22 Nov 2016

Adding Shine And Volume

Adding Shine And Volume on vickiarcher.com

Adding shine and volume to hair is something most of us try on a daily basis.

It is much harder to pump up the volume if hair is fine and straggly.

The truth is a good hair day changes the way we feel and think about ourselves and gives us an extra dose of self-confidence. I know when my hair is looking its best I feel like a different person, especially now I have given up colour in favour of the greys. As I age I feel more and more certain that beautiful, healthy and well styled hair is one of the best beauty secrets of all.

Since renouncing colour in favour of natural greys (and although the texture is smoother and shinier than with the highlights) my hair does feel thinner and less voluminous. I have to work the hair care products, the blow dry harder and add rollers to create the volume I need. A few chosen highlights do add a certain amount of “thickness”. I am happy with the trade off because fortunately my hair is still reasonably thick and I am able to wear it the length I want.

Not all of us are blessed with thick and glossy locks and after several readers asked me for suggestions how to enhance their fine hair I wanted to share my conclusions. Fine and flighty hair has never been my problem, thick and course were the more appropriate adjectives, so I am relying on friends and hairdressers for my recommendations.

There are certain givens for finer hair and the most important of all is the cut.

A short or medium length is the most successful for adding bounce and helping hair appear fuller. Not every one can wear a pixie cut so a just-above-the-shoulder length is kinder to the face but doesn’t drag the hair down. Layers are a blessing when it comes to creating volume and bounce and making the hair appear fuller.

Be aware of the conditioner.

Conditioner should be avoided at the roots as it weighs the hair down and makes it flat

Styling products are your new best friends.

Products to apply after washing and before drying to add body really do make all the difference.

Air-drying is the secret weapon for fine hair.

Drying the hair 90% naturally before using the blow dryer makes the greatest difference of all. When drying use a flat paddle brush and blow “up and away” from the roots and in the reverse to the parting.

Invest in Velcro rollers and forget about the straightening iron.

Velcro rollers work wonders; there was a reason our mothers wore curlers.

Health, diet and exercise and don’t over wash the hair.

Washing the hair everyday is not the answer for those with a fine head of hair. It feels like the right thing to do but persevere and try shampooing once every second or third day. The results will come.

I believe the products we use in our hair can make all the difference. I know the outcome if I use the wrong shampoo, over wash or don’t regularly apply a treatment. Not pretty.

Whether we have flyaway locks or thick and course ringlets, good hair takes time, energy and a certain level of investment. The French products from Leonor Greyl are my absolute favourites. I have been using them ever since my feet hit French soil and I still like them far beyond any others I have tried. They are gentle and more importantly they work.

Please tell your hair tips and tricks for adding that extra volume we all aspire too. I might add, my hair is the only place I want any extra volume ;) xv


Pump Up The Volume

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Yes I love dry shampoo… although I have gone overboard with it and found myself coated in a fine layer of white powder!!It is a very good way of getting another day out of a hair wash… :)


I have light blonde very fine hair (I call it toddler hair & Im 50!). I have it cut in a graduated chin length bob. I use a product I purchase from Amazon called Thicker Fuller Hair & use a Babyliss Big Hair styler on 90% dry hair. This product & styler have been game changers and I can achieve amazing volume.

Mimi Gregor

I agree with Taste of France about the dry shampoo. I not only use it on days I don’t shampoo (I wash my hair every other day), but if I need a little extra volume on top.

My hair is baby fine and random — some bits are straight, some bits are wavy. Oh, yeah — and a cowlick or two thrown in for good measure. Let’s just say that wash and wear hair is NOT in the realm of possibility for me. But I do have a lot of hair, so I could wear it any length I want. I wore it long for quite a while, but I had it cut short into a reverse-anfled bob last year, and I love it! I have a bit more length toward the face, so it doesn’t seem too “mannish”, yet it’s short enough that it’s quicker to blow-dry. The shorter length also defies gravity a bit better than the longer length, so it’s easier to have a bit more height on top. But, in general, I have consigned myself to wearing it sleek. A high-volume look would be a lot of work. It’s less frustrating to just play the hand you’re dealt.

Products are key, and the only real way to find out what works for you is to just experiment with various products. Save the receipt, and do not be afraid to return it if it doesn’t work! Otherwise, you could spend a fortune on products that you won’t use. Also, I’ve found that lathering twice is not just a gimmick to sell more shampoo. My hair does look better now that I do it. And also — rinse the conditioner out right after you apply it and comb it through. For the longest time, I left it in until I finished showering, and the result was flat hair. The stuff actually does work in this minute amount of time! Leaving it on is overkill. Styling products… once again, trial and error. Save the receipts. I have found that silicones are NOT my friend, though. They make for greasy next-day hair and break out my face. They are ubiquitous, however, so it’s important to read the label.

Our French Oasis

Don’t we all want different hair. When I was at school my best friend had thin dead straight hair, mine was thick and wavy, oh how I wanted her hair! Now actually I rather like my hair, I am happy with it except, and there has to be an exception, except when it is damp or raining, then it goes frizzy and no products stop it completely. My daughters on the other hand all want each others hair, our eldest has a mass of natural curls and chestnut brown hair, our middle two daughters have thick straight hair both in varying shades of blonde with a slight tendency to wave here and there and our youngest daughter has very fine, very thin, very straight light blonde hair – they each want the other siblings hair! Now I am off to google velcro rollers, having never used rollers, a straightening iron or curling tongs I am intrigued!

