The Golden Globes… And All Those Dresses

January 16, 2013

Lots of leg… a la Angelina Jolie… this year

Many plunging necklines

Plenty of backless

A fair bit of floral

Much cream and nude… lace and embellishment

A fishtail flick or two

Loads of reveal

My vote… always Hellen Mirren

Jennifer Lopez.. sexy as always… if you have it, show it… and ‘Lady Mary’… pretty as you would imagine

Tell me… A good year at the Golden Globes for fashion… or not?? Who won your best dressed?

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  • simone says:

    Emily Blunt was the best dressed for me, everything about her look was perfect….Michelle Dockery and Kate Hudson were also fabulous for me.

    Hope you are well Vicki XX

  • No, no, no, not making me happy at all. But then again I am old-school in my Hollywood thinking–as the Globes is a dinner and not only a ceremony, why the endless sea of diregeur long gowns in varying shades of chiffon? Sigh. I did applaud Marion Cotillard and Amy Poehler for looking like themselves alll while being elegant and appropriate. Even for the Oscars, Audrey Hepburn was her most fetching in her white lace cocktail length frock…and she won too…;)

    • Vicki says:

      I have always been confused about the dress code in the day time… but that’s Hollywood and they are moments to showcase… I can’t say I loved Marion Cotillard’s dress… and I always think she is super stylish… but in truth, the girl could wear a bag and look sensational… :)

      • Oops! I’m back. I finally saw a few clips from the show and feel different now that I have seen some of the women moving in the dresses–I take it back!

        • Vicki says:

          Goody… that you are back… and I wish I could have added more photographs to our conversation… and some of the handsome men… I could be talking dresses and tuxedos all day… :)

        • Leslie in Portland, Oregon says:

          You’re so right, Heather. Long dresses should be evaluated when the women wearing them are in motion. My clear favorite (even in the still shot) is the dress Lucy Liu wore so beautifully: a white ballgown with a lovely large floral print, and pockets!

  • Shareen says:

    I loved Kate Hudson’s dress, wish she would have worn her hair swept up to show the gorgeous collar more

  • Anita Rivera says:

    I am with YOU VICKI; Dame Helen Mirren is my all-time favorite. She is one of the few women I look at who actually make me EXCITED about having white hair and some wrinkles….she can carry herself anywhere, any way, anytime. She is classic. Anita

  • miss b says:

    Certainly a wide range of styles and colours this year and I was particularly drawn to the navy and burgundy gowns but …..I agree, Dame Helen Mirren gets my vote too. So natural and elegant.

    • Vicki says:

      The darker colours were interesting… Weren’t they… ?? I am not sure about the burgundy… I ahve to keep looking at them for a bit longer to make my mind up…

  • Donna A. says:

    There was lots of talk about J Lo’s curves but Helen Mirren gave her a run for the money. She proves 60’s can be sexy and her dress had Edge too. I loved Kate Hudson’s McQueen, with that dramatic gold collar beading…it really framed her sexy pout (remember practicing that look in the mirror when you were a teen?)

  • Helen Mirren is always so stylish and classy – gorgeous!

  • Missi says:

    I think my favorite was Anne Hathaway. Wow, she just looked elegant. I also loved the Juliane Moore, Jessica Alba and Nicole Kidman. Can’t wait for the Oscars!

    • Vicki says:

      I love the Oscars… I do hate the time difference here though… :( Wish I could go to LA and watch them… now that would be fun…:)

  • My vote went to Kate Hudson, thought she looked gorgoeus and I love, love Anne Hathaway’s hair (and dress). Talk about leg! Did you see Eva Longoria pushing her leg out at any opportunity? Too funny! I thought the blue floral with it’s structure was interesting on Lucy Lui. I have a few “dresses” to buy this spring for formal events so I was using the Golden Globes as an idea file. Wish me luck. XX

    • Vicki says:

      Can’t see you in the floral one Sande..:)) I could see you in many of the others though.. Chanel perhaps?? There was definitely a lot of leg happening this year… the British papers seemed to think that Angelina Jolie has started a trend…:)

  • Bonjour Vicki. I agree with you about Marion’s dress. I have seen better outfits on her. Most of the ladies looked very elegant (that Chanel number on Anne Hathaway was beautiful in its simplicity, even though she looked a bit “washed out.” Helen Mirren, regal.) Ladies like J-Lo stood out, and not always in a good way. Is it just me or has she been “flaunting it” for a long time? :-) For me, Jodie Foster really stood out, and not just because of her fantastic dress that showed off her toned figure, of course. She is so much more than just a dress! It often pays to be different! :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    • Vicki says:

      J-Lo is a sexy woman… and it’s either a look you like or don’t… I admire it… wish I could look and move like that…;) but ultimately I will choose elegant every time…

