25 Feb 2013

The Academy Awards… Who Will Be Wearing What… Who Will Be Dressing Who

I ask myself why I enjoy the hype… why I can’t wait to know the winners… and why I can’t wait to hear the wordy acceptance speeches… The laughter, the endless thank yous, tears and hysteria… even the sappy cued jokes… Those one liners that fall flatter than flat.

I am curious why it is that I can watch the ‘red carpet’ for hours… and listen to a commentary that would bore most people rigid? Why am I interested to study who is wearing what? How can I be excited by such a show? And all the while going without sleep… time change and all.

Of course I am talking LA’s hottest invitation… LA’s big bang production…. and signature show… The Academy Awards… The glory of the gold, the statuesque Oscar.

For those in the industry it is a celebration and acknowledgement of their creativity… For me it’s about fashion and glamour… Yes, I am a movie lover … I watch all the nominations before the ceremony.. I like to play along… get excited over the opening of an envelope.

But more than that… I want to know who is wearing what.

I like to predict what each stylist will select because in most cases high visibility fashion is about the stylists choices.

What will Rachel Zoe select? Will she dress Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence? What will Kate Hudson appear in this time? Hair up… High neckline? A total reversal of her Golden Globes look… That’s my feeling.

Will Elizabeth Stewart, former reporter at Women’s Wear Daily, make us coo and sigh over Jessica Chastain and Amanda Seyfried? Those two are in for a big night… Stewart must be feeling the pressure right about now… According to the Financial Times she likens dressing her many clients to a ‘military operation’… Perhaps an omen for Zero Dark Thirty’s, Chastain?

Newcomer Jeanann Williams, sister-in-law and stylist to Naomi Watts, has impeccable taste… What is she thinking for Sunday’s show? Williams has dressed Watts since last year … And she has never looked better.

There are many stylists jockeying for work on Hollywood’s biggest night.. huge kudos and future success for those who are featured…   A dream job… the clients might be demanding but what a challenge to make superstars even more beautiful than they already are.

So what will they be wearing on the red carpet? I am hopeful that there will be a return to retro Hollywood style… A parade where decorum, elegance and class are mentioned in the same breath… I am thinking we may see a show of LBD’s… of big skirts… of lace even… As for the jewellery… I predict it will be brighter and more sparkly than ever… picture Elizabeth Taylor.

Roll out the red carpet; It’s showtime… xv



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Marsha @ Splenderosa

Ok, I’m going to Twitter along with you tomorrow night. Laptop fully charged, glass of Bordeaux in hand. Great idea, ladybug! I do not have one idea who will win what, seriously.

Patricia T. Gardner

Can’t wait to see all the dresses and gorgeous ladies on their big night. :D

sharon - my french country home

Vicki, you are truly one step ahead of the game! what a great idea! I love the photo you chose of Grace Kelly, nothing brash or showy, just a – very beautiful – girl next door.
I look forward to your running commentary

Francine gardner

Am I the only one out there who is planning to go to the movies to night? I love the movies and go at least once a week, and i love fashion, but will admit I do not love Hollywood , it is too narcissist and fake.I admire and recognize the talents and the wealth acquired is very well put to use by some of the top entertainers. But when Hollywood also tries to take over the political aspect of America life, I draw the line…let’s not mix entertainment and politics which they have done many times at the Oscars.I cannot wait to read about yours, Marsha and Sharons favorite gowns though…

The Enchanted Home

I wish I knew how to “tweet” I would love to chime in! Oh well…..we will have to “chat” the day after! I too enjoy all the pomp and circumstance surrounding the big event. Enjoy the before and the after way more than the during!
I have been more disappointed than wowed with recent choices during this awards season so I am really hoping that tonight they pull out all the stops and really wow us! I am rooting for Jennifer Lawrence, and either Argo or Silver Linings Playbook.
Enjoy the show Vicki!


Agree… I loved those two films… and just watched silver linings for a second time..:)
I agree… I want to see some real movie star glamour…

24/7 in France

I too love to see the after show critique of who wore what and whose gowns – I’m more interested in the glam and the fashion than the actual movies, especially since I haven’t seen all the nominated ones. A starry, star-filled night, to be sure!