Lisa DeNunzio

The last time I was at the stylist she offered a tip. She said, “give your hair a ‘shot’ of cold air after you have blown it dry – it prevents frizz. Why did she wait so many years before revealing this secret?????


My hair has fine strands but there is still lots of it. 3 ingredients to avoid are sulfates, parabens and silicones. I like the Revitalize & Restore shampoo and conditioner by Hair La Vie. Less is best for my hair. Great reminder for a spa-themed stocking stuffer…velcro rollers! Thanks, Vicki.


Hair is so important ! I have fine hair and I hate it…Your suggestions are very, very useful. Thank you, Vicki. claudiag

Mary Anne Simpson

I had not heard of Leonor Greyl products before and will have to give them a try. Meanwhile, I thought I would share that I have had thinning and hair loss due to adjuvant chemotherapy that I am currently completing. My hairdresser recommended a product called Nioxin and I have had wonderful results with nearly no hair loss and good volume. It takes 30 days of use washing hair every 2nd or 3rd day but the results were amazing. Thanks for letting me share and I love your daily emails.


I have always liked Goldwell hair products, their shampoos are excellent.
My husband used to tease me about my affection for particular shampoos etc … he told me that they are all made in one big vat, that the companies just put different labels on their bottles.
But I still love Goldwell the best .. I wash my hair every morning. It is thick enough, past my shoulders and blonde/white. Yeah, I got lucky, instead of grey hair, my blonde just got lighter ..
I think I have had the same haircut for most of my life. As a little child, it was called a Dutch girl .. bangs/fringe and straight, blunt cut. Now it is called a pageboy .. same thing, bangs and past my shoulders, blunt cut.
How did I meet my husband ? I moved to NYC and a girl I met had a great haircut so I asked her where she got it cut. She told me the stylists /owners name and told me to ask for H. I did. We were married 3 months later. <3


I have used Goldwell products for years and years. They make very good shampoos and products for blondes. I have gotten more compliments on how shiny my hair is then with any other hair products.
Their color products are excellent also.


I experimented many years to see my hair how it should be/I like it. Recently I was introduced by my hairdresser with Olaplex (a 3 step treatment) which
is a marvel My fine and coloured hair is after some weeks stronger and shinier. Highly recommended.


A post from the UK. I have thick, fine hair that frizzes at the least touch of humidity. I find Kerastase Ciment Thermique – resurfacing strengthening milk – performs miracles. Two blobs on towel dried hair is all it takes for glossy young looking hair that doesn’t frizz! Can anyone recommend a good dry shampoo – available in UK? Have tried Tresemme but no good. I love your posts Vicki, but wish we had a Nordstrom here!


When all else fails I use the dry shampoo from Boots .. the one that is unscented… and I wish we had Nordstrom here too!
I shop online and have to wait a few days but its all very easy… receiving and returning :)


Thank you Vicki for this timely post and I sent the above style to my hairdresser! I have thick, straight as a board, medium fine hair. I am in the throws of growing out a pixie cut. Driving me crazy in the interim! This style gives me something to shoot for!
Love the Gold Lust dry shampoo from Oribe and all products from Rene Furterer. Word of caution that I learned the hard way with dry shampoo…be careful not to stimulate your scalp when working it through or you will end up an oily mess;)

Kathy Kelada

I fight the flat effect by sleeping with my hair up in a high ponytail. My hair is shoulder length but putting it up at night builds volume the next morning when I let it down!

Vicki Ford

I had straight hair as a child that was long before my mother cut it short like a boy and kept it short. By puberty, or because of it, it developed into Nicole Kidman curls. Fast forward to my current age of 45 and I have finally found my forever hair care range. It is developed by a tricologist (scalp expert) and I think, is Australian made. I was wandering in a clearance section and found the label Abache. They had a ‘ smoothing ‘ shampoo and conditioner with Amazonian butters and oils. I had been looking for a smoothing shampoo as I hate leave in products. And the plug in hot straighteners don’t work on my hair very well. Argan oils don’t relax curls the make them more defined and curly! Needless to say I have let go of the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on permanent straightening. My curl is the healthiest its ever been and the most natural without the frizz. The volume has toned down which is what I wanted.

Anita Rivera

Dearest Vicki, good morning! First of all, Blogger has changed how I view the new posts on my page, and it’s rather confusing! But here I am, and as usual, your message comes in perfect timing. For us here in this cold climate, the hair takes a beating. Every winter, it looks as if my hair is becoming lifeless, but during the rest of the year, it’s full of shine and bounce. I never really had to do much to my hair to make it look good, but cold climate and yes, AGE challenge my hair! Thank you always for the best advice and suggestions. Happy week!


I find shampooing AFTER I condition gives me the best results. Either that, or I skip conditioner altogether. My hair isn’t color treated and I rarely put heat on it, so I don’t get a lot of damage. Bonus: if I shampoo only, step out of the shower, and go to bed with damp hair, I end up with great texture the next day and all I have to do is add a little pomade and dry shampoo to break up the waves.


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