30 Jul 2015
More About The French Way

More About The French Way

I asked more about the French way.

I went back to the aesthetician for another prodding and pummelling of the legs and chatted with her to answer some of my questions and some of yours.

Nothing changed in that she stressed the word moderation over and over.
Her way is not about denial but the timing, quantities and combinations of how we eat.

It’s quite easy to work out from her point of view.

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29 Jul 2015
Pencil (Skirt) Me In

Pencil (Skirt) Me In

There is one piece in the wardrobe I update regularly.

The pencil skirt.

No longer a style relegated to business life, I wear the pencil skirt with a tee, with sneakers and just about anything.

One of my favourite looks is a fuller silk blouse tucked into a narrow skirt.

Alternatively, I wear a boyfriend style sweater with a narrow skirt and loafers.

Then there is always the turtleneck and heels to make me feel like a real grown up.

The last days of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale are here and it is the moment to pick up the pencils.

Sale time is not my adventurous playground; as always, I am going classical,

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27 Jul 2015
The French Way

The French Way

I find the French way fascinating.

The way the French woman thinks about diet and exercise.

I think many French women thinks about their bodies and how to get them in the best shape quite differently to the way I do.

There is an emphasis on product, machine and manipulation to contour and sculpt the body. I have always believed that consistent exercise, the type that can only be done solo, was the simple answer.

The French woman applies all three regimes together if she wants to improve and maintain her body.

Diet, exercise and body contouring sessions hold equal importance.

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22 Jul 2015
Where To Eat In Maussane-les-Alpilles

Where To Eat In Maussane-les-Alpilles

Maussane-les-Alpilles, sitting on the other side of the mountains is one of the prettiest villages in Provence.

Yes, I am biased because I am based in the Alpilles mountain area. The truth is, whether you are experiencing the Luberon or the Alpilles, Provencal villages are truly glorious.

I am spoilt and can visit restaurants out of season; summer time we tend to stay close to home. The season is busy with visitors, the heat means shade and swimming are front of mind and in general there is a laziness that consumes.

Languid, is the word I would use to describe summer.

If you are visiting Saint Rémy de Provence, then Maussane-les-Alpilles is a must. The drive that cuts through the Alpilles mountains is spectacular and there are some wonderful restaurants to enjoy.

Life in Provence would not be the same without Bistro du Paradou

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19 Jul 2015
Anniversary Highlights: The Little Black Dress

Anniversary Highlights: The Little Black Dress

How many is too many?

When it comes to the little black dress, there are never too many hanging in the wardrobe.
They can all be slightly different in design and suitable for a variety of occasions.

There is not too much to be said about the LBD, we have said it all many times over.

It is one of those fashion win/wins that we love.

Today’s edit from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale are some of the best little black dresses; classic and flattering shapes that can update or re-invent your existing wardrobe.

Sometimes I think we should start a collection of LNDs, little navy dresses but they just don’t work in the same way.

No, there are never too many of those little black dresses…

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