28 Feb 2019

A Dress For All Seasons

A Dress For All Seasons on vickiarcher.com

What to wear?

I really dislike this question but the last week or two it keeps flaring up. We are in between seasons and I am so tired of the way I look and what I am wearing. I’m over me.

Do you ever feel like that?

My imagination seems to have deserted me and my wardrobe seems entirely dull. Nothing has changed really, all the familiar pieces are hanging side-by-side, folded one on top of each other and yet I am giving them the big snub. It’s my mid-seasonal mood and it’s decidedly unexciting.

When I get like this there is one dress I turn to.

It’s kind to me; flattering and comfortable. An “antsy” frame of mind is the one I know to be aware of and it is not the moment to neither tempt fate with the unknown nor frustrate myself with trying outcomes.  She is best to be avoided.

The fit and flare style knitted dress is a saviour.

It looks very good on most women and takes the decision making away. No coordination required; simply tights or not and a pair of shoes. Even I can manage that at this time of year.

I think we all have our fall backs, our “what to wear” pieces when we don’t like anything and this is mine. If the body isn’t quite as I would like, it forgives me and the whole season thing is solved; this dress works pretty much every day of the year.

Winning. I need more of this style of dress and pronto. xv

A Dress For All Seasons

(note: model is very tall so the shorter dresses will be knee length)

**eliza j fit and flare  ||  navy fit and flare  ||  **lela rose navy  || **lela rose crew neck  ||  lela rose black and white  ||  roksanda knit

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image, valentino pre-fall 2018

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I’m hear you, Vicki, but my problem is what kind of shoes to wear. My feet no longer tolerate heels of any kind. Even kitten heels… So rude because I used to wear heels with everything, even jeans. I love the Lela Rose dresses and one of those would be mine, in a heartbeat, if I had the shoes. Slip-ons don’t cut it. Flat ankle boots? I’m in great shape, but I’ve reached the age where pantyhose cover a multitude of sins, but I fear pantyhose are a no-no that’s worse than wearing slip-ons. Suggestions would be appreciated. xoxox, Brenda


In the day I wear my sneakers with this dress.. I know, I know…… but it works for me.. it’s the fashion so I am embracing it.
In a more dressy moment, I wear a mule without pantyhose or I would wear a bootie with an opaque tight. The booties I wear have very small heels and even a block heel works if the kittens don’t… I wear opaque tights when it’s in between season or a dark fishnet with my boots… I think that looks good still.. Fishnet tights are a really great in-between filler :)


Oh…here I thought it would be, “do I look fat in this??” Hubs stutters, ” I always liked that dress….” uh-huh…franki


I feel your frustration with the winter wardrobe. I’m tired of heavy sweaters and dark clothes. The spring pieces Of brighter colours, newly bought, tease me from their hangers. That new floral top on a navy background wants to be pulled out and worn. But, it’s still too cold. I’ll have patience for a little while longer.
I’m more of a sheath gal these days. Thank you for the reminder of the fun and flattering cut of a fit & flare. I still have a small waist so it would be flattering.


like the Lela Rose crew neck. May be because I have a similar one since a couple of
years which I can wear at any occasion what means day and night. Dress up or downThis dress is real worth to buy

Donna D

I think we all have the precious “comfort” dress…mine is a long cashmere jumper dress. Mine is warm, comfy, hides a multitude of sins and like you, I enjoy giving it different looks with different footwear..
Enjoy the end of the cold weather over there because it is unbelieveably hot down here in Oz!


Good morning Vicki!

I have my “go-to” pieces for this very same reason. For us here, the extreme cold forces me to make some wardrobe decisions for my professional life; I teach, and many teachers will wear comfortable pants, leggings even, or articles of clothing that for ME, do not work. So I dress up to feel professional, uplifted and yes, “pretty.” The dress (not pants for me on the job) is the exact style you are describing here. For me, I feel like a young lady, a princess, a professional, when my dress can carry me through the day with a slick pair of low heels and black tights. That’s my winner!

Mary Levy

I agree with you Anita. I too am a teacher,(I think I remember that you and I both teach French) and I feel pretty and confident when I wear dresses to work. When it’s cold I wear opaque tights and booties. That has become my go-to outfit.


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