7 Aug 2012

Saint Tropez… Le Club 55…

Cinqante Cinq… 55… one of the oldest and most well known beach clubs in Saint Tropez… actually, just outside of Saint Tropez on Pampelonne Beach. Yes… it is crowded, over priced and at times it falls short when it comes to service but I still love it. I am a sentimental soul at heart ( I guess you gathered that) and as it’s one of the few places that I re-visit year after year… I forgive Le Club any indiscretions and enjoy it for what it is. It is a place to people watch… and a place to be transported, albeit vicariously, into the lives of the rich and famous… The entrance at the back of the club is jammed with prestige motor cars and the sea in front is full of pleasure boats… long, sleek and impeccable in every way… Women of all ages float around in their kaftans and high heels while the men lounge in linen and Vilebrequins… It has been this way since my first visit in 1995 and it was exactly the same last week…

The decor doesn’t change… all blue and white… driftwood and bamboo… cottage style flowers on the table… sand underneath the feet. The bar area is bigger this year and the beach boys a little more handsome… The menu is exactly the same, fortunately for me because I always order the same dish… Salade Pampelonne… It’s delicious and as hard as I have tried I have never been able to reproduce the dressing exactly… and the dressing is what makes it so mouth wateringly good… The salad is simple, made up of sliced fresh tomatoes and crumbled goat cheese and topped with chopped mint…it is covered in a creamy, mustard and lemon vinaaigrette… Thick bruschetta slices lay in wait on the table… begging to be eaten with this delectable dressing… This is no place to diet or worry about the regime… Not to mention the rosé… there is something about the south of France, summer and rosé that is unbeatable… a winning trifecta…

Back at the beach… it’s all beautiful people, boats and bikinis… and the Le Club 55 boutique… It’s the kind of shop where you want to buy everything… the sarongs, the kaftans, the bracelets, the necklaces… it is seriously cool… Not exactly boho, not exactly hippie but extremely chic, whatever it is… And those cushions… they certainly tweaked my imagination… a little bit of everything mixed together… but then that’s what Saint Tropez is all about… Everything goes… xv

For Your Saint Tropez Address Book

Le Club 55

Plage de Pampelonne

Boulevard Patch

83350 Ramatuelle


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Francine gardner

I spent summers hanging out at 55….and am planning to go down memory lane in September before going to Avignon. i just returned from Maine for our annual vacation on the island quite a far cry from the beautiful people of sain tropez

Stacie Hansen

Feel as if I am on Vacation!! But in the states the only Birkins you would see on the beach would be on TV. How fun. Loving it.

Jeanne @ Collage of Life

…sigh…just wonderful Vicki…you do ‘holiday’ so well. I hope you scooped up those pillows and fabric…I feel some kaftans coming on…come to Vietnam to have them made!! :) xx


I want a couple of those caftans, but I’m still dreaming of Kate Moss’s cotton voile caftan of a couple of posts ago……thanks! Mary

Audrey Friedman

I first went to Le Club 55 about 30 years ago and the impression of the waiter opening the bottle of champagne by sliciing the top with a sword, has never left me.
Hope you got to see that too.


Audrey… my memory of the ‘sword trick’ is my naughty husband doing the very same years ago in Australia!He managed it without any drama… I will tell him that he should be practicing at 55! xv


I would love to be there and just be part of the scene. I agree that rose is perfect with anything down there in Provence and the French Riviera.

Garden, Home and Party

There is something about revisiting places where wonderful memories are stirred that enriches life! What a location. I feel like I’ve been on a brief vacation to St. Tropez.

Trish Murphy

VIcki Club 55 must be quite an experience it must be so much fun.Love the brilliant blue sky and the colors of
the boutique. It is so very very classy yout Club 55.I am loving living vicariously through your holiday snaps.
Enjoy the rest of the holiday.Trish


Oh Vicki I love this fabulous Le Club 55! The images in my mind are marvelous…from the yummy salad, the Beach Boys at your beck and call…and that shop, I would be enthralled. So happy you are enjoying this trio the the infamous Saint Tropez!

Art by Karena
2012 Artist Series

Trish Murphy

VIcki I meant to mention that I used the new app viewa on your feature in Australian House and Garden.Wow
technology is simply racing away.I simply held my IPad over the image of the love seat in your garden and was transported to an interactive experience in your stunning home.The colour is sensational and it was so exciting to see more glorious photos of your home.David Terry will be even more curious now!x Trish


I like the stacks of colorful cushions. What a wonderful spot.. sounds perfect with all the beautiful people walking around.. and the endless wine and delicious food :)


the paris apartment

Hi Vicki,
I’ve been getting your posts in my emails each day and have fallen in love with St. Tropez through your lens and can’t wait to check it out one day, especially the place you mention today. Great photo!!
I’ve have been searching for a kaftan since your post and bought the espadrilles! Looking forward to seeing you next week! xoc

Anita Rivera

Bonjour Vicki!

I am sneaking away to the computer for a visit! THANK YOU for coming to say hello. OK, St. Tropez will have to be on my list when I go back next year to the South of France. Nice and other beaches were wonderful enough for this Los Angeles born and bred gal! Thank you for delivering our dreams to us on a silver platter, every time! Anita

Karen in CT

.. it all sounds yummy, but I need pics of some of this people watching .. would LOVE to see some of it. Here in Manhattan, it’s pretty interesting this week, not sure why. Have fun !!!

Sue Lenton

We’re on our way down from the uk in a couple of weeks and I just can’t wait! We’re staying in Grimaud again this year and I’m presently booking my dinner reservations. Have you visited auberge de la mole? The starters and the desserts? Wowwwww! I agree about Club 55 but the people watching is second to none x

Angela/Parisienne Farmgirl

Loving all these posts!
Thought of you yesterday! We are vacationing in lovely Door County (“The Martha’s Vineyard of the Midwest”) and I saw your book at one of my favorite stores!

I am all about the people watching – I am sure yours is more interesting but we have a primo spot from our apartment this week! Why is it so fun???

Shell Sherree

I’m glad you’re having such a lovely time and beautiful weather, Vicki. The kaftans and espadrille wedges are a nice promise of spring just being around the corner here now. Enfin et hooray! Those cushions are lovely and beachy. Enjoy!

rosalie carmichael

How lovely to see that view of the sand and the flags. We managed a winter sail a couple of weekends ago from the Koombana Bay Sailing Club. Lights winds to start with after lunch but picked up quickly and with our mainsail and number 1 jib we enjoyed a few hours of leisurely sailing around the Bay. How I love living in Southern Western Australia. Our climate and lifestyle are very similar to France.


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