27 Jun 2015
Athleisure: To Wear Or Not To Wear

Athleisure: To Wear Or Not To Wear


When I heard that term I was most curious.

Athleisure is all about wearing what you work out in, out. Athleisure means stretching the comfort to last all day.

Exercise gear has become far more glamorous and everyday wear has become extremely relaxed.

When does the athlete in us take over and the everyday become about the leisure?
What if we aren’t the athletic types and our wardrobes are not kitted out with sports wear? Do we acquire the stretch and pretend?

Which makes me ask the question when do we dress athleisurely?

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25 Jun 2015
Coconut Crazy: The Beauty And Health Benefits

Coconut Crazy: The Beauty And Health Benefits

It would seem there is a trend and it is making us coconut crazy.

The more I read the more I want to go tropical; at least in the coconut sense.

Everywhere I turn I am reading the beauty and health benefits of the humble coconut.

The coconut is classified as a fruit, a nut and a seed so its potential is magnified before we even look heavenwards to the palm.

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19 Jun 2015
With Eyes Wide Open

With Eyes Wide Open

Twiggy was the definition of eyes wide open.

My eyes are not quite so wide open or so decorated but that doesn’t mean I don’t depend on a product or two.

So the false lashes may only be for special occasions and the colourful shades a distant memory but when it comes to the mascara and the brow gels I feel au courant.

I wanted to ask you something?

I have this thing about the eyebrows.
I am perfectly content to persevere with the hair growing grey (well almost, I would be fibbing if I didn’t admit to some moments of indecision) but when it comes to my eyebrows that is another story.

I cannot have grey eyebrows.

They are confronting and I am sure they frighten everyone around me if a few sneak out to play. I like the look of silver hair and dark brows; the hair is natural but the eyebrows take work.

An embarrassing admission and I would love to know if you feel the same or I am alone in my eyebrow peculiarity.

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