16 Oct 2017
Maintaining The All-Star Silver

Maintaining The All-Star Silver

Silver is the all-star grey shade I’m hopeful for.

The all over silver to be more precise and if I could dip my locks to be instantly platinum, sleek and shiny,
I might even succumb.

It’s not so easy.

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11 Oct 2017
Better Not Younger: Embrace The Invisible

Better Not Younger: Embrace The Invisible

There is a moment when we become invisible.

I remember mine.

It was a few years back and I was walking down the street with my two gorgeous daughters.
The passing male traffic did what they usually do with the exception of me. I was blanked. Not in a nasty hurtful way but in an invisible way as if I wasn’t there. I was a person no longer of visual interest. My girls took no notice, just as I once took no notice, this time I did.

I will admit it did throw me for a moment – the loss of a wink, a smile or the occasional wolf whistle – I had come of age. Shocking really! Nobody ever imagines they will become invisible to the opposite sex – partners aside of course. And yes, I am talking in generalisations here but undoubtedly when we reach a certain age there is a subtle shift.

You know what? It is the VERY BEST thing to happen to me.

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10 Oct 2017
Vogue Italia, Lauren Hutton: On Point

Vogue Italia, Lauren Hutton: On Point


Timeless for sure; fabulous forever.

Lauren Hutton has become the oldest cover girl featured on Vogue.

“It has made me feel most useful. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but it took Vogue Italia’s courage to make it true. This is a cover that can change society, because it shows a woman who is vibrant, attractive, who still laughs, and who for the first time is a woman my age.” Lauren Hutton


just like lauren

chanel 64 first light matte  || nars audacious lana

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9 Oct 2017
L’Oreal: One Way To Close The Champs Elysées

L’Oreal: One Way To Close The Champs Elysées

Yes, they did it again.

Helen Mirren and Jane Fonda were knockouts when they walked the runway for L’Oréal this past fashion week in Paris.

Ok, the truth is I didn’t adore their outfits but I absolutely adore them and their ability to shine.

They are both outstanding women and if they aren’t “better not younger” then I don’t know who is.

Bravo L’Oréal for your first runway show and for the celebration of all women.

By the way, the hair was fabulous, too.

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25 Sep 2017
Better Not Younger: Trust Your Instinct

Better Not Younger: Trust Your Instinct

Do you trust your instinct?

This philosophy of mine, “better not younger” means trusting my instinct has an important role.

Ageing hopefully means we have learned to follow our instincts and trust them.
Whenever I don’t listen to my mind, body and heart I usually regret it.

Trusting our instincts is not only a natural response but also a learned one over time.
It goes without saying our instinctive reactions should improve with age.

Self-confidence has a lot to do with instinct.

Trusting our instinct means investing in us. It means believing we have the answers at our fingertips and it also means following through.

There is no point being full of bravado without the conviction to back it up.

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