  • Ok I am out of the pack and pick Lucy Liu. That Carolina Herrera was stunning……. Sh plays so many action roles, you don’t expect her to show up in somethins so romantic……. Also liked Oh the one fron Downton Abbey the sheach with the gold top and white bottom….. Helel mirren of course…… Poor Meryl, wonder what she would have worn???????Maryanne xo

  • I meant Sheath. I can’t spepll without coffee…….;)MA

    • Vicki says:

      You know I am always making shocking mistakes here… and all of you lovelies are too polite to tell me… it doesn’t matter… we know what we mean…:)))

  • ashley renee' says:

    Oh yes, so many beautiful dresses. How to pick just one. Natalie portman was stunning as always. But my fave . . . . Amanda seyfried was luvly. How I luv that gown.

  • Cathy says:

    The Donna Karan burgundy dress worn by Taylor Swift was very beautiful inspite of the minor wardrobe malfunction. I thought her hair and make up were pretty too. She finally did it right.

  • Victoria says:

    Halle Berry could wear a potato sack and look amazing, her figure just kills me!!! She never seems to have gone through any sort of weight struggle like so many other celebs and she’s not too skinny either. So I’m loving her dress but it could just be the fact that she’s in it. I think Jody Foster looks fantastic too, I mean, she’s no spring chicken anymore either!

    • Vicki says:

      Halle Berry is doing something right in the exercise/diet regime… or she has perfect genes..:) Jodie Foster at 50 looks better than ever… She has really ‘grown into her looks’…

  • classiq says:

    My best dresses was Naomi Watts. She was glowing and she looked so classy.

  • I vote Kate Hudson + HAIR UP please.

  • Sanne says:

    You are so right, Vicki. Hellen Mirren is fantastic. I don’t know why, perhaps it is her smile, that gives me the feeling, that she don’t take that all too too seriously and regarded it with some humor. Sanne

  • Connie* says:

    Julianne Moore always dresses perfectly and don’t we all just love Helen Mirren? And Lucy Liu..I think I had a dream about that dress when I was in high school. I loved it for that reason.

    • Vicki says:

      Lucy Liu is often one of the most stylish… I wasn’t entirely sure about the florals this year … but Julianne Moore looked wonderful…

  • Karena says:

    Loved several, Emily Blunt was fabulous yet discreet in Michael Kors (a favorite designer of mine) Unfortunately I could see a half dozen dresses that were not fitted properly. The tops and straps sagging or with odd design features that looked pinched.

    2012 Artists Series

  • Robyn says:

    I loved Marion Cotillard’s dress. Very simple and elegant, yet interesting. I thought a piece of jewelry would have been a nice touch, though.
    Helen Mirren is always perfect, and Julianne Moore looked gorgeous.

    • Vicki says:

      I wasn’t convinced about the neckline… but as you say, jewellery could have changed that dramatically… But she is so beautiful, that whatever she wears, she looks wonderful…

  • Missy Klicka says:

    I was privilaged to be there Sunday night. Alas, not at the ceremony but watching the stars on the Red Carpet~
    They were all so beautiful in their dazzling finery and lovely coiffures.
    It was literally impossible to choose a favorite,as they were splendid.
    Dame Helen Mirren was stunning,Jodi Foster’s blue beaded gown glimmered in the sunlight.
    Michelle Dockery’s golden sleves were gorgeous.

  • cecile says:

    Anne Hathaway 100%. Class and simplicity always wins my heart. JL in her semi-nude outfit. Sexy,no class.. Julianne Moore stunning in TF. This designer knows his clients!! Exquisite dress!!! The sea foam colored dress worn by the red-head… Sorry Helen Mirren looked like the Scarecrow.. not this time, Vicky.. too much of what? Stitchng? Gold? Insets? Ne Ces’t pas! Desolee..
    The rest not memorable..

  • Cathi says:

    Helen Mirren always looks fabulous in whatever she wears, as you stated I wasn’t impressed with Marion’s dress but she is so beautiful in anything! I liked Michelle and Kate’s dress the best! xxoo

  • lisa thomson says:

    It’s hard to pick just one! Thank you for showing these pic’s. I realize watching the ‘red carpet’ show they didn’t interview Glenn Close, Helen Mirren nor Sally Field walking on the carpet (biased to the young starlets?). They all look stunningly beautiful! I loved Glenn Close’s hair. But Jodie Foster was smashing! Both her speech and her dress.

  • Lynn says:

    I loved Jodie Foster’s dress — you didn’t have to wonder if a body part would pop out, and it was stunning. Kerry Washington looked gorgeous, and Anne Hathaway’s dress was simply beautiful.

