16 Sep 2017

Style Notes: Blue, Black Or White Jeans?


Style Notes: Blue, Black Or White Jeans on vickiarcher.com

Do you wear the trifecta of jeans?

Or do you stick with traditional blue?

I am asking because the black jean is back in full fashionable glory and I had forgotten them.

I don’t think I have worn a pair of black jeans for years and years. Every shape, size and colour is folded in my closet; the blues, several styles in white (love) but nothing in a black jean. Yet, I have more pairs of black pants than I care to mention; the fact they look very much alike is even more embarrassing. I guess when you find something that works, why break order.

The blues I wear with everything.

I like them baggy and I wear them skinny.

The whites I mostly mix with black.

A black tee or sweater and blazer, even a 3/4 coat is a great look with a white pair of jeans and a pair of loafers.

Style Notes: Blue, Black Or White Jeans on vickiarcher.com

j brand cropped jeans  ||  j brand ankle skinny  ||  j brand maria high rise skinny

But black jeans?

Yes, I think I will and they are coming out in every style. The slightly bootcut/merest hint of a flare cut above the ankle is the one of interest to me right now. They style up well with a pair of ankle boots – especially those with a chunky heel and they are super comfortable.

Then there are the narrow legs and the skinnies. These will always be my go to and now I am finally succumbing to the higher waist – thank goodness. It was a challenge when low cuts were the go. The middle spread is not quite as obedient as it once was.

And black leather jeans?

Yes, I am going there too. Leather pants were something I resisted for some time but when they are like leggings I wear them. These are amazing.

They might be jeans but they are so much more than jeans.

Style Notes: Blue, Black Or White Jeans on vickiarcher.com

j brand lambskin leather pants  ||  madewell moto jacket  ||  j brand natasha skinny

Age and wearing jeans?

Jeans are one of those perfect pieces to transcend age. As long as they fit and look right, wear them.

I don’t buy into a certain age equating with what we can and can’t wear. What we wear is about our unique personal style and us as individuals. Some girls never wear jeans from a very early age and some wear them all their lives.

The real key is in knowing what suits and adapting accordingly.

What we wear and this applies as much to black jeans as everything else, is not about age. The art of dressing is about shape and size and it is about our likes and dislikes. I know women with the perfect figure for a pair of skinny jeans and yet they would never wear them because they don’t feel comfortable. Knowing our comfort zone with fashion is the way we create our ideal wardrobes. Sometimes it is important to shake the boundaries but it is never worth feeling self-conscious or awkward.

Feeling “not you” in an outfit is one way to kill an evening out.

Style Notes: Blue, Black Or White Jeans on vickiarcher.com


madewell oversized denim jacket  ||  j brand lou flared cropped jeans  ||  topshop black denim

What to wear with black jeans?

Let’s get out our black leather jackets and our tuxedo jackets. Or what about the longer style velvet kimono style coat?

I am thinking black jeans (pick your style), longer white shirt and biker jacket. Short boots, because it’s getting chilly here and maybe a thin cashmere sweater over the shirt when the leather jacket is not enough. The same thoughts apply with the tuxedo style blazer or even a pinstriped blazer.

Come November and December, the lighter jackets will be swapped out for a parka or an overcoat.

Other than the white shirt?

I love a silky blouse worn with jeans – one with a higher almost Edwardian look – in white or even black.

An oversized sweatshirt or cashmere sweater for weekends is perfect with a pair of black jeans, as is a great tee or turtleneck.

Black jeans, like their blue and white counterparts, are a brilliant addition to the wardrobe. They look super current and of course are figure flattering in darker denim.

Not to mention putting together an outfit is a no-brainer.

With these jeans we are winning. xv

Style Notes: I Am Calling The Black

j brand lambskin leather pants  ||  madewell moto jacket  ||  j brand natasha skinny

madewell oversized denim jacket  ||  j brand lou flared cropped jeans  ||  topshop black denim

j brand cropped jeans  ||  j brand ankle skinny  ||  j brand maria high rise skinny

images, lou doillan for j brand campaign

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Anita Rivera

I missed your Leopard Print #3 post somehow, but here I am for this great reminder that I CAN wear jeans! I haven’t in a while, because I can’t seem to find the happy medium for my age. I can’t and won’t wear the skinny type, but I won’t wear those that are designed for WAY older women to wear. Oh the decisions, but FUN ONES!


Try on some of the shorter but slightly wider at the bottom of the leg styles Anita.. I think you might like those :)

Taste of France

Black jeans can look dressy and are perfect for those times when you can’t decide whether to dress up or down. White jeans are similar, but better in summer. I like a monochromatic winter white look with tan boots but that’s the exception.
And blue jeans are the most casual. Each has its time and place–room for all in the closet.

Stephnie O'Sullivan

I gree I love my black jeans Winter is finishing in Australia and my black jeans are a go to staple. I wear my black skinny jeans tucked into boots or ballet flats matched with a blazer or jumper they can take you from the supermarket to dinner. I’ve also discovered a brand that hasn’t faded this is very important as they must retain their colour.


Yes… I love their versatility too, Stephanie… The idea of going through the day without having to have a big change up is the best :)

Mimi Gregor

The only color jeans I have worn for decades now is black. But only because they haven’t yet invented a darker color. I can’t remember the last pair of blue jeans that I owned. I’m just not that fond of blue.

Terrel Drendel

Here is a trick that works great to prevent your jeans from fading in the wash. Before washing your jeans for the first time, put them in a large container, I use my spaghetti pot, fill with cold water and 2 cups white vinegar. Let soak for an hour or two. Pour off water, toss in washing machine and wash with cool or warm water. This has worked for me with all colors of jeans!


Wow! Such a good tip! Will definitely try this.
Plead guilty to wearing all of the above. Am inclining more to the dark blue jeans than in the past! This summer bought some fabulous scarves while in Paris in colours that work really well with blue jeans and a navy jacket. Thinking next year of buying the medium size Gabrielle cross body in navy. Would work so well with jeans. Also bought – in the sale yet! – a red CC logo brooch in red (with slight sparkle) that looks great on a navy jacket. Best wishes, Pamela


As we have just finished winter (so ready for summer) I found my black Paige jeans in several different styles my go to daily wear. As I’m tall I mostly wore with a longer length navy jacket, long sleeve black tees and a fab scarf. Boots or loafers. Always an elegant look.


Travel is my passion and I am on the adventures trip in the last 2 month too but arrive
my home , where everything is so familiar is always the best….and I need it


Not white. :)
I become a magnet for dirt and spots … a dog will drool on me or put its paws on me or the black cat will shed ..on me.
Blue and Black … although with long haired cats, my black jeans need a lint brush every wearing. :)


I love black jeans! When travelling, a longer top hides any hint they are jeans and you can wear them out in the evening. When dressed in head to toe black, they are very slimming. I have them in skinny, straight leg and slightly flared. Add them to your wardrobe. You will be hooked.


Vicki your denim ideas sound wonderful. Only one problem in South Africa..you struggle to find a denim that fit perfectly and that is not to short.
I am cursed with long legs. I wear a South African no 14. Maybe it is time for a trip to Paris to buy quality clathes.
Thank you for the wonderful tips and advice. Whish I can overcome my fear of a colour lipstick. Take care. Helena


I agree, if you’re not comfortable with what you’re wearing, it shows. Better to find the shape that feels right for yours. I find the skinny jean is the most versatile, have given up on bootcut or straight although the bootcut can lengthen the leg.
Love a white jean as well, but instead of black, I’m wearing a gray Joe’s jean which is a great neutral and maybe a little more forgiving than black!


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