11 Dec 2014

The Rue Saint Honore


How could I resist snapping these luxurious and vibrant roses at Dani Roses on the rue Saint Honore?

I promised myself that I would search out the unknown, the new and the different during this Parisian visit, but I found myself drawn to my old haunts, snapping my most loved spots and following my familiar traditions.

Walking the rue du Saint Honore in December is magical. The sparkle, the beauty and the people watching. The Parisians, rugged up against a backdrop of glamour, there is nothing quite so atmospheric.


I spoilt myself with a new red lipstick from Chanel yesterday.

Another red? A new red? Yes.

I didn’t mean to, I really didn’t.

I couldn’t resist the luxury and extravagance of this small pop up style boutique on the rue Saint Honore.

The charming sales assistant and her irresistable accent. Dressed of course in black and white and with a fabulous red lip… What was I to do?

She explained to me what makes a red lipstick “just so” according to Madame Chanel. She talked about the mix of pigments and how the shade of rouge must compliment the skin and the teeth. Brighten and whiten.

I did exactly the same thing last year… with a different red.

How many red lips can a girl wear?

The way it makes me feel… I think there can never be too many red lips in my life and with a name like La Flamboyante…

What’s not to love? xv

Rue Saint Honoré Rouge

337 la flamboyante

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Anita Rivera

Ahhh….leave it all to our French friends for style, perfection and class. OK, another winner here for me Vicki.

I will never, ever forget my walk (twice) with my husband sur la Rue Saint Honoré. My grandfather’s name was Honoré, but what struck me about this street was the silent, ghostly magic. The ghosts of past people in their stylish attire, people not so stylish maybe, famous and unknown. The bright windows full of beautiful dreams….but one day, we met a special little DOG. He was a fox terrier who would NOT allow me into his master’s shop! He bared his little rice teeth and stood GUARD! We laughed so hard, and he had such an attitude. I named him on the spot: BALZAC. Don’t ask me why! But to this day, any wire haired fox terrier I see reminds me of that famous street and is immediately BALZAC.

Now as for red lipstick, I am hooked. I used to wear a share that had more “blue” in it (a plum) but my girlfriend immediately noticed my new red. She prefers it on me, and I do too. You can actually get a glimpse of me and my red lips on my current blog if you have a chance to just take a peek. No need to read through the post, but scroll down and see me. I think of you when I wear my Chanel styled clothing or my red lips.

THANK YOU for this balade sur la Rue Saint Honoré! Anita

Anita Rivera

Oh you dear person, YOU. Thank you for coming to my little Paris in my home, and to see my lips! I just love that shade.

Now off to teach the rigors of the French language! Bisous! Anita

Mimi Gregor

I love the look of red lips, and used to wear them when I was younger. But now that I am… more timeless, I wonder if it may draw too much attention to the lower part of my face, thereby calling attention to the slight sagging and lines that are starting to form. I’m not a basket case, mind you, but I don’t want it to look worse than it actually is. I have read that after a certain age, a woman should stick to pinky-nudes with some gloss to them. My lips themselves are full and free of excess lines, so I would like to play them up more. I don’t like glosses (my hair gets stuck to my lips. Yuk!) and am currently wearing Nars Pigalle, which matches the inner part of my lips exactly and looks very natural — but better! — on me. In fact, I use it as a blush as well. I tend to play up my eyes instead, as they are my best feature anyway. But I would like to hear your thoughts on red lips and women of a certain age. Is one sacrificing a youthful look for a chic look? Or is there a way to have both?


I too consider myself… timeless Mimi.. ;)

Perhaps the red lips do draw attention to a non too perfect jawline but the truth is the jawline is the jawline and I think the brightening elements of a good red outweigh the downsides. A smile with a good dash of red is a great way to draw the right attention.

However drab I may be feeling, or tired… like tonight… I have been out in the cold all day taking photographs and I’m weary… and short of time… I will put on my heels and a fresh coat of red lipstick and I will feel energised and ready to have fun..

Why not try a matt red and see how you feel… wear it at home and test it… I think you may be pleasantly surprised.. :)

Mimi Gregor

I was browsing online and noticed that Nordstrom’s is having a sale on Nars lipsticks (10% off). So I ordered two reds that I remembered wearing “back in the day”: Fire Down Below (a darker, blood-red) and Red Lizard (a true red, neither too warm nor too cool). I look forward to experimenting with a new, vibrant look for the holiday parties that are coming up.

Hata Trbonja

What a gorgeous picture. Your new design highlights it so well.
When I go back to Paris, I do the same thing and always walk through the same streets. I feel like they know me. And, there can never be enough red lipsticks in a woman’s life.
Have a wonderful day,


While I’m out Christmas shopping I can’t resist bringing home a little something new for me {who can’t}. A pretty red lipstick is exactly what I need to keep the season bright. Love Chanel La Sensuelle.