  • AnneHH says:

    Loved watching the Golden Globes! Am very big Ben Affleck fan so a happy night for me! Have you seen Argo? I loved it. So many great movies for our demographic available now–Les Mis, Lincoln, Anna K, Life of Pi! Have you seen Amour and would you recommend?
    Not my favorite red carpet but some beautiful standouts–Kate Hudson, Dame Helen Mirren (agree about her hair!), Anne Hathaway, Michelle Dockery. Must say, the British actors always give the best acceptance speeches and, PLEASE, American actors, stop applauding for yourselves (I am American so feel I can quibble) when your name is announced.

    • Vicki says:

      Loved Argo… and great news for Ben Affleck… I haven’t seen Amour, so sorry I can’t help there… The Brits are great deliverers of the spoken word… always, I would agree… that’s why we all love Downton so much… :)

  • Karen in CT says:

    .. Anne Hathaway … elegantly worn …. it all well with her hair cut too .. overall just a great look

  • Vicki,
    I loved the dresses this year and the hosts…I thought Tina Fey and Amy Poler were hilarious.

  • Helen Mirin, Julianne Moore, and Jennifer Lopez. That floral thing that Lucy Liu wore looked like my bedroom curtains in the 60’s! Kate Hudson looked gorgeous as well!

  • Unfortunately for me, more misses than hits. Anne H. Kate Hudson and Emily Blunt were standouts, all elegant and beautiful. Marion is a lovely person but I was stunned at her choice of dress, just did nothing and could have been a dressy dress to wear out to dinner, a disappointment. Lots of misses, and I am always stumped when I see how vast the resources are for these people…and then see what they come up, i am left saying THAT’S the best they can come up with! But it was fun to watch, as always and I look forward now to the Oscars. Glad Ben was nice for him to get that recognition for a job well done.

  • I wish I could say that I watched the whole thing…I’m probably the only person in the world that didn’t! It just doesn’t hold my attention as much as I love the actresses, etc…and love the dresses! I watched Downton that night…and re-watched it and re-watched it! I love it so much! I’m so glad you showed all of these lovely women and I love all of the gowns! I have to say after looking at your pictures I sure did love Sally Fields gown! I’m always a fan of either navy or creamy white! Not sure why! Great post! Hope you are doing well and enjoying your week!

  • Millie says:

    MOTH here Vicki, thought you might like a bloke’s take on this stuff, so here goes:
    * Millie needs to get guns like Jodie Foster’s, hooley dooley they are grouse!
    * There will be no more leg-out-of-the dress stuff happening here once Mill’s gets her new knee next week, her days of sticking a leg out ANYWHERE are over!
    * Apparently I should have bought shares in companies flogging Botox, cosmetic fillers & Spanx. Mills reckons I could have hung up my Big Bertha brick cutter yonks ago & be swanning around the Caribbean right about now.
    Love ya work mate! xx

  • Deborah McReynolds says:

    Anne Hathaway the new Audrey? I think so. She is just stunning.

  • There were so many gorgeous women with gorgeous dresses, but my absolute favorites were Helen Mirren, Emily Blunt, and Jennifer Lopez. Not only are these women physically beautiful, but they carry themselves with so much confidence, that one can’t look anywhere else but at them.

  • yvonnne says:

    I loved Helen’s dress and that white lace one. I watched it and Sally fields looks like she is still in the part of Mary Lincoln.
    Julie looks great in the black and white till she turned around.
    That’s my 2 cents. Hope you are doing well. have a great day and thanks for this beautiful post

  • Pamela Terry says:

    I agree about Helen Mirren. Gorgeous dress and she wore it perfectly, as always.
    I loved the colour of Jennifer Garner’s dress, as well as Naomi Watts’.
    And I found Adele utterly charming, as I always do.

  • Jodie Foster always wears Armani and always looks beautiful. I love her understated style. ‘Lady Mary’ was gorgeous too. Such an unusual gown. x

  • Sarah says:

    Oh definitely Kate Hudson, I thought the dress was stunning – really fabulous and Julianne Moore who looks incredible for 52!!! wow!! We should all be so lucky – time to get some retinol!! ;-))

  • For me the fashion at the Golden Globe was more exciting than it have been in previous years. My favorite was Juliana Moore in the black and white Tom Ford gown. I thought it was perfection in every way. Kate Hudson was breath taking. Helen Mirren and Anne Hathaway also looked amazing. I felt everyone was appropriately dressed for their age and personality. I miss that you really do not see ELizabeth Taylor Hollywood jewelry any more.

  • Andi says:

    Funny I didn’t really “watch” the GG – I devoured the red carpet photos from Yahoo and then watched the IMDB feed of the winner of Facebook as my hubby and I watched a French film! I will be working in the red carpet area for the Oscars, so I was studying all the backgrounds of the fashion images as well to see what people in the stands were wearing ;-)

  • Love Hellen Mirren just has such a quality of light.

    My fave is Anne Hathaway. I’m a minimalist and adore very plain.

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