Ever since I was a young girl, I have always wanted to attend an award ceremony Vicki. I, too, stay up to the wee small hours to watch every minute of The Academy Awards. I did think that when our son entered the music business that there might be a chance that I could go to an award ceremony but, even when he has been, he only gets one ticket so, even his wife can’t go !!!!
I do love to see what everyone is wearing but, I am getting to the stage now that it is all a little obscene with the ‘ Who are you wearing’ and how many millions of $’s worth of diamonds have you got on !!!! I don’t want to sound an old misery or party pooper but, I would just rather look at them than hear about the zillions that has been spent. In this time of recession, it just seems a little wrong somehow. Never the less …….. I shall still be watching !!!!!! That’s how good I am at standing by my principles !!!! haha. I look forward to your de briefing on Monday. XXXX

Anita Rivera

Good morning dear Vicki!

My husband and I both are avid movie followers and the Oscars are very close to home for us. Growing UP in Los Angeles and being in theatre and dance, trips to Hollywood Blvd were like a pilgrimage to me. Now that I am in another state, I am geographically far removed, but emotionally close.

We will be watching with a close eye, staying up, drinking tea, munching on something wonderful, as we watch history elegantly step onto the red carpet. Frocks, jewels, smiles….it’s all in Hollywood tonight, and in our living rooms. See you tomorrow for the CHAT! Anita


Gee I’m an old bore since I haven’t watched the Oscars in years and I don’t even know some of the names you mentioned here. I do go to the cinema but prefer European films. I guess I’m not very interested in Hollywood. Oh well I hope you enjoy your night with the stars Vicki :)

Heather in Arles

Are you really staying up? Oh my, I will try because I love it as much as you do (and you know that I do) but sometimes…zzz…sleep wins out! Perhaps if it is a great red carpet that will give me the boost. And last year, I planned my trip to the States to be with my Mom and Sis for Oscar night–that should tell you everything!

Get the champagne chilled…

Beadboard UpCountry

Hi Vicki!
Hopefully I will be able to go back and follow your tweets as I will be meeting up with a designer and his client to finalize bedroom, dining room choices and furniture selection. I wish I could see the red carpet live…… My appointment is 3:30 and will take a couple of hours at least then an hour drive back. Have fun my friend and tweet up a storm!!!!!Maryanne xo


I love the Oscars too, for the movies and the fashion. And especially glad to be living in So. Calif. so I don’t have to stay up into the wee hours. Sometimes I am able to see all the nominated films, but not this year, although I plan to eventually. Loved Argo, but my heart belongs to Les Mis! (I’m not a “tweeter” but will check in with you Monday.)


Hi Vicki, how are you?

With small children around, we do not have as much time to watch all the nominated movies like in the past, however, that has not diminished my interest in watching the red carpet “parade”…I do enjoy it. And I like Marsha’s Bordeaux idea!

I’m just curious. Do they show the Oscars in real time in France on TV, or do you watch it on line?


Emily @ TownAndCountryShuffle.com
formarly UpstateCountryHouse.com

Vicky, I have moved my blog to WordPress and had to change my URL. Sorry if it’s confusing.


I love the red carpet aspect of the show too. It does seem rather silly to listen to the absurd “interviews”. Perhaps I’ll watch with the sound turned off. For me it is a visual thrill and sometimes I even stay tuned to watch the awards being given out…but since I’ve seen none of the movies it doesn’t make much sense.

Pamela Terry

It’s been a big night for me since I was a little girl.
Love all the pretty frocks.
I’m looking forward to seeing what Jessica Chastain will wear. I loved her McQueen last year. Hoping Helen Mirren will be there. And Cate Blanchett… always a favourite of mine.
See you on Twitter, Vicki!


Will definitely follow your tweets tonight!! I agree completely with your take on what makes the Oscars so fun. This is one of my favorite nights of the year!! Fortunately, I have a great group of friends that love the Oscars, too. We get together for a party every year. It is all women in our 40’s and 50’s and we go all out with costumes –we dress as one of the Oscar nominated Best Actor/Actress or Supporting Actor/Actress. It is a chance to be creative so no one rents their costumes and we surprise each other!! LOTS of fun. I am doing Mary Todd Lincoln but shhhhhh don’t tell.
LOVE your blog!!

Peggy Braswell

Wow even though I live in S CA, I can’t wait for the AW…going to an AW party for ladies + should be lots of fun! Can’t wait to read what you have to say also. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


I can already name one person who is a winner in an LBD – the Aussie Today show’s Lisa Wilkinson. She let viewers vote on what gown she was wearing and looks just beautiful. Can’t wait to see everyone else.


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