18 Feb 2021

Back On The Balloon Sleeves

Back On The Balloon Sleeves on vickiarcher.com

Yes, I love them.

Some say impractical; I say interesting.

Are they too fussy? Not for me.

Balloon sleeves offer detail where I can take it and there aren’t too many places to highlight anymore. I’m all about cover-up, illusion and suggestion.

When I opened the wardrobe housing my dresses I noticed most of them have something in common – balloon sleeves. They are mid-length or long-sleeved but the majority have a bit of puff; it’s a sleeve to love with a midi-length dress, V or round neckline. These dresses tend to be nipped in at the waist, like this one.

Wear them with short boots or like me, forever with trainers and despite how I would have styled them, I like them like this. This is my latest favourite; it is flattering, comfortable and not too dressy but with enough interest to make a change from our sweats and hoodies.

Do you ever have those days where you don’t like anything you try on?

I know we are meant to be smarter, wiser and more elevated than this but I do have them if I am being truthful. Last Friday I had one of “those” where I tried on every dress in my cupboard (and that’s why I’m talking balloon sleeves) and inevitably chose the first piece in exactly the style I have described above. Even when you know you know, an excessive try on is needed. The tidying up was the worst part.

This is the only way I want to balloon ;) xv

The Only Way To Balloon

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Jacki F

Not my favorite look on ME, but it fits you so well! I did buy a divine blush-colored v-neck cashmere sweater with gentle balloon sleeves this season and I’m good with that! Love your pics, ideas, words, inspiration :-)


I don’t mind a small balloon sleeve and have a lovely jumper in one. My only issue is it has to be worn where I don’t wear a jacket as find it a nightmare trying to get into a jacket sleeve which then ruins the look completely once my jacket is taken off. You wear it well Vicki and presume you must be dropped off at the door of your restaurant or wherever. Even typing this has me thinking, restaurant!!! What is that! When did we all last visit one!! One day balloon sleeves or not we all dine out safely and happily.


Good morning Vicki!

I need to research these because I’m not sure I have an image in my mind what these are!

Linda B

I love the look of balloon sleeves! You have shared many great dresses here; I particularly love that Ganni checks. I own a few blouses with elbow length balloon sleeves–those don’t get in the way at all.

For months I have been planning to knit myself a balloon sleeved cardigan. But I keep waffling about what color I want it to be. I thought black, at first–but realized it would be so hard to work using fine yarn. So I shifted to thinking grey, which I generally adore, but I already have enough grey handknits. So I began to consider other colors. . .and currently am thinking (obsessively!) about a balloon-sleeved cardigan in a lovely dark but warm-toned green. I am hunting for the right one. . . I can’t wait to start!

Jenifer Prince

Loved the long sleeved balloon, I’d try it, the sweats r nice to live in, got to try a lightweight backpack. For those still dyeing, take the plunge cause in the end your tiara of gray, silver, or white shades await you 👑


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