulous.

These beauties wrap and wrap so wearing them is easy and styling them loose or tight, not an issue. I went for broke on both wrists – that is just me – all or nothing, but they are generous enough to wear alone. The crystal designs are delicate and would look wonderful twisted tight and worn solo. Same can go for the birthstone wraps. I want to try them twisted around my ponytail too; another experiment for another day.

As much as I don’t dare admit summer is waning, it is and I am not at all ready to acknowledge this, my mind is turning to coats and jackets. These February bracelets would look amazing with any combination of black or grey I will no doubt be wearing shortly.

Victoria Emerson is a new brand for me and I wish I had known about these gorgeous wraps sooner. They are brilliant value and the finish is excellent. Seriously, they are amazing and are going to be one of the gifts I keep on giving. I am thinking these birthstone bracelets are a perfect stocking filler and obviously a fun birthday gift.

If you are in the UK, there are sale items well worth having and with these, one is simply not enough ;)

Wrap up, these are the best :) xv

All Wrapped And Ready To Go

UK site

white opal and mixed crystal   ||  freshwater pearls on ivory  ||  freshwater pearls on natural ||  large silver crystals on natural

USA site

february birthstone  ||  may birthstone  ||  january birthstone  ||  crystal ice on black  ||  midnight mist

Thank you Victoria Emerson for partnering with, It’s A Wrap and Double Wrap

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Wrap bracelets are also an innovative way to decorate small gift packages. Presents on both the outside and inside!


I adore a bracelet like these in summer also – bright, fun and a great variety. Lots about in Provence too Vicki. I’m currently wearing a lovely turquoise/jade colour with white pearls. It brightens up everything. A little fun in the sun! Good find Inspector!!


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