You found one of my favorite Paris spots. I was just there two weeks ago. I stopped by to say hello to mon ami Francis, who assisted me in 2013 when I photographed there. It’s is a beautiful shop. Love your photo!
xx V


It is always breathtaking … Each visit I try and find a new florist that inspires me in the same way… and every time I end up back there… :)


I hope so Diane… it is a magical time to visit Paris… Not so frantic and so pretty all dressed up…


I also fell in love with Rouge Allure number 18! The Chanel new packaging of the gorgeous color has had me buying two this month!! I can’t decide if there is just so little in the tube or if I have been using it more. It doesn’t really stay on but is so beautiful when you first apply it…. I have been addicted. I was curious if anyone else had this problem. I am going to crack an empty one open out of the case that pops from the bottom to see how much is actually in there for 30 euros.


Probably not too much, Debra… but when we love someting… what can we do… we love it.. ;)

Marsha @ Splenderosa

That photograph is absolutely breathtaking, Vicki. And, the red lip colour has just enough pink in it so that I could wear it as well. Love Rue St Honore, with it’s little cafes and all the boutiques; the last time I was there with Ned we stayed at the Intercontinental so we could be nearby, and also take the poodle walking. Sending love….


Vicki, sometimes a new red lipstick is all a girl needs to make her day special and cheer one up!
It works for me!
The Arts by Karena

Linda Hanselman

LOL Vicky. I just did the same thing. Bought some new Chanel foundation, powder, eyecreme etc and of course let the lovely sales person sell me yet ANOTHER red lipstick!! Um, I think that makes 16!!! I wear red lipstick.all.the.time. I love it!


There is nothing like a luscious red lip to brighten the face, make the ensemble and give you a whole new perspective on a snowy, winter day! Enjoy your indulgence!


yes yes yes…..red lipstick and I must have a lip pencil, I cannot live without lip pencils…gorgeous Vicki….been a bit and right in the middle of holiday, I am packing in boxes…..think I’ll sell it all by spring and move to Provence, my dream, as YOU know Vicki, Cheers to YOU! XOXO

Paris Rendez-Vous and Beyond

Oh yes Vicki…a girl needs many red lippies (have you tried the new Nars ones???)…and many black coats!!!!
Anyway…check out the 9th arrondissement if you want to discover some new haunts. As you know that’s where we lived when we had our 9 month stay in Paris in 2012. Great flowers, restaurants, musées e.g. Georges Sand’s home, interesting shops, galleries and boutiques…and close to Montmartre, Opera Garnier, department stores…always worth a snorkel….and great fabrics at March St Pierre.
Have fund this Christmas….I’ll be in Brisbane sitting around the pool with champagne and 2 x schnauzers!! It’ll be terrible! Ciao, Robyn


It will be wonderful… I still miss an Aussie Christmas, Robyn… always… :)

I agree, the 9th is fabulous and I need to go back for another look… one more reason to return…

Lorraine Wafer

Wonderful we stayed just off Rue St Honore on our holiday in Paris, how lucky you are to visit often….and red lips, yes yes since I was young… You made this sound delicious, thank you …I will get out my red today and perhaps it’s time for a new one too. I must return to Paris…….


Hi Vicki,

I’ve just returned from my very first trip to Paris, and I fell in love with it. My lovely husband arranged the trip as a surprise for our 25th wedding anniversary, and he couldn’t have chosen better if he’d tried. We stumbled upon Rue St Honore as we walked the streets, exploring without any plan, just soaking it all in. I was sorry I’d been too afraid to try red lipstick before my visit – coming from Brisbane, and in my 40’s it was something I never wore, but now I’m hooked! I must also say that, as a long-time reader of your blog, it was the first place I visited when looking for tips on what to see and do in Paris. Thanks to you, we had a fantastic time and can’t wait to return. Have a wonderful Christmas, and I’ll be dreaming of Paris as we swim in the pool and eat seafood on Xmas day! Kerri x

Cathy Wong

red lipstick….I also have quite a collection!! One of my favourites is Chanel Rouge Coco #31, Cambon….to me it’s wonderfully elegant and classic. My luxurious treat for this Holiday season is Rouge Coco Shine #84 Dialogue. As you said Vicki, I really didn’t mean to get another red (and actually said that to the sales assistant) but in the next moment…..It was a great purchase…the more sheer and shine-y formula is a great red option-a bit different. ( I really no longer wear true lip gloss, so this is a lovely addition).

Katherine Howden

The colour of those roses….so rich and beautiful. The photo would make a fabulous poster. Put a frame around it and ta da!

Roberta Costa

LOVE the Dani roses, it’s a must to peek in the window when in Paris.
Lipstick – can’t resist a new one!
Have a beautiful Christmas